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Freshbox Atlantis Magic Truffles Trip Report
In this blog item
In this blog item  My magic truffle trip report: Why buy Atlantis?Read my other magic truffle trip report – Atlantis, Tampanensis, Mexicana, and Galindoi FreshBox Atlantis: This is my magic truffle trip report

Freshbox Atlantis Magic Truffles Trip Report

My next magic truffle trip report is about the Atlantis sclerotia truffles from Freshbox. As I mentioned in a blog I wrote about the new magic truffle strains from Freshbox, I knew that I wanted to take the Atlantis truffles next. After taking a break of roughly 2-3 months since my last psychedelic experience, I knew it was time for me to go on a magical journey through my own mind again.

I took 7.5 grams of Freshbox Atlantis, prepared in a well-made magic truffle tea, together with some friends at home. While I didn’t have specific expectations for this trip, I was really blown away by the intensity and strength of my magic truffle trip. If you want to learn more about what exactly happened, and maybe get an idea of what the FreshBox Atlantis truffles could do for you, then keep about my magic truffle trip report! 

 My magic truffle trip report: Why buy Atlantis?

It is not a secret – If you want to buy the best magic truffles, you should do so at Sirius. In our Magictruffleshop, we offer not less than 20(!) different strains of magic truffles, each with their own properties and characteristics. These also include our mystery mixes, which are mixtures two or more strains that create a synergy to induce a completely new and unique psychedelic experience.


While I have to say that generally, every person reacts differently to psychedelics, the indications for these different strains, meaning the scales describing ‘Funny / Lauging’, ‘Body High/Energy’, ‘Hallucinations / Visuals’ and ‘Auditive Hallucinations’, are quite accurate. I for example remember quite well that when I tried the Space Shuttles, I had more of a bodily high and less visuals, but when I took the same dose of the Cosmic Connectors, I had little bodily sensations and much more stronger visuals.

This comes from the fact that besides psilocybin and psilocin, magic truffles contain different concentrations of alkaloids, that create an entourage effect together with the psilocybin and thereby influence your magic truffle trip. What I want to say with this is that, depending on what you want to experience during your trip, you can browse through our magic truffle assortment and find what suits you best.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service, or go to our smartshops in Maastricht or Roermond to receive some personalized advice on which FreshBox magic truffle strain is best for you! 

Read my other magic truffle trip report – Atlantis, Tampanensis, Mexicana, and Galindoi 

magic truffles

Recently, Sirius’ magic truffle assortment got expanded by 4 new strains: Atlantis, Tampanensis, Mexicana and Galindoi. The latter has been already tested by me, so if you want to read a magic truffle trip report about the FreshBox Galindoi truffles, then click the link.

A good friend of mine even took a small dose of them in a club, so if you are interested on how magic truffles work at a party, then click this link: ‘Taking psychedelics in the Club? Magic truffle trip report’.  I’ve also written a blog about all 4 new magic truffle strains, if you prefer to receive some more general information instead of reading a more personal magic truffle trip report.

Eventually, I want to try all of them and write a magic truffle trip report that you can read to get some insights on the differences between these strains, so that you can find out which one is best suited for you. Make sure to regularly check our blog page for new magic truffle trip reports, so that you don’t miss anything!   

FreshBox Atlantis: This is my magic truffle trip report


Now we come to the focus of this blog: the new FreshBox Magic Truffles: Atlantis. I’ve been really curios to try them since Sirius has released the four new strains. I remember from when I was younger, the Atlantis strain (at that time from a different, lower quality brand than FreshBox) were one of the first ones I’ve tried.

Back then me and my friends always referred to the Atlantis truffles as the strongest and most intense magic truffle strain, especially when it comes to visuals. The Atlantis Magic Truffles have the following effect indications (10 = max):
Funny | Laughing           ******** 8
Body High | Energy        ******* 7
Hallucinations | Visuals  ********* 9
Auditive Hallucinations   ****** 6

This strain suits psychonauts who want to have a powerful visual trip through multiple dimensions. 

As I already said, every trip is different, even for the same person. The fact that there are many psychological and situational differences influencing a psychedelic experience makes it hard to predict how exactly one’s trip is going to be. I generally advise you to never have too high expectations – you should be prepared for anything and not force yourself to have a specific kind of experience.

Always remember to live in the moment and appreciate the gifts of mother nature, independent of whether they give you exactly the effects that you wanted or not. However, you can use these indications to roughly estimate what aspects of the psychedelic experience will be the most profound. As you can read below, in case of the Atlantis strain, the indications were quite accurate…  

7.5 grams Atlantis magic truffle Trip Report 

After being really productive during the beginning of the week and the weekend before, I’ve decided to take a day-off during the week and trip on a Wednesday. The evening before I made sure I had no appointments or deadlines, and I’ve also prepared my chores for Thursday so that I could spend all Wednesday being care free.

I got up around 08:30, had a hearty breakfast consisting of bread, cheese, potatoes and some beans. After a short, work-related online meeting, I cleaned my place and my kitchen so that my surrounding were just as well prepared for the trip as my mind.

Around 12:30 I had another large lunch, which I knew would by the last meal for some time for me, as you should always trip on an empty stomach. I went to the Sirius Smartshop in Maastricht to pick up two 15 gram boxes of Atlantis Freshbox Truffles, and went for a little stroll through the town with my friends after. 

When I came home around 16:00, I immediately started preparing my magic truffle tea, using lemon and ginger. If you want to read more about how to make a magic truffle tea, and what benefits it has over the usual ingestion of truffles, can be read in my magic truffle trip report about Galindoi truffles.

The tea was prepared for 20-30 minutes, and at roughly 16:50 we were ready. I was with 3 friends of mine, and we prepared one large tea pot with 30 grams of atlatins truffles, meaning each of us had a dose of 7.5 gramms. As it was just a wednesday, we didnt want to go with a dosage that was too high, a decision that turned out to be very smart.

Drinking the tea was a really interesting experience - the liquid completely absorbed the sour taste of the truffles. Every time I took a sip, I felt a slight tingle in my mouth, similar to when you eat and chew truffles. This proved to us that all the potency was properly filtered in the water, meaning that no active substance was lost during the preparation of the tea.

After quickly drinking everything, the onset of the psychedelic effects came extremely fast. I think I've never had magic truffles acting so quickly - right after drinking I wanted to prepare a joint (for later), and after I finished rolling it (which should not have taken longer than 5-10 minutes), I realized I was already tripping. It was a little scary because the effects came over me like a very strong wave and there was nothing I could do about it. My visual field got completely distorted, I noticed how everything around me was morphing and breathing, and when looking at my friends, their faces had a aura around them that is very hard to describe.

I was really surprised by the strength of the visual effects with a dose of only 7.5 grams! Especially compared to the Galindoi truffles, where I took 8.5 grams and almost didn’t have any visuals at all. At this point I realized that it was a very good decision not to take more than 7.5 grams, because a higher dose would have been so intense that I wouldn’t have enjoyed being with 3 friends.

It was already quite hard to follow a conversation and have coherent thoughts, especially when more than 1 person was talking at the same time. After a very intense come up phase, my friend rolled a CBD joint and we smoked it outside on my balcony. I can really recommend having some CBD at hand, as it really calms you down and unlike THC, it doesn’t increase the psychedelic effects of the trip.

Make sure to check out our CBD shop where you can find CBD-tea, CBD capsules, CBD oil and much more! We also sell high quality CBD cannabis seeds in our Seedshop.

cbd weed

During and after smoking, we all had quite strong visuals and talked a lot of nonsense. We felt like young children because we were speaking gibberish and laughing about everything. It was so funny that I was almost crying - a very nice but intense experience.

It's very hard to put exact time points on the things that happened, but I would say considering the extremely fast onset, we were peaking around 30-60 minutes after drinking the tea, and then started to slowly come down. 
Roughly 60-90 minutes after starting our journey, we decided to smoke our first joint. As we are all experienced psychonauts and smokers, we knew how to deal with the effects of weed and the way influences the truffle trip.

It was a very magical time, just sitting/lying on my very comfortable couch, making stupid jokes and enjoying ourselves. Of course, I prepared a fruit and vegetable plate so that we could have some snacks during our trip - a thing that I would always recommend when you trip on an empty stomach.

Around 20:00, we decided that its a good idea to watch a movie together. Because we were still feeling some aftereffects of the truffles, and were a little bit stoned, we watched an animated kids movie that was easy to follow and had pleasing visuals.

We had some more snacks and some joints, and around 22:00, my friends left my place. After that, I was really motivated to clean my place and get ready for bed. I couldn’t sleep right away and spend some time thinking and reflecting about the trip in my bed.

As I didn’t have any appointments the next day, this was really enjoyable.

To summarize my Atlantis magic truffle trip report: My overall impression is that the FreshBox Atlantis truffles are very strong, if not the strongest I ever had. Especially the visuals were incredible considering the fact that we only took 7.5 grams. If you are looking for this, then the Atlantis truffles are right for you - but be careful, any dose higher than 7.5 grams should only be taken by experienced psychonauts in a well prepared setting.

I know that I will try out a higher dose eventually, but then with just one more person so that there is less going on that might overstimulate me. However, there are still 2 other new FreshBox strains that I need to try, so looking forward to blog about a future magic truffle trip report!


Did you enjoy reading this article and do you like to write yourself? We are always looking for people who share our passion for natural products, who can also translate this into great texts. And we have an interesting reward for this. View all information for writers.

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