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Trip Report Galindoi Truffles + How to make Magic Truffle Tea
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In this blog item Set and SettingWhat is the right dose of magic truffles? How to make magic truffle Tea?Galindoi Magic Truffles Trip Report The new Freshbox Magic Truffle strains

Trip Report Galindoi Truffles + How to make Magic Truffle Tea

Recently, I was offered the chance to test some of the new Freshbox Magic Truffle strains, that were recently added to our magictruffleshop. As it is always the case when we test products at Sirius, I, as well as the colleague who provided me with the box of sclerotia, were unfamiliar with which strain I was exactly getting.

That was only revealed later to us. You could say that we used a ‘double blind’ procedure to make sure that the experience induced by the psychedelic truffles is free from bias and misleading expectations. I have to say that this was quite a unique experience for me, as in my previous truffle trips I always knew the characteristics of the truffles I took, and this most likely influenced my previous trip.

galindoi truffle

This time I felt it do be more of an adventure, as I had no idea what was coming. Now that I am writing this blog, I know that I’ve tested the Galindoi truffles, and I had a wonderful time. If you want to find out just how my experience was, then keep reading! 

Set and Setting

Since I did not know how exactly the truffles I would take would influence my body and mind, I decided to take them in the comfort of my home. I did this together with a good friend of mine, a fellow psychonaut, who also tested the new Galindoi freshbox truffles before. You can find his truffles trip report in the club about his experience with 7.5 grams at the Sirius blogs page.

We had 15 grams of the Galindoi truffles (again: we did not know what strain it was, we just received a plain box without any label on it) and were really exited and honored to be test subjects for Freshbox. It was a Friday, and both of us actually had a pretty busy and long day at university.

I was done with my work for the day around 16:00, so that I could smoke some cannabis and play some video games to relax. My friend joined me around 18:00 in the evening. Both of us had lunch at midday and made sure not to eat anything since, so that our stomach had 4-5 hours to relax and not intake anymore food. Tripping with a sober stomach is very important! However, I personally have a large appetite, so I prepared a plate of fruit and vegetables before the trip so that, in case we were getting hungry, we would always have some bit-sized snacks at hand. This is a strategy I can really recommend to everyone! 

The two of us first had a conversation ahout our mood and expectation for the night, so that we could agree on a good setting: We dimmed the lights, prepared a nice playlist, and then turned our phones of before each taking our dose of the Galindoi truffles

What is the right dose of magic truffles? 

For our trip, we had 15 grams of Galindoi truffles to share. Because I was a little more motivated then my friend, and also had some more time to relax my mind and get in the right mindset, I took approximately 8.5 grams while my friend took the remaining 6.5.

We were happy with that dose, as we weren’t looking for an incredibly strong trip for two reasons: First, we didn’t know how potent the strain we received was, and secondly, we were still mentally exhausted from our day at the university. If you are a beginner, sharing a 15 grams box of freshbox truffles is a recommended dose. If you are already familiar with magic truffles or other psychedelics, then you can go up to 10 or even 15 grams of truffles. 

How to make magic truffle Tea?

A lot of people think the taste of magic truffles is quite disgusting, and I am one of them. That’s why I, like a lot of other psychonauts that I know, prefer to make them in a nice tea.

In order to do that, you need to first cut all of your truffles as small as possible (be careful that they are not too small so that they are still being kept inside your tea sieve). Then you boil some water and let it cool down for some time. It is really important that you do this, because if the water you use is too hot it will dissolve all the psilocybin in your magic truffle, which makes them lose their potency. Ideally, the water temperature should be between 50 to 60 degrees Celsius.

You want your tee to absorb all the power from your magic truffles; that’s why I always pour half a cup of water over my truffles, let it stay for 15 minutes, and then pour the second half. Then I wait for another 5-10 minutes, add some healthy tea, some honey and a single slice of lemon. You can play around with different tea flavors (for example you can use CBD tea) and add whatever you like to the tea to make it suit your taste. I would recommend against adding sugar, as it can make your trip less intense.


Sirius tip: add some ginger tee to your truffle tea, because ginger is good against nausea!

Now all you have to do is enjoy your magic truffle tea and the psychedelic journey that awaits you!

Galindoi Magic Truffles Trip Report 

Now we finally come to my Galindoi truffles trip report. As mentioned earlier, I took approximately 8.5 grams of Galindoi fresh box truffles in a well-made tea. It was exactly 19:00 o clock when my friend and me finished our teas. We headed into my room and sat on the couch, curiously awaiting the effects.

After around 30 minutes, I started to feel the first effects. There was a short, but strong disruption of my visual senses. I felt as if suddenly my whole optical vision was 'zooming in'. I felt that anywhere I was looking, I could not view the whole scenery as usual, but instead I would automatically focus on the object in the center of my visual field, which I perceived much sharper than normally. However, it was a relatively short sensation, and the only strong visual alteration I had during my trip. I feel like it was a sign from my brain that I have now entered the psychedelic realm.

After approximately one hour, me and my friend entered the 'plateau' phase of our trip. I was sinking more and more into my couch, which felt as comfy as never before. While my body was stuck to the couch, my mind became more and more active. I was not confused or astonished in any way, actually it was quite the opposite: me and my friend could not stop ourselves from having conversations about every kind of topic you can imagine.

One central theme of the night was music. We always put songs we wanted to show each other in the playlist queue, and were vibing to the music as never before. We mostly listened to ambient, reggae and dub, but generally it was a very diverse mix. The more time passed, the deeper our conversations got - i really felt connected with my friend on a level that was completely new to me. 

I have to say that during this trip, I never felt a strong peak of the effects. I was very happy that there were no unexpected strong effects or periods of confusion. That’s why, after around 2 1/2 hours, we decided to smoke a cannabis joint. This is something I would only recommend to experienced magic truffle users who know exactly what they are doing. As we were not having too strong effects from the truffles and were already more than two hours into the trip, it felt like the right thing to do.

After the joint, I was sinking even more into the couch and listening to music became a true magical experience. We became more calmer and could engage in some introspection. At approximately 23:00 we realized that somehow, 4 hours have passed while we were just chilling on the couch. Our time perception was completely distorted- it felt like half an hour! We were laughing really hard about the fact that, while we were doing pretty much nothing, we had an amazing time. It was definitely the 'laziest' trip I ever had, but after a long day at university, and it being cold and dark outside, it was exactly the trip I needed.

Shortly after midnight, my girlfriend came home from work, which was perfect for me and my friend to step outside of the psychedelic experience and reflect. We both realized then that, while during the trip it didn’t feel like a strong experience, we were actually tripping pretty hard. It was only after the trip that we realized. Around 01:00 my friend went home, and I went into bed. I was really tired and not feeling anymore effects. I had one of the best sleeps I had had in a very long time, and in the next morning, my body was energized, and my mind was rested.

All in all it was the perfect chilled trip to calm down after a busy week, and one of the most comfortable experience I ever had with any psychedelic.

It is always hard to say how much of the effects were due to the strain of the truffles, the set, the setting, and my personal mood and expectations. Still, I would say that if you are looking for a relaxed, philosophical trip that is less of a visual, and more of a insightful experience, the Galindoi truffles are right for you!

magic truffle

The new Freshbox Magic Truffle strains

The Galindoi truffles that I just reviewed are part of 4 new magic truffle strains that got added to the freshbox assortment. If you want to check out all of them, go to our magic truffle shop. For specific questions, you can always contact our customer service


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