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Magic Mushroom Growkit: Step By Step
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In this blog item Step 1: Order your ready-to-use grow kitStep 2: Start your growbox Starting a growbox is quite easy.Step 3: Patience is rewardedStep 4: The first Magicbox harvestStep 5:  How to preserve mushrooms? Step 6: DryingMagicbox Mushroom grow kit tips: 

Magic Mushroom Growkit: Step By Step

Do you want to grow your own mushrooms? This is not that difficult at all. With the Magicbox grow systems from you only need a clean working environment and water to harvest your own fresh mushrooms within two weeks. The hardest part of working with live fungi is preventing infections. If you keep this in mind and follow a few simple rules, you are guaranteed success.

Step 1: Order your ready-to-use grow kit

Order your Magicbox mushroom grow kits through our webshop. Within 1 to 2 working days you will have your Magicbox grow kit delivered at home. The nice thing is: the Magicbox grow systems are ready for immediate use, they are already completely colonized by the mycelium. The most important thing is to always work as clean as possible.

TIP: Work in a clean and draught-free area, wear clean clothes and wash or disinfect your hands every time you start working with the Magicbox.

Step 2: Start your growbox Starting a growbox is quite easy.

  Growkit Magicbox








After you have washed your hands, take the Magicbox out of its cardboard packaging. There is a plastic bag underneath the Magicbox. Fold it open and add a little cold tap water. Then place the box in the bag and remove the lid. Fold the top of the bag together and close the bag with the paperclips. The whole thing can now be placed in the cardboard holder. 

Now give the Magicbox a warm spot (± 24°C), out of direct sunlight and forget about it for a moment. You're ready now!

Step 3: Patience is rewarded

Here's the easiest step (but for some the hardest): waiting. After 6 days (at 22-26°C) you see the first mushrooms appear. They’re called ‘pinheads’. It is very tempting to open the bag and watch your mushrooms grow, but every time you open the bag, you let moist air escape. So leave the bag closed. Patience is rewarded. 


Step 4: The first Magicbox harvest

After 10-14 days there is a mini jungle of mushrooms in the bag and the kit is ready to be harvested for the first time. The perfect moment is when the veils of the caps begin to release. If you're late, the mushrooms drop their spores, giving a black layer on the underlying mushrooms and kit. This is not a problem in itself, but the spores do make black spots on everything they touch (clothing!). In some cases, the spore layer can become so thick that the next flushes will be more difficult to come out.




IMPORTANT: Clean work is again of the utmost importance. Always disinfect your work surface and tools, and wash your hands before you start.

Open the bag and take out the kit. Hold the mushrooms down at their stem between your thumb and forefinger and with a twist they will come loose automatically. If the substrate comes along, cut the mushrooms as short as possible with a sharp knife. Sometimes it happens that a few mushrooms grow much faster than the rest, you can harvest them earlier. When you harvest a flush, remove all the mushrooms that grow at the top of the kit, even the smallest ones. 



Step 5:  How to preserve mushrooms?

The freshly harvested mushrooms can be stored in a clean container in the fridge for about two weeks. However, after your first harvest you will probably have many more mushrooms than you can eat in two weeks. You can either give a party for your friends or you can dry the mushrooms for later use. 


Step 6: Drying

paddo'sPlace a few sheets of kitchen paper on a shelf or tray, and place the mushrooms on top. Now give them a place where there is no sunlight to dry, for example in a cupboard with the door ajar. When the stems break instead of bending, your mushrooms will be dry enough to store. Then they look like this.

It is best to store them in an airtight container, in a dry dark place.

After harvesting, you may water the Magicbox for the next flush. After a few days the mycelium should start to grow again and after about a week you will see the next mushrooms (pins) appear. A Magicbox can be harvested 5 to 6 times in total.


Magicbox Mushroom grow kit tips: 


  • Heat mats provide a constant optimal temperature, which the mushrooms like to have and will increase your growing success;
  • For large mushrooms it is best to replace the paper a few times during drying;
  • Really large mushrooms can be cut through to dry them faster;
  • Mushroom feet may not look like, but they work just as well! 
  • A good habit is to write down both the wet and dry weight, so you know exactly how much you're dispensing.

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