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Mushroom Grow Kit Manual

Posted: 27-11-2019 | Written by: Elena Sirius

Grow your own mushrooms!

Growing your own magic mushrooms is a process that doesn't take much effort and gives you a deeper connection with these extraordinary givers of a cosmic experience!
Order your Sirius Stealthbox here and start growing your own psilocybe mushrooms. Stealthbox means that the kit you get from us is in a simple white package without print.
The mushroom grow kit is colonized with mycelium. This mycelium is an underground network from which the mushrooms (fruiting bodies) are formed. You can compare it with, for example, an apple tree: The tree (the mycelium) and the apples (mushrooms, or fruiting bodies). As soon as the conditions are optimal, the mycelium starts to 'bloom' and produces its mushrooms.

Mushroom Grow Kit Stealthbox 

1. Place the grow kit without lid in the plastic bag supplied. Fold the opening of the plastic bag a few times and attach the two supplied paper clips. The opening of the bag is now largely closed. Watering is not necessary for the first harvest!

2. Choose your grow space. The space should be between 20-28 degrees Celsius constantly. Use a heat mat to regulate the temperature*. Place the grow kit in such a way that it gets daylight (never direct sunlight).

3. As soon as the first pinheads appear (small balls) you can open the grow bag a little so that water can evaporate.

4. About a week after the first pinheads appear you can harvest for the first time. The mushrooms are ready when the fleece under the hat is about to tear. When this happens the mushrooms will lose their spores and this will make the next harvest difficult.

5. Harvest the mushrooms by taking them at the bottom of their stems and pulling them loose with a twist.

6. For the next harvest, take the grow kit out of the plastic bag and pour in clean tap water. Place the lid and let it soak for 12 hours. Pour away the excess water and start the process from step 1.

* Turn on the heating mat and place the sealant on top. Switch off the heating mat after two days. When the first pinheads appear, turn on the mat again. Open the plastic bag a little so that excess water can evaporate.

Note: Start growing as soon as you have received the grow kit (waiting will reduce the yield).  If this is not immediately possible, store the kit at a temperature of 10-18 degrees Celsius.

Tip: Weigh your mushrooms with a decent digital scale to know exactly how much you've brought in!

How do I keep my mushrooms? 

What do you do with these different 'flushes' of mushrooms? As with the mushrooms from the supermarket, psilocybe mushrooms have a limited shelf life. You can keep them in the fridge for up to a week. There are ways in which you can keep your harvest for a long time.

Note: Drying mushrooms is prohibited in the Netherlands!

1. Place the harvested mushrooms on unbleached kitchen paper, near a warm dry place, for example near a heater. Leave the moisture out of the mushrooms until they are dry and easily broken (they remain 10% of their original weight).

2. Now you can keep them for months in a dark place. To keep them forever, you can put them in a zip bag and freeze them.

Microdosing with magic mushrooms

Since mushrooms can vary in strength, they are less suitable than microdosing with truffles. If you do want to experiment with this, it is advisable to grind the well dried mushrooms into powder. This can be done with a clean coffee grinder. The mix you've now made is more even in active ingredients, so you won't be surprised.

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