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Mushroom Growkits 100% Mycelium: which one do you choose?
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In this blog item Growing your own mushrooms: How do you start?Which stealth box do I choose?1. B+2. Golden Teacher3. Ecuador4. Mexican5. Colombian6. Mazatapec7. Hawaii+8. Cambodian9. McKennaii10. Thai

Mushroom Growkits 100% Mycelium: which one do you choose?

One psychedelic trip is not the other. The beauty of Magic Mushrooms is that you stay close to nature. Unlike synthetically manufactured substances such as LSD, magic mushrooms only involve a process of Mother Nature that allows you to take a groundbreaking journey through the magical universe of our consciousness. Are you ready for it? Then dive into this blog to find out which mushroom appeals to you the most.

Growing your own mushrooms: How do you start?

First of all it is important to understand what you are getting into. For that you can read this blog, with tips on how to successfully grow mushrooms. 

To reassure you right away: growing psilocybin-containing mushrooms is very easy with the Stealthbox Growkits for sale at Sirius. The hard work is already done for you. You only have to perform a few very simple actions and then wait quietly for the mycelium to start producing mushrooms by itself. The only thing that is really important is that you work hygienically. Furthermore, it is important to set up the cultivation kit as soon as possible once you receive it. And remember: mushrooms like light, but not direct sunlight. Put them in a warm (preferably 25-28 degrees Celsius) and safe place. Make use of a heat mat to regulate the temperature (also at night, when it can cool down quite a bit!)

Which stealth box do I choose?

Well, on the outside all stealth boxes look exactly the same. They are packaged without any print on them, so that you, the customer, can be discreet and anonymous. Don't worry: even if you order several stealth boxes, you will be able to distinguish them from each other using a number. We will send you an email with the complete manual for growing mushrooms, plus the list of numbers, so you can identify your kits. 

But before you place your order, of course you want to know which strains you can choose from. Below is an overview of different Stealthboxes available from Sirius. You have as many as 12 different types to choose from. Some of these are classic strains, while others have been crossed to develop certain characteristics. Some strains are stronger than others. That way it is easier for you to choose: Are you a beginner and do you want a taste of the psychedelic world first? Then choose a less strong strain. Are you an experienced psychonaut and ready for your next adventure? Then a stronger grow kit is just the thing for you.

Psilocybe cubensis is the kind of mushroom we're dealing with here. It was first discovered in Cuba. Hence the name 'cubensis', which means 'from Cuba'. 

Did you know that there are many other mushrooms that contain psilocybin? One example is the baldhead (Psilocybe semilanceata). Unfortunately, it is not possible to grow this mushroom using a grow kit. Fortunately, the Psilocybe cubensis lends itself very well to this, resulting in huge yields and satisfying effects.

1. B+

This popular strain is very popular with beginners. It's an easy mushroom to grow and you can expect huge yields. You will get thick and large mushrooms. 

B+ is known to cause less nausea at the beginning of the trip than other strains.

2. Golden Teacher

The Golden Teacher is a mushroom with beautiful hats and thick stems. Its philosophical nature allows you to reach deep personal insights during a trip. A very therapeutic mushroom from which you can learn wise lessons. Golden Teacher is suitable for solo trips: you get the chance to go deep inside and get in touch with your own guru. A trip with a lover or someone you trust also works positively. Give each other the space you need. Later, when the peak of the trip is over, it can be very enlightening to discuss with each other what you experienced. 

3. Ecuador

As the name suggests, this mushroom comes from South America. Here the psilocybe mushroom has played a very important role for thousands of years. Thanks to various archaeological findings and what has remained of cultural lore, we know that the indigenous peoples experienced magic mushrooms as sacred and had the greatest respect for them during special ceremonies and rituals. The cultivation kit Ecuador gives you beautiful mushrooms that carry the energy of the Andes and bring you in contact with the divine in a gentle and spiritual way. A suitable mushroom for beginners.

4. Mexican

Off to Mexico! This is the birthplace of Maria Sabina, the medicine woman who gave the first westerner ever magic mushrooms in a ceremony. This man, the American Robert Gordon Wasson, had been under the spell of these sacred mushrooms for years. After a long search he finally got the chance to experience them for himself. Lucky for you, you don't have to travel far to experience the power of Mexican. No wonder you become humble and grateful from such an experience. 

5. Colombian

And then we move on to Colombian. This mushroom is known to increase the quality of social contact and allows people to better connect with each other. It can therefore be interesting to choose this mushroom for therapeutic purposes. For example when you are tripping with your lover. This mushroom is suitable for advanced users, because the effects can be very powerful. 

6. Mazatapec

This magic mushroom shows you the beauty of life. It also originates from Mexico and belongs, together with the Mexican, to the primal species among the mushrooms. The Mazatapec people have a long history of using psilocybe mushrooms. This special strain takes a little longer to mature. Your patience will be rewarded with beautiful "flushes" of mushrooms. 

7. Hawaii+

Here we are dealing with a cross, especially developed for extra large yields. Hawaii was merged with B+ for extra large mushrooms and amazing yields. The special thing about this strain is the strength of the trips and the large quantities you can get from one kit. Moreover, the Hawaii + grows super fast and you can enjoy your first yield very soon. 

8. Cambodian

This strain was discovered in Southeast Asia. It was researcher and ethnomycologist John W. Allen who discovered the spores of this mushroom in Angkor Wat. The man in question has been praised for his contribution to the field of psychedelic mushrooms and the discovery of several new strains. As legend has it, Allen was making a film (about mushrooms) near the beautiful temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Here he took a sample and discovered the traces of a new strain. 

This mushroom is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. 

9. McKennaii

If you're into psilocybin, you've probably heard of Terrence McKenna. Did you know that he, along with his brother Dennis, were pioneers in researching the cultivation of mushrooms? So to them we owe the fact, that it is now so easy to grow mushrooms yourself. 

10. Thai

Like the Cambodian, the Thai was also discovered by researcher John W. Allen. They were discovered on the island of Koh Samui, all the way to the south. 

The hats of the Thai can vary from round to flat and are colored yellow to orange. The stem is thinner than other strains. 

In terms of effect, Thai is said to produce a strong mental trip with lots of visual effects.


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