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Microdosing with cannabis: Finding the right dose and method
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In this blog item Pain relief and less stressWhat is the best dose for microdosing with cannabis?What schedule is best to follow?Take a break now and thenFinding your personal microdose How many mg of THC does my cannabis contain?Vaporizer, edibles or THC Oil?Pax and VapcapCannabis cookies, cake, muffins....THC Oil

Microdosing with cannabis: Finding the right dose and method

Microdosing with psychedelics is gaining popularity. I myself have become interested in it as well. Although I love macro doses and have had many psychedelic trips, I see the great value of small sub-perceptual quantities. As they say, less is more. 

Microdosing with Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms is pretty well known by now. Using very small amounts of cannabis, however, is not yet so well established. It also took me a while to see the advantages. 

Now that I have heard the many stories of experience and have read several scientific articles, I realize the therapeutic value of microdosing with cannabis. This is not to say that macro doses are no longer the way to go: of course, for many it remains a pleasure as well as a medicine. Nevertheless, I want to inform cannabis users about the possibilities that microdosing offers. Maybe this is exactly what you need!

Pain relief and less stress

Microdosing with cannabis is different from being stoned or high on a 'normal' dose. You're not stoned or high, after all! It is such a small amount that you hardly notice that you have taken something. Yet all sorts of things happen on a subtle level, from pain relief to stress reduction. Anxiety and depression can also be relieved with mini amounts of cannabis. 

Even with high doses, these effects are possible, but you also get a number of other effects, which are sometimes very desirable (like being completely sucked into the song you're listening to, or melting into someone else's body), but sometimes can be intense and not suitable for every moment. 

What kind of cannabis user are you? Read about the different stages of being stoned in this blog.

Back to microdosing: here, you are able to let your day go on just like it always has. You're not sitting stoned behind your computer, you're not completely blazed doing the dishes or high shopping at the supermarket. In fact, you could say that you feel very normal, except for that very minimal feeling that something is different. 

What is the best dose for microdosing with cannabis?

For people who want to start microdosing, there are two important points: finding the right dosage and the method in which they use the cannabis plant. 

With cannabis, the right microdose is different for each user. This has to do with the endocannabinoid system. This system absorbs substances present in the cannabis plant, such as THC, through certain receptors. 

This system plays an important role in keeping our bodies in balance. For example, it plays a role in our appetite, mood and memory. But it also affects our response to pain. Because every body has its own balance (or imbalance), everyone reacts a little differently to certain amounts of THC. It is therefore impossible to present a fixed microdose model that works for everyone. 

Just as with microdosing with psychedelics, the idea is that you don't realize you've taken anything. The effects are present but so subtle that you do not feel under the influence. 

With cannabis this is very personal and of course also has to do with tolerance. A heavy cannabis user will be able to take a somewhat higher microdose, while someone who has very little experience with THC can be under the influence with just one puff of a joint. 

When microdosing with cannabis, you are ingesting just the right amount of active ingredient to allow the therapeutic effect to exist on a very subtle level. Once you reach this point, you stop. 

One amount that is mentioned is 0.5 to 1 milligrams of THC. However, this is difficult to determine when you have, say, one gram of weed. So a microdose is a very small amount! For example, when using a vaporizer, set it to a low setting and take a single small inhalation. This is sufficient! Gradually increase the dosage until you reach your sweet spot. 

What schedule is best to follow?

With other forms of microdosing, such as with LSD or psilocybin, you follow a certain schedule. This might consist of two days of microdosing, followed by an integration day when you don't use. This day is important because it allows you to break down the tolerance you build up to the substances.

With marijuana, this schedule is somewhat modified and depends on the needs of the user. If you use marijuana because of its medicinal properties, it is possible that you will use more often, for example every day. 

There are users who take a microdose of cannabis tincture every day and take a few single hits from their vaporizer the rest of the day. Or spread a few edibles throughout the day. Or do this every other day. As you can see, there is no magic trick here either and usage is down to several factors. 

Take a break now and then

It is definitely recommended to take a break every so often. With cannabis, it is recommended that you take a break of 48 hours. This is the time frame in which your accumulated tolerance is broken down again. However, there are other ways to go.

Maybe you stop every two or three days, like when microdosing Magic Truffles and keep a break of 1 day. It is also possible that you use for a longer period and then stop for a few weeks.

Taking a break helps your body integrate the effects. These "sober" days of integration are essential when microdosing! 

Finding your personal microdose 

If you are starting microdosing with cannabis for the first time, it is a good idea to not use cannabis at all for the two days before, to break down any tolerance you may have built up. Especially for daily cannabis users this is important. 

Take your first microdose of cannabis on the third day. If you use a vaporizer, take a small hit and leave it at that. If you use edibles, take your chosen first dose. As mentioned earlier, this dose is different for everyone. Many users start with 1 mg THC, combined with 1 mg CBD. 

Keep a diary of how you feel right before microdosing and afterwards (note: edibles take longer for your body to absorb the active ingredients than a hit from your vaporizer). You can think of some questions that can help you determine if you took the right dose. Do you really not feel any difference at all? Then increase the dosage by 1 mg of THC. 

However, it is also possible that the final microdose is a bit higher, around 3 mg THC for example. But, as I wrote earlier, this is different for everyone.

After the period of building up you will come across your perfect minimum dose and it is best to stay on this.

Hooray! You've found your personal microdose. 

How many mg of THC does my cannabis contain?

If you want to know the exact amount of THC in your cannabis, it is best to have it professionally tested. 

In order to make an accurate estimate it is important to know what the THC percentage of your cannabis is. Normally this is always mentioned by the seed supplier with the product. Also in the coffeeshop you can find out what the THC percentage is. Often the THC percentage of cannabis is around 10%.

Want to start growing your own cannabis? Check out these promotions in our Seedshop.

If you assume 10% THC, you can use this formula: per gram of cannabis you have about 100 ml THC. 

Because we do not yet live in a society where microdosing with cannabis is considered "normal", there are currently no products on the market that are explicitly designed for this. Hopefully there will soon come a time when you as a user can order your cannabis microdosing products without any problem, so you can easily and effectively find the right dose.

Vaporizer, edibles or THC Oil?

There are several ways you can microdose with cannabis. Personally, I have the most experience with a vaporizer. I recommend this way of using cannabis to everyone. 

Pax and Vapcap

As an avid joint-roller, I didn't expect myself to be able to make the switch to such an electronic device. Yet I managed it and now I wouldn't know any better. For microdosing, a vaporizer is ideal, as you get the maximum benefits from the active ingredients with one small hit while no combustion takes place. 

A very suitable vaporizer model for microdosing is the PAX. This small model makes it easy to ingest small amounts of cannabis, while allowing you to control the amount well.

Also suitable for microdosing is the Vapcap. However, this model requires a bit more practice. It is a non-electronic device and is operated by means of a torch lighter. By heating the so-called "herb chamber" (the space where the herbs are located), the cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial components evaporate and are inhaled. 

Cannabis cookies, cake, muffins....

Another way you can microdose meticulously is by making edibles. Here you can divide fine portions, which you can consume in small amounts throughout the day. 


Of course the use of THC oil is an ideal way to microdose, especially when you know accurately how much THC one drop of oil contains. It is possible to make your own THC oil, as long as you have the right knowledge and experience.  


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