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Are you ready for Salvia divinorum?
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In this blog item Very potent natural psychedelic substanceUnique effectsChecklist for a safe Salvia trip

Are you ready for Salvia divinorum?

This particular plant was until quite recently very rare and could only be found in the state of Oaxaca (Mexico). It was first described botanically by R. Wasson. Salvia divinorum belongs to the sage family. Now, among psychonauts, she is a well-known mind-altering plant and not one that is easy to grasp. Here's an attempt to give you some insight into her possible effects.

Very potent natural psychedelic substance

Salvia divinorum literally means 'fortune teller's sage'.
Salvia divinorum has a hollow, square stem and loves moist soil. The green leaves contain several substances including a very powerful psychedelic substance, salvinorin A. In fact, she is one of the most powerful natural hallucinogens to date. It is also quite different from other psychedelic substances. It is not an alkaloid (the class to which, for example, DMT and psilocybin belong) and also in terms of effect it is quite 'separate' from other psychedelic substances and that's saying something.
Furthermore, there is a difference between the traditional use of the plant and how we use it in the West. The Mazatec medicine men picked the leaves, rolled them into a cigar-like shape and chewed on them. As a result, the sap of the plant was absorbed through their oral mucosa. Another method they used was to squeeze out the leaves and then drink this liquid. In this way, the effects are very different from smoking an extract, or the dried leaves.
It is an interesting fact, how the power of one and the same plant can come to us in different ways.
It is certainly possible to grow your own Salvia divinorum plant. If this is not one of your options, your second option is to use the dried leaves or a (very potent!) extraction.

Freshly picked leaves

Chewing the fresh leaves results in a longer, but milder trip. Users experience a psychedelic trance, a feeling of loosening up from your surroundings. Users also experience tingling all over the body. Usually this starts with a kind of deafness in the mouth, which slowly but surely takes over the rest of the body. This can feel like a partial or complete loss of the ego. Dissociation' is a term that is also often used in the description of the Salvia trip. It can mean that you are absorbed in the whole and out- or body experiences.

Dried and extraction

Smoking a Salvia extract should be approached with extreme caution. For this you can use a simple little pipe. Sirius offers extracts of different strengths up to 20 x. Smoking provides a short but intense trip where you can experience a feeling of loss of control and loss of perception of the environment. It can also be difficult for some people to experience effects of this plant at all. Why this is not clear and does not always have to do with the dose. So beware of doubling the amount too fast, if you didn't feel it the first time. Maybe it's not necessarily because of your tolerance, but because of something else. Anyway, to approach the plant with respect and ritualistic approach, you can open up much more to the experience.
This plant is described by the Mazatec shamans as a shy deer that jumps away anxiously when there is too much light and sound present. A tip is to use this plant in a very quiet, semi-darkened environment.

Unique effects

  • A shift in gravity is often observed. It may feel as if you are being pushed together, or as an elastic band expand more and more. Whether this is a pleasant experience, or especially a rather confusing experience, just depends on it.
  • Visual effects with strange shapes, patterns and bright light. Salvia hallucinations can also often resemble cartoons.
  • Feelings of euphoria, uncontrolled laughter, speech falls... However, fear can also occur when you don't surrender to the trip. So letting go of control is an important... and at the same time one of the most difficult things for a lot of people. So know yourself well enough to know whether you should stay as far away from here as possible, or whether it might be the right and proper exercise for you to free the control freak in you.
  • Also common is the strange feeling that you are in several places at once, or that you are in contact with other dimensions.

The Salvia trip is difficult to describe, because it stands alone and bears less resemblance to other psychedelics. Even if you consider yourself to be an experienced explorer, with psilocybin mushrooms, magic truffles, maybe even DMT and LSA in your experience backpack... you can still come across a surprising piece of terra incognita with Ska María Pastora.

Checklist for a safe Salvia trip

  • Take care of your body: eat extra healthy in the days before tripping, go to sleep on time and get enough exercise.
  • Take care of your mind: Be honest with yourself and trip when you feel ready. Feel when it's time to overcome certain fears, listen to your intuition. It calls to you," is a somewhat vague phrase used to indicate that deep down you know when you are ready.
  • Make sure you have a trip sitter. A trip sitter is a sober person who is close by. If you panic, it is important that someone is there. This person can then guide you in the 'here' and 'now' with a soft voice.
  • Provide a ritual: This can be done in different ways. Incense is a good way to purify the room, a fresh shower to cleanse yourself and possibly music.
  • What is your intention: An intention is visualized or expressed in the beginning, before the trip starts. It is a way to reflect on the reason why you want to experience this experience. It can be a way to make contact with the plant.

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