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Weed Grinder Krush Kube 2.0 and 3.0: Review
In this blog item
In this blog item Krush Kube, not just a weed grinderHistory of weed grindersKube 2.0 and Kube 3.0: a 4-parts grinderThe square Krush Kube GrinderInnovative grinderCounterclockwise or clockwise?A solid KrushHow to clean your weed grinder?Step-by-step how to clean your weed grinderAre there downsides to the Krush Kube Grinder?

Weed Grinder Krush Kube 2.0 and 3.0: Review

In this Review on the Krush Kube Grinder, Gweedo tells you everything you need to know about using an innovative and durable cannabis grinder. Weed crushing or grinding can be done in many ways. This blog is about the newest grinder in Sirius' range, with a unique design.

Krush Kube, not just a weed grinder

Back in the day when I started smoking my first joints, cutting boards with large kitchen knives were always on the table in the Coffeshop. Weed, like vegetables, was simply cut.

If there was no board and knife at my disposal I picked apart my weed, often still too moist, and laid a few tufts in a line on a bed of tobacco.

Electric tobacco cutters and coffee bean grinders, as well as the cheese grater or just a pair of scissors, were good alternatives to make larger quantities smaller more quickly for when a few joints needed to be pre-shot.
But times have changed, now even more with a grinder from Krush.

krush kube

History of weed grinders

A weed grinder made of wood was the first version I ever came across. Two wooden discs that could rotate into each other. In the insides of the discs were nails that served as grinding teeth.

However, I myself was not yet convinced. I found that they were hard to clean and wore out quickly, allowing small fibers of wood to join the weed. The idea was good, but the execution was less so. Fortunately, today's wooden grinders are a lot more solid. Ever since I got my hands on a metal grinder, I haven't used any other way to grind my weed

krush kube

Over the years I have worn out quite a few grinders. After the metal grinders soon came the lightweight grinders made of plastic. The "disposable grinders" I called them. When they got dirty and jammed you threw them away and bought a new one. But with the ever-increasing problems with plastic waste, this is no longer the way to go in this day and age. A better alternative is an aluminum grinder. This one doesn't dissolve when you put it in alcohol to clean it and is a lot lighter than a grinder made of steel.

Kube 2.0 and Kube 3.0: a 4-parts grinder

A grinder, you spin it around. But why a round shape, I thought to myself as I overfilled it for the umpteenth time and almost didn't get it turned. The round shape gives little grip.

Some grinders are worked with ridges that give some extra grip, but with a full grinder even that is often not enough to grip it firmly. Surely an angular shape gives much more grip?

They must have thought this too at Krush Grinders. I first saw the square grinders on social media among cannabis enthusiasts on the other side of the ocean. 


When the Krush Grinders Kube 2.0 and Kube 3.0 arrived in our assortment, I definitely had to have one! It became the Krush Kube 3.0. A cannabis grinder 3-piece or 4-piece, I personally like it best. I grind my cannabis until everything has fallen through the holes in the bottom compartment. That way I know it's fine enough and I can shake the weed from the grinder into my rolling papers. Divide a bit, add a tip, roll it closed and my joint is ready.

The square Krush Kube Grinder

The Canadian company that produces the Krush Grinders is gaining momentum and the Krush Kube Grinders are becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

krush grinder

Not only because of its square shape, but also because of its performance and robustness. I also see them more and more in cooperation with other cannabis companies and who knows, maybe there will be a Sirius-Krush-Kube someday. 

grinder weed

The square shape gives you enough grip to rotate the crammed grinder with all your strength. The corners around the grinder are smooth and rounded, so it feels nice and no sharp edges or corners press into your palm and fingers. On the inside, the grinder rotates on a small magnet which also ensures that the lid stays on and does not fall off.

On the outside, the lid rotates over a plastic ring that is interchangeable should it become worn. In the bottom compartment of the Krush Kube 3.0 there are four small magnets, making the cannabis grinder easy to open.

Especially when the trichomes make it a little sticky. At the bottom of the Krush Kube 3.0 is a pollen sieve that is easily removed by a twist lock. Every time you grind your weed, small trichomes will fall through the strainer. Not a lot, but after some time an amount has accumulated that you can turbo-charge your next joint with. 

krush grinder 3.0

Innovative grinder

Smoking weed pure, i.e. without tobacco, has many advantages and contributes to responsible consumption. When turning a joint with only weed, it is important to grind the weed consistently and evenly. Not too fine, as this will not allow enough air in and the joint will not draw well. But also not too coarse, so your pure joint burns well and doesn't get any burn-in.

A good grinder pulls the cannabis apart as it were and does not compress it to crumble it, this also makes you smoke or vape a lot more efficiently. Do you also want to smoke pure? Then a grinder is indispensable for turning a good joint.

Counterclockwise or clockwise?

The razor-sharp teeth of the Krush Grinders have a special shape that fluffs the cannabis when grinding. The teeth pull the buds apart in a cutting motion, creating an airy mass.

There is another ingenious aspect to the teeth of this innovative grinder. If you turn the Krush Grinder counterclockwise it grinds finely and if you turn it clockwise it grinds slightly coarser. Turn it back and forth or just in one direction, you decide which grind you find suitable to roll a nice pure joint, to vape in your vaporizer or to smoke in a bong.

A solid Krush

The Krush Kube Grinders are made of aluminum. The dimensions of the Kube 2.0 are 55 mm x 55 mm x 35 mm and it weighs 170 grams. The Kube 3.0 is also 55 mm x 55 mm, but has a height of 45 mm and a weight of 190 grams. Because it is taller, it looks even more like a cube. Despite the light metal, the large Kube 3.0 is still quite heavy.

But you do have in your hands a sturdy and solid grinder that can take a beating and is ideal for home use. If you are often on the road, it is easier to take the lighter Kube 2.0 with you. The grinders are wear-resistant so no bits of paint or aluminum can get to the cannabis. The aluminum is so called anodized. This means that an oxide layer is applied over the grinder by electrolytic treatment. This oxide layer is hard, wear resistant and gives color to the grinder. There is also a Krush cannabis grinder in pink.

pink grinder

How to clean your weed grinder?

Regular cleaning of a cannabis grinder is advisable, including the Krush Kube. This keeps it running smoothly and prevents it from jamming. Every grinder will stick after some time of use, even the so-called "non-stick" grinders.

Step-by-step how to clean your weed grinder

  1. If it starts to turn stiffly, put it in the freezer. After an hour, take it out and carefully use a plastic spatula or a skewer to loosen as much of the grinder as possible.
  2. Then put it in a container or large ziplock bag and dip it in 99% isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Soak it for a while and then rinse it with a little clean alcohol and your grinder is like new again.

The Krush Kube 3.0 is fully magnetic and has no threads that will clamp or get damaged.

Are there downsides to the Krush Kube Grinder?

The popularity of Krush Kube Grinders is rising in Canada and the U.S. and now in Europe as well. This is partly because of the quality and performance this cannabis grinder has. I too am very satisfied with my Kube 3.0. You could see the price as the only downside. But if you really want to enjoy the quality of your homegrown cannabis or an exclusive Cali strain, then these Krush Kube Grinders are real bargains you won't regret.


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