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What are the best Sativa and Indica cannabis strains to grow this spring 2022?
In this blog item
In this blog item Do you prefer to smoke Sativa or Indica? Hybrid cannabis strains are a combination of sativa and indicaSativa weed: generally creative, energy and psychedelicWhat can you expect when growing sativa weed?Indica weed: generally analgesic, relaxing and sleep-inducingGrowing an indica cannabis plant: what are the differences with sativa?The best Sativa and indica cannabis strains to grow this season Amnesia Lemon from Barney's FarmKarel's Haze from Super Sativa Seed Club K.O. Kush from Grower's ChoiceBiscotti Mintz from Barney's FarmDo you want both sativa and indica properties? Then choose the best hybrid weed varietyWedding Cake from Barney's FarmOpt for weed with lots of CBD, a calming and pain-relieving effectEuphoria by Royal Queen SeedsGrow different weed varieties this year and discover the differences

What are the best Sativa and Indica cannabis strains to grow this spring 2022?

Time to write a blog about the very best cannabis strains to grow this spring of 2022. Buy cannabis seeds and grow the best quality weed for the entire year. This is obviously a subjective topic, because what really is 'the best cannabis strain'? Depending on what you're looking for, below is a list of delicious cannabis strains to try out for yourself, this cannabis growing season. There is something for every stoner and always new strains to discover. 

Do you prefer to smoke Sativa or Indica? 

The question it all starts with is: do you prefer a sativa dominant strain or an indica dominant strain? What is so important about this has to do with the different properties of these two weed varieties. Scientifically, though, it's all about one and the same plant: Cannabis sativa L. 

It's not black and white, so to make it easy to talk about weed, I'm simplifying the properties and effects of sativa and indica a bit. This will give you an idea of what indica is like and what to expect from a sativa cannabis plant. 

Still, of course, there are always unique differences to each cannabis plant. The only way to find out what kind of weed is perfect for you is to try out different cannabis strains. 

Hybrid cannabis strains are a combination of sativa and indica

Usually when you buy cannabis seeds you are dealing with a combination of indica and sativa. So we speak of indica dominant weed varieties and sativa dominant weed varieties. For example, a 20% sativa and 80% indica is actually a hybrid strain but is still classified as indica. 

Now when it comes to a true blend, you can more likely classify it as a hybrid. At the bottom I also include some hybrid cannabis strains, each with their unique effects. A true combination of indica and sativa. 

Sativa weed: generally creative, energy and psychedelic

People who like to smoke a solid Amnesia Haze know only too well how a Sativa dominant weed feels. In general, you can expect a more energetic high, where you feel like being creative and have energy to accomplish creative projects. Sativa dominant cannabis strains can be great for daytime use. Sativa cannabis strains can produce an almost psychedelic high, especially if they contain very high THC percentages like an Amnesia Haze. 

What can you expect when growing sativa weed?

If you choose to grow a sativa cannabis strain, you can look forward to a beautiful plant that can grow very large. If you let a sativa have its way it can grow to over 3 meters. Many growers find this a bit too much so make sure you have enough space in your garden for a sativa weed plant. 

Sativa plants take longer to grow and flower, this can take several months. Patience is rewarded with rich buds that can generally have very high THC percentages.

Indica weed: generally analgesic, relaxing and sleep-inducing

Medicinal cannabis users usually like indica dominant cannabis strains the most. Indica generally gives a calming stoned effect that is perfect for the evening. Indica generally gives a more physical stoned feeling, rather than the rather cognitive high. 

Indica weed generally has a different composition of cannabinoids and terpenes than sativa weed. 

However, it is certainly not always the case that an indica cannabis strain can provide a less energetic high than a sativa cannabis strain. 

Growing an indica cannabis plant: what are the differences with sativa?

The most obvious difference with sativa is in the structure of an indica weed plant. It remains compact and smaller than a lanky sativa. 

The buds are also a lot more compact than with a sativa. Many novice growers choose an indica marijuana strain because it is generally easier to grow than sativa and, above all, takes less time to grow and flower. 

The best Sativa and indica cannabis strains to grow this season 

Below is a list of Sativa cannabis strains that are ideal for growing, for people who like special sativa and indica cannabis strains with unique effects. 

Amnesia Lemon from Barney's Farm

If you want to go for a delicious Amnesia strain with that extra special touch you should choose Amnesia Lemon from Barney's Farm. A sativa cannabis strain with fresh aromas of lemon and a high THC percentage. 

Karel's Haze from Super Sativa Seed Club

How about this Haze, named after Karel Schelfhout, author of The Organic Grow Book and co-founder of Super Sativa Seed Club, among others.

This brand of cannabis seeds is new to the Sirius Seed Shop range and offers a huge number of super potent, high quality cannabis strains. 

This marijuana strain has a fantastic terpene profile and is interesting for making extracts. The tropical aromas and grassy undertones offer a broad taste sensation with a wonderful headspace. 

Order indica marijuana seeds now


K.O. Kush from Grower's Choice

As the name of this cannabis strain suggests, this Kush is very suitable to use when you want to be super stoned and relax. K.O. Kush is an indica dominant strain with very high THC percentages.

K.O. Kush comes from O.G. Kush, a super popular strain that you must have tried once. O.G. Kush gives a great stoned effect and gives a typical aroma that many stoners love. 

K.O. Kush has all the characteristics of O.G. Kush, but an extra short flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. Ideal for growers who want to harvest their weed as soon as possible!

Biscotti Mintz from Barney's Farm

A delicious indica dominant strain with a super flavorful aroma of kush, chocolate, spice and mint. This is thanks to a rich terpene profile of limonene, caryophyllene and eucalyptol, among others.

This cannabis strain gives a very relaxing effect and at the same time energetic physical high. 

Biscotti Mintz has an extremely high THC percentage of 25 to 30% THC.

Do you want both sativa and indica properties? Then choose the best hybrid weed variety

Did you know that many popular marijuana strains are a mix between indica and sativa? In fact, we hardly ever speak of pure indica or sativa weed varieties. Weed breeders have become very inventive and have created all kinds of special combinations of different varieties. Below is an overview of delicious hybrid weed varieties to grow yourself. 

Wedding Cake from Barney's Farm

Would you like to try a hybrid weed variety that is super popular at the moment? Then choose Wedding Cake. Named after the appearance of this marijuana strain, with its huge amount of THC crystals and pink sheen, it looks like the bling-bling of a wedding cake. 

This indica dominant mix between sativa and indica gives a euphoric and relaxing high. Wedding Cake is suitable to take as a medicine for pain and is also great to use in the evening to unwind. 

Wedding Cake is suitable for both beginner and advanced growers and can be grown indoors and outdoors. You can expect a pretty decent harvest of beautiful buds, which is ready September-October.


Opt for weed with lots of CBD, a calming and pain-relieving effect

If you're looking more for the medicinal power of weed and are looking for the calming and pain relieving potential of cannabis, choose a medicinal marijuana strain with a high CBD percentage. Here are the best CBD strains to grow yourself this spring 2022.

Euphoria by Royal Queen Seeds

A true classic among CBD cannabis strains and very suitable for people who are looking for a strain with low THC percentages and a high CBD content. This cannabis has an extra calming effect.

Ephoria consists of 10% CBD and about 9% THC. Because of this you can expect a mild high without a strong stoned feeling. 

This cannabis strain is indica dominant and has a relatively short flowering period of about 9 weeks. 

CBD is an interesting cannabinoid and is found in the cannabis plant. CBD can help calm and relax the body and mind in many different ways. 

Check out Sirius' CBD Shop and order CBD oil, CBD capsules and many more CBD products online!

Grow different weed varieties this year and discover the differences

Are you still not sure what the differences are between indica, sativa or a hybrid marijuana strain? Are you curious about the differences between a fruity weed or a weed with earthy aromas? 

It's also fun to grow different popular strains like a Kush, Amnesia Haze and Northern Lights

Buy different strains from the Seedshop at Sirius and get better at recognizing different strains. Discover your favorite cannabis strains and become a true cannabis connoisseur.


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