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Feel like the Queen of Cannabis with these 9 new RQS Cannabis Seeds
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In this blog item Royal Queen SeedsAbout the 9 new Seed StrainsRoyal THCVNorth Thunderfuck AutoWatermelonTriple G AutoRoyal SkywalkerCookies Gelato AutoBlue Gelato Royal Runtz AutoMimosa

Feel like the Queen of Cannabis with these 9 new RQS Cannabis Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds – a name that represents expertise, high quality, and diversity when it comes to Cannabis Seeds. This brand, based in Amsterdam and Barcelona, aims at providing only the best Cannabis genetics for all kinds of growers.

Their team of passionate and enthusiastic growers not only provides a ridiculously large range of different Cannabis seeds (including feminized, regular, and autoflowering variants), but also sustainable and organic products for growing. You can find these in our growshop.

In this blog though, I don’t want to talk about the process of growing cannabis (for this, check out some of these blogs), but I want to present you the 9 new cannabis seeds from Royal Queen Seeds! Keep reading if you want to learn everything about these brand-new strains, that range from medical THCV containing variants to high potent weed with aromas you’ve never experienced before.

About the 9 new Seed Strains

As already said, Royal Queen Seeds offers a wide variety of cannabis seeds. Whether you prefer indica, sativa, feminized, autoflower, regular, high CBD percentages… RQS surely offers a cannabis strain for everyone’s taste.

Their newest release, now available in the Sirius Seedshop, contains one strain specifically suited for medical cannabis users, 4 autoflowers, and 4 feminized variants. These are very different from another, some are relaxing indicas, others are energetic sativas, and some hybrids are also included to bring the best of both worlds together. But let’s stop beating around the bush and look into every new strain one by one:  

Royal THCV

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Did you already hear about THCV? It’s a cannabinoid that recently was discovered. It is generally assumed to have a motivating and stimulating effect while not getting you so stoned that you are unable to think properly. That makes this strain perfect for medical users, of if you want to enjoy a joint without becoming unproductive.

Bred from Pure African Sativa x Durban Haze, Royal THCV has a genetic profile of 95% Sativa and 5% Indica; which again speaks for is stimulating effect on the mind. With THC levels and THCV levels of both approximately 7%, this strain is really well balanced and also suits beginner smokers. If you want to be one of the first persons to experience the unique effect of this newly discovered cannabinoid, then you should definitely try out this strain! 

North Thunderfuck Auto

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With a name like North Thunderfuck Auto, you already know that you can expect some high-quality cannabis that is guaranteed to get you super high. Thanks to its Ruderalis Genetics, this plant blooms independent of the lighting conditions and takes very little time from seed to harvest (approximately 10 – 12 weeks). Still, if you do everything right (for example with a good tent and a LED lamp) you can yield around 500gr per m2 (Indoor).

This hybrid combines 45% Sativa, 50% Indica and 5% Ruderalis and therefore has an effect that is both physically relaxing and psychologically stimulating. THC levels of up to 22% guarantee a strong high that truly lives up to the name of this strain. 


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The first feminized strain of this collection brings us into fruity wonderland in no time: Watermelon is an indica-dominant strain that provides a calming effect with incredibly fruity aromas. A perfect strain for summer! Royal Queen Seed used Watermelon OG S1 genetics to recreate their own, brand new watermelon feminized strain. Just imagine the possibilities of making edibles with a fruity strain like this… my mouth is already watering.

A THC level of 22% will give you the fruity kick you need to take the edge of your day, relax your muscles, and enjoy your couch. Both indoor and outdoor one plant can provide up to 500grams.

Triple G Auto

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With Triple G Auto, a crossbreed of Triple G X Big Sunk Auto, you can harvest I highly potent USA premium cannabis strain in very little time. Indeed, with a floweing period of 8-9 weeks, and a height of not more than 120cm (indoor) / 140cm (outdoor), this is the perfect weed for any grower who doesn’t have much space or time to grow. It’s reduralis genetics guarantee germination, even without any adjustment in the lighting.

With THC levels around 20%, you will experience a very relaxing effects after just a few hits of your joint, bong or vaporizer. It is also said that this weed provides a clear head high and encourage fast thinking.   

Royal Skywalker


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Are you ready to go on a crazy adventure though space? Then Royal Skywalker is the right strain for you! Ridiculously high THC levels of around 25%, and aromas of blueberry, citrus and pepper, make this cannabis strain one of the best ones of the new collection for the experienced grower and smoker.

As it gets fairly high (up to 200cm outdoors) and takes a little longer to flower (9-10 weeks), I do not recommend beginners to grow this strain. Additionally, the effect is probably too strong for anyone who does not have a lot of experience with cannabis. However, if you are experienced enough, and know what you want, then Royal Skywalker might be the weed strain that you’ve been looking for.

60% indica and 40% sativa result in a very nice effect, that is both physically relaxing as well as mentally uplifting. But be careful! If you smoke to much, you might find yourself flying to Tatooine or the Death Star…

Cookies Gelato Auto

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Cookies Gelato Auto – I really cannot think of a name that sound more delicious than that. After crossing Cookies Gelato with Big Skunk Auto, Royal Queen Seeds finally provided this perfect dessert strain with genetics that guarantee quick germination and harvest.

This indica-dominant hybrid is a must try for everyone who enjoys smoking a joint the end of the day, after all your tasks are done and you just want to relax and enjoy yourself. And don’t even get me started on the aromes of this weed… your taste buds will experience the unique mix of flavors of fruits, honey and biscuits, and your head will come to rest in a physical-stoned effect due to the high THC levels of 23%. A truly premium USA strain. 

Blue Gelato 

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But the deliciousness doesn’t end here: Blue Gelato, another Gelato-based cannabis strain, this time feminized, is a crossbreed of Blueberry x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbet. These genetics are a perfect example of how Royal Queen Seeds combines only the best and most popular cannabis genetics to create new, unique and amazing strains.

With THC levels around 23%, and a 20% Sativa and 80% Indica profile, Blue Gelato will physically relax you while indulging your taste buds with aromes of sweet blueberries and cookies. This plant prefers short summers, so it is also suitable to grow it in a European country such as the Netherlands. What are you waiting for? 

Royal Runtz Auto

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To create Royal Runtz Auto, Royal Queen Seeds breeder crossed a premium Ruderalis with the popular Royal Runtz. The latter is famous for its enormously high THC levels of up to 27%! Unfortunately Royal Runtz Auto does not go up that high when it comes to THC levels (“only” 19%), but therefore it rushes from seed to harvest in 10-12 weeks. This makes it a perfect strain for growers who are looking for quick results but still want a high yield.

Indoor you can harvest up to 450gr/m2 if you have the right equipment. A genetic profile of 50% Sativa and 45 % Indica (and 5% Ruderalis) makes Royal Runtz Auto an allrounder that is perfect for everyone! 


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Last but not least, Mimosa, a cannabis plant that already impressed with its sole appearance. The mix of dark purple and green colors with oranges pistils, covered in white THC-containing trichomes make this plant almost to good looking to be smoked. Almost. If you do though, you will experience a creative and happy effect due to the Sativa-dominant genetics of this plant.

It grows not high at all, less than 100cm both indoor and outdoors, which makes it perfect for those that need a little discreteness when growing. This does not hamper the yield though, you can still expect around 500 grams per plant if you do everything right. 

I hope that this blog made it a bit easier for my fellow growers to get an overview over the new Royal Queen Seeds that are available now at the Sirius Seedshop. If you still have any questions about seeds, or growing cannabis, feel free to contact our customer service.

Happy Growing! 


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