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Curing of cannabis: how it works
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Curing of cannabis: how it works

After drying your homegrown cannabis, it's not over yet. To take the harvest to the next level, after drying the cannabis is left to cure. This process often remains underexposed, but is a very important part of growing high quality cannabis. In curing, we take the time to allow the buds to flavor and make them ready to store for a longer period of time. So that even after a while you can still enjoy your cannabis just as much as before.

The usefulness of curing

Curing is the ripening of cannabis and the last part of the process after harvesting and drying. Think of it like cheese, ham or wine that still needs to be flavored. The loose buds are slowly dried in an airtight jar or container until the proper humidity is reached. At the right humidity, the cannabis is not too dry but not too humid either, so there is no chance of mold during storage. Because of the enclosed space, terpenes and cannabinoids are well preserved during ripening. Of course it takes some patience. Ideally, you would like to start consuming right away. Of course, you have put so much love, patience and energy into growing and now it is finally harvested and dried. But freshly harvested weed is not very smokeable and has little flavor. By curing it properly for a few weeks you can turn good cannabis into delicious smokable weed. During the curing process the chlorophyll in the cannabis is broken down. This makes it softer in taste. It also affects the burning of your joint. During the curing process you prevent too many terpenes from evaporating and escaping from the buds. The terpenes are the aromatic substances that determine the smell and taste of the cannabis. The cannabis will then become mossy and musty. When making extracts, the process of curing is not so important, because here the cannabis is processed immediately. Here one takes only the trichomes, the resin glands containing the active substances. They are separated from the plant and the rest of the plant material is not used. But for tasty smokable buds that you want to keep longer, it is definitely recommended to do this.

When to begin curing

When the buds are dried and they pass the smoke and snap test well, the buds are dry enough to store. The humidity level to start curing is between 60% - 65%. It is best to measure this with a small hygrometer that you put in the pot together with the buds. Leave the pot closed for a few hours and read the percentage of humidity. If it is higher than 65% then the cannabis is still too wet to cure. Leave the pot or container open so that the buds can continue to dry in the air. Make sure that the humidity of the environment is lower. Especially in the fall, when harvesting outdoors, the humidity in the house is often high. But as said, if the humidity of the cannabis is between 60% - 65% then it is dry enough to seal the jar airtight. The chance of mold is now gone and the curing can begin.

How to do it

Curing and storing the cannabis buds is best done in a sealable jar or container made of glass or metal. Preferably do not use plastic non-food material, this can give off an odor and taste or even be toxic. Take wide pots so that the buds have plenty of room and place them in the dark. This is because light affects THC, making the cannabis less potent. A stainless steel container is ideal for light-proof storage. But if you have a dark place, weckpots are by far the easiest and cheapest way. For smoking cannabis, the ideal humidity is 62%. With a small hygrometer in the jar you can easily measure this. These small but very handy meters can easily be ordered via the internet. To quickly and simply achieve and maintain the ideal humidity you can use the Integra Boost bags. But more about that later. The combination of a small hygrometer and the bags is the most accurate. Don't overfill the pot, three quarters is enough to give the buds plenty of space. By lightly shaking and turning the pot once a day, you prevent the buds from sticking together. Because of the enclosed space, the terpenes from the cannabis will be less likely to evaporate and be retained. Once in a pot, the buds will still evaporate in the beginning. This evaporation can cause the humidity in the pot to rise again. Therefore, every day after shaking the pot leave the lid open for fifteen minutes for one to two weeks. You will notice that the cannabis smells better and tastes better. If the humidity in the closed jar remains stable around 62%, the jar can be kept closed for a longer period of time and stored in the dark.

Optimize the process 

The optimal and ideal humidity percentage for your cannabis buds is easiest to obtain and maintain with Integra Boost sachets. The sachets are available in different sizes, so it is easy to adjust to the amount of cannabis. They also come in two moisture content variants, 55% and 62%. You add the Integra Boost sachets to your cannabis storage. The patented system of the pouches only absorbs or releases moisture to maintain the percentage of moisture listed on the pouch. The bags are 99% biodegradable and contain no toxins. The bags are therefore also suitable for other herbs and spices. If the cannabis in the pot is still very damp, it is best to use the Integra Boost 55% for the first few days. Then keep a close eye on the hygrometer. In this way the moisture percentage will drop faster. The Integra Boost 62% will keep cannabis at the ideal humidity level for a longer period of time. This promotes curing and moreover, it is easier and faster too.  

In short

Curing brings your cannabis to the right humidity in a controlled way. It brings out the aromatic substances, which improves the smell and taste of the cannabis in the long term. In addition, it helps as much as possible to preserve the strength and potency of the plant. A good curing process contributes to a superior harvest. 

Cannabis that is cured:

  • is more delicious in both smell and taste. 

  • Is more potent.

  • Is more pleasant to smoke. The smoke is softer and less acrid to the throat.

  • contains more stabilized cannabinoids. This prevents the cannabis from going bad, leading to paranoia, anxiety etc. 

  • contains less chlorophyll, which also improves the smell and taste. 

  • burns better in a joint, which can be noticed by the light, white color of the ash.

  • reduces the risk of headaches when consumed.

  • can not go mouldy during storage.

  • can be stored for a longer period. 

If you do the curing a little carefully and with the right tools, you will see that you take your harvest to the next level.


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