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Energy capsules: smartshop products against fatigue
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In this blog item Energy capsules for more energy during the day and better concentrationIQ+ Brainbooster concentration pillsChoose natural smart drugs and avoid synthetic nootropicsNXT Orange: capsules for better concentrationParty all night long with these natural energy capsules from the smartshopNXT Phase Brown + Purple = natural XTCNatural energy pills and party drugs without hangoverTaking kratom at a party: this kratom will give you energyGuarana: Brazilian energy drink as an alternative for a daily cup of coffeeQuestions about our smartshop products that give energy?

Energy capsules: smartshop products against fatigue

Whether you have a long day at work ahead of you, make a long drive or go hiking in the Pyrenees, for all these activities you need a lot of energy. Sometimes you can easily generate this energy, but often Mother Nature lends a helping hand. Sirius smartshop sells energy capsules with just that little bit extra, which will help you move mountains without effort. 

Energy capsules for more energy during the day and better concentration

Do you often find yourself nodding off at your desk, or do you suffer from a listless feeling during the day? There are of course many causes for having low energy this and it is important to look at the root of your fatigue.

But sometimes, when life is just too busy and you've suffered an inevitable lack of sleep, there are smartshop energy capsules to give you a boost of energy and help you get through the day productively. 

Do you have a deadline to meet and are especially looking for mental energy? Below is an overview of the best energy capsules for mental energy from the Sirius range.

IQ+ Brainbooster concentration pills

IQ+ Brainbooster capsules should not be missing from the medicine cabinet of any hard-working student. IQ+ Brainbooster is also called natural ritalin and gives your brain a real boost, so you can study and work focused. 

These concenctration pills are created by Sirius for people who are looking for more concentration naturally. IQ+ is a natural energy pill based on plant extracts. 

iq brainbooster

IQ+ contains an extract of bacopa monnieri, a plant with a stimulating effect on brain functions. In India, bacopa monnieri has been used for centuries as a brain tonic and medicine for numerous conditions including Alzheimer's and stress-related disorders. 

Choose natural smart drugs and avoid synthetic nootropics

On the Internet, with a few clicks, you can buy all kinds of brain-stimulating capsules, pills and powders that will help you with more mental energy. This power food for your brain can help you concentrate better, have more focus and keep going longer. Sounds good!

Yet many of these so-called nootropics are not so great for you at all and can even backfire on your health. 

Many of these supplements are synthetic and can be compared to ritalin (rilatine), an ADHD medication that can have long-term detrimental effects and nasty side effects for many users.

This is in contrast to natural nootropics, such as IQ Brainbooster from Sirius, which has no side effects!

NXT Orange: capsules for better concentration

In addition to IQ+, you can also opt for NXT Phase Orange capsules. These concentration pills give your body and mind extra energy and focus thanks to various vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts. This smart shop capsule mainly contains niacin, or vitamin B3. This vitamin plays an important role in the transmission of information in the brain. 

nxt phase orange

Note: Some people are more sensitive to vitamin B3 and may get a so-called 'niacin flush'. This is not harmful, but may cause a temporary warm and burning sensation of the skin and some red rash, which goes away quickly. So don't be alarmed if this happens to you. Stick to the recommended dosage of maximum 2 capsules. 

Party all night long with these natural energy capsules from the smartshop

One way to keep going until the early hours of the morning is to snort all kinds of synthetic junk through your nose. But more and more (young) people are realizing that there are other ways to have fun and fortunately the smartshop offers a safe and fun alternative to (hard)drugs. 

If you find yourself nodding off at a party one day, consider taking a serving of Sirius energy capsules for a quick burst of energy that is also packed with vitamins and minerals and therefore provides you with long-lasting, healthy energy. Energy capsules for a party contain not only caffeine, but also other substances for that little bit extra. Go for capsules with a euphoric effect, or choose capsules with a trippy effect so you can really get psyched on the dance floor. 

NXT Phase Brown + Purple = natural XTC

If you want to get the closest to the effect of xtc (active ingredient mdma), the combination NXT Phase Brown and NXT Phase Purple is recommended. These two different energy capsules from the assortment of Sirius both provide a wonderful energetic and euphoric effect with that tinge of love feeling to it. Obviously not the real deal, but anyway it provides a very nice energy where you can dance for hours on your natural endorphins. A nice side effect is that the next day you will not suffer from a dip or hangover (provided you do not drink lots of beer).

Below is an explanation of the operation of the energy capsules NXT Phase Brown and NXT Phase Purple:

NXT Phase Brown: A highly concentrated pure cacao extract, that is the secret ingredient of NXT Phase Brown. These special euphoric energy capsules are wonderful natural drugs for a happy dance party, during a night with friends or if you want to go for a walk during the day. NXT Phase Brown gives a warm, euphoric feeling that comes close to mdma. 

nxt phase brown

NXT Phase Purple: This party pill makes your body produce more serotonin. This neurotransmitter, also known as the happiness hormone, plays an important role in your mood and gives you a big boost of positive energy. All this is thanks to an extract from the plant Griffonia simplicifolia, which is known as a natural antidepressant and energy-giving agent. 

nxt phase purple

Natural energy pills and party drugs without hangover

Unlike many synthetic party drugs and pills, Sirius' legal party drugs and smart drugs do not cause a hangover the day after. Many of our energy capsules are supplemented with various B vitamins and amino acids, giving your body even more support during a night out. The next day you feel fit as a fiddle and can get back to work productively!

Taking kratom at a party: this kratom will give you energy

Besides energy capsules, Sirius also sells other smartshop products that give energy, such as certain types of kratom. For those who are not familiar with kratom: dive into our Encyclopedia for more information on this special product. In short: kratom works as an analgesic medicine and has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of Thailand, among other places. Meanwhile, in the West, we use kratom as a recreational and pain-relieving drug. 

We sell different types of kratom, of which we sell three different colors: red kratom, white kratom and green kratom. 

For the most energizing effect you should choose white kratom, because this variety has a less sedative or intoxicating effect and especially in low doses it provides a boost. Very nice for a dance party!

white maeng da kratom

Kratom with a more energetic character is Maeng Da White kratom. Order kratom quickly and easily in our online smartshop!

Please note that kratom is an opiate and therefore addictive. Make sure you only use kratom as a recreational drug and take care not to build up a tolerance, by never using kratom for several days in a row.

Guarana: Brazilian energy drink as an alternative for a daily cup of coffee

As a last smartshop product I would like to recommend guarana. Surprise yourself with an energy drink based on guarana. Sirius sells guarana in powder form. Mix it through your smoothie, warm milk or a glass of fruit juice. In this way you get a dose of natural caffeine, which gradually releases energy. This gives you a balanced effect and you have energy for a long time, without crashing afterwards, as can be the case with the fast action of coffee. 

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is native to the Amazon forest in Brazil. The tree produces fruits with seeds that have an energy-giving effect. The seed is eaten by indigenous peoples to combat fatigue and improve stamina. Guarana is also used to improve sexual performance and enjoy sex longer. 

Questions about our smartshop products that give energy?

For all your questions about our smartshop products, you can contact us. Call or email us and get a quick answer to your question about energy capsules such as IQ Brainbooster concentration pills or NXT Phase, kratom or guarana! Furthermore, you can find more answers related to natural energy products from the smartshop on our Blog page and in our Encyclopedia.


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