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Essentials for a Magical Truffle Spring Day
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In this blog item WaterTake care of your skinFoodBarefoot pathCamping or festival? Make sure you keep your truffles fresh!

Essentials for a Magical Truffle Spring Day

A magic truffle trip is even better with spring in the air. The sun radiates warmth and energy, which merges with your trip and strengthens colours and feelings. In the company of people you trust, or (if you have experience) alone, a beautiful walk in nature is one of the nicest things to do.

You want to go out as lightly as possible, without having to carry all your belongings with you. However, there are a number of necessities that will make your trip a lot more enjoyable.

Please note: at high dosages walking can become quite difficult and it can be wiser to stay in a safe (home) place.


Make sure you bring enough water at all times. During a trip you can get quite dehydrated, and not drinking enough water can lead to headaches the next day. Especially on a hot day this is very important.

Take care of your skin

Give your body a chance to enjoy the sun and take vitamin D, but watch out for sunburn. Apply sunscreen (organic, no chemical additives!) to your skin and wear a hat. Stay in the shade as much as possible when the sun is at its highest point (during midday).


Ripe fruit is an ideal food during a trip, not only do the vitamins and minerals make you feel even better, it also quenches your thirst. So make sure that you have take some with you, besides any other tasty things!

Barefoot path

Of course, you're not going to take a forest walk on stiletto heels. During a trip it is not so important whether you look beautiful, as long as you are comfortable. Airy clothes are ideal, not too tight, so you can move around freely. Tip: Take off your shoes (and socks) and walk a bit on bare feet, a very special sensation!

Camping or festival? Make sure you keep your truffles fresh!

The magic truffles from are called Freshboxes for a reason: they are still 'alive', not vacuum-packed, which would cause them to suffocate.

Maybe you've already experienced that you left your box in the fridge and saw white mould forming on the sclerotia (as with certain types of cheese). A sign that they are growing and perfectly edible.
You can't store truffles outside the refrigerator. For a few hours it's no issue, but when you go camping, or to a festival, it is important that you keep your truffles in a cool place. The heat can quickly make scelortia turn bad, this can be recognised by the strong acidic vinegar smell and slimy pieces. Do not eat!

  • Refrigerator
  • Icepack/Cooling element
  • Ice cubes

Put the box of truffles in a cooler, fill it with ice cubes. Another way is to attach the box of truffles to an Icepack/cooling element. With the help of rubber bands or tape you stick the box against the Icepack/cooling element. This way you can store your truffles for up to 3 days. Happy tripping!


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