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New Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds - Review
In this blog item
In this blog item Barney’ Farm Cannabis SeedsBiscotti MintzBanana PunchAmnesia Haze AutoStrawberry Cheesecake AutoLemon TreeMimosa x Orange PunchBlue Sunset Sherbet Moby Dick Auto Do you want to start growing Cannabis?

New Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds - Review

If you are a real cannabis connoisseur, and a fan of growing your own cannabis plants as well, then your mouth should start to water after hearing names like Biscotti Mintz, Banana Punch or Strawberry Cheesecake. These are just a few examples of the new barney’s farm cannabis seeds that recently arrived in the Sirius Seedshop. Keep reading if you want to learn more about all of the 8 new strains – including feminized and autoflowering variants – and what makes them so special!

Barney’ Farm Cannabis Seeds

Barney’s Farm is an Amsterdam-based seedbank that is widely known for its big selection of exotic strains as well as for their quality. The man who started it all, Derry, was experimenting with different marijuana cross breeds in the 1980s before returning to Amsterdam in 1992, where he sold a lot of his new creations in Barney’s Coffeeshop. Because of the excellent range of high-quality cannabis strains, the brand quickly became popular and has remained one of the top brands when it comes to weed ever since. The Sirius Seedshop has always offered a good selection of the best Barney’s Farm seeds, and recently, 8 new additions found their way to us, and you can order them immediately! If you are unsure which of those delicious sounding, high THC containing strains is the right one for you, then the next sections should help you make a decision. You can definitely expect all of these strains to exceed your expectations, but maybe you are looking for something special that suits just your own taste. If you have any questions about our new seeds or the Sirius Seedshop in general, you can also always contact our customer service

Biscotti Mintz

A close up of a plant

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Starting off with one of the most exotic strains of the collection: Biscotti Mintz is a premium indica dominant cannabis plant that was created crossing very fine and popular strains: Cookies x OG Kush mixed with Mintz genetics. This strain truly was made for cannabis connoisseurs that are looking for a highly potent, super tasty indica. With a THC percentage of up to 30% (!) this strain provides a relaxing effect mixed with a distinct body high. With aromas like chocolate chip cookies, creamy mint and spices, this strain serves as a delicious “dessert” for the end of the day.

Banana Punch

A close up of a plant

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Another delicious strain, this time with a fruity note: Banana Punch is here! This hybrid combines OG Kush and Purple Punch and thereby offers tropical fruity aromas with a hint of banana, as well as a THC percentage of 26%. With 45% sativa and 55% indica in its genetics, this is truly an allrounder cannabis strain that makes everyone happy. You can also be sure that, once it starts the bloom, the plant will look absolutely amazing: beautiful big buds with purples and blues contrasting with dark vibrant hues of green.

Amnesia Haze Auto

A close up of a tree

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As a big Amnesia fan myself, I am sure that this will be one of my favorites out of Barney’s Farm’s new collection: Amnesia Haze Auto offers the famous popular strain in an autoflowering version, which means that it takes significantly less time from seed to harvest! Still, (indoor-) growers should be careful, because with 150cm in height this plant grows larger than most typical autoflowering strains, so make sure that you have enough space for it. If you do everything right, you can expect approximately 600 gr / m2. With a THC percentage of 20-21%, and a genetic that consists of 80% sativa and 20% indica, you can be sure that this weed provides a rich, psychedelic head high. 

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto

A picture containing plant, flower

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Another autoflower strain, and what a delicious one: with a name like Strawberry Cheesecake Auto, you know that you can expect a wide range of exotic aromas and effects. This indica dominant hybrid takes remarkably little time from seed to harvest, due to its ruderalis genetics. This is a plant that also suits indoor growers with a relatively small tent well, as it only reaches heights up to 1 meter (outdoor: 140cm). Get ready for a mix of earthy skunk, sweet cheese, and a subtle hint of strawberry hash. A true delicacy!

Lemon Tree

A close up of a plant

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This award-winning combination of Sour Diesel & Lemon Skunk provides and amazing aroma and taste that live up to its name: Lemon Tree is full of terpenes and THC (25%). If you are planning to cultivate this strain outdoors, then better get ready for a big tree from which you can yield up to 1,5kg! If you are an indoor grower with not so much space, this plant may still be suitable for you as it only reaches 1 meter indoors. With this plant usually being ready for harvest in the 3rd to 4th week of October, you might still make it this year if you start germinating now. Better hurry up though, because the outdoor growing period recently started and there is not a lot of time left to start growing!

Mimosa x Orange Punch

A close up of a plant

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This genetical masterpiece serves as prove for the experience and competence of the team from Barney’s Farm. Mimosa x Orange punch combines the finest genetics in a indica dominant hybrid (35% sativa, 65% indica) full of tangerine and orange like aromas. With THC levels going up to 30% this strain will transport you into a tasty wonderland faster than you can imagine. With its multiple large, resinous heavy buds covered in orange pistils and trichomes, this is a perfect strain for the experienced grower and smoker.

Blue Sunset Sherbet 

A close up of a plant

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Blue Sunset Sherbet is your go to strain if you are looking for a large yield with as little complications as possible. With its flowering phase only taking around 60 days, and it’s large quantity of side branches that bear compact, tasty buds, both beginner as well as expert growers should be really happy with this plant. Its rich terpene profile includes limonene, humulene, terpinolene and more, resulting in a unique, candy like taste with a hint of citrus. As a hybrid, Blue Sunset Sherbet combines a euphoric sativa high with a couch-lock indica effect, thereby bringing the best from both worlds. 

Moby Dick Auto 

A close up of a plant

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Finally, the strain that is famous for its enormous yield of giant buds is available as an autoflower: Moby Dick Auto is here for growers that are looking for a powerful sativa in large quantities. This plant doesn’t grow to high neither indoor our outdoor but will still produce a lot of giant buds that fill up your stash in no-time! The combination of G13 Haze and ruderalis genetics makes Moby Dick Auto a perfect addition for the collection of every sativa fan, who doesn’t have that much time to waste. Better prepare for amazing aromas, consisting of lemon, haze, and subtle hints of spicy pine and vanilla. My mouth is already watering…

Do you want to start growing Cannabis?

Are you excited about all these new strains, but unfamiliar with growing your own weed? No problem, Sirius is here to help. In our growshop you can find all the necessities for either indoor or outdoor grow – from tents to lighting to pots… everything that you need an more!

You can also check out other blogs for tips and tricks regarding cannabis cultivation. If you are a regular smoker, you should definitely consider investing in a good setup, preferably with a tent larger than 1m2  and an LED light, which is a bit more expensive but better for your electric bill. Just calculate how much you spend in a coffeeshop – per day, per month, per year… and eventually you will see that investing in a growing setup once to fill up your stash with biological, high-quality cannabis, is definitely worth it!

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we are happy to help! To all experienced growers, I hope that his blog helped you in making your decision for your next strain a little easier.

Have fun growing!


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