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Test your magic mushrooms: Discover the Psilocybin Concentration Test Kit
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In this blog item How much psilocybin is in magic truffles? Test it with the Psilo-Q Test Kit!How much psilocybin do microdosing magic truffles and shrooms contain?Test the concentration of psilocybin before trippingMicrodosing with Magic Truffles: Always weigh your microdose!Mushrooms and magic truffles: how do these psychedelics differ in strength?How much psilocybin do magic mushrooms contain compared to magic truffles?What is the difference between psilocybin and psilocin?How does the Miraculex Psilocybin Test Kit work?Contents Miraculix Psilocybin Test KitStep-by-step plan to test mushrooms and truffles for psilocybin concentration yourself

Test your magic mushrooms: Discover the Psilocybin Concentration Test Kit

A brand new smartshop product for sale at Sirius Smartshop. Now it is finally possible to measure how potent your homegrown magic mushrooms are, or purchased magic truffles. This Psilo-Q Test Kit makes it possible to analyze how much psilocybin your magic mushrooms or truffles contain. This test is reliable and professionally manufactured by Professor Felix Bei, at the University of Jena in Germany. 

Dr. Bei participated in a legal research called "Production of quantitative test systems of psychotropic substances." Here he developed a measuring instrument with which you can easily and quickly find out how much active substance is present in psilocybe mushrooms and sclerotia. 

psilocybin test kit

How much psilocybin is in magic truffles? Test it with the Psilo-Q Test Kit!

How much psilocybin do microdosing magic truffles and shrooms contain?

You've probably wondered about the amount of psilocybin in magic truffles and magic mushrooms.

Among other things for microdosing, it is important to know how much psilocybin you are ingesting per microdose. Too much psilocybin can cause an effect that is more than you would expect from a microdose. 

microdosing Freshup

After all, when microdosing with psychedelics, including psilocybin from magic truffles and magic mushrooms, you don't want to feel like you're under the influence. It is important to use a reliable microdosing product so you can start microdosing safely. 

Therefore Sirius Smartshop chooses a variety of magic truffles that is most suitable for microdosing and most consistent in amount of active ingredient. 

Test the concentration of psilocybin before tripping

For a macrodose, a true psychedelic trip, it's also not a bad idea to bring out the inner scientist in yourself and measure exactly how much psilocybin you actually ingest from a serving of magic truffles. And of course it is also valuable to investigate how strong those homegrown magic mushrooms actually are, so you can show them off to your friends.

Mothers Finest Freshbox Magic Truffles

Finally, you may discover what makes one mushroom more potent (i.e., contains more psilocybin) than another. 

All this for a safe trip, working professionally and skillfully so that you and your friends have a great time under the influence of psilocybin.

Microdosing with Magic Truffles: Always weigh your microdose!

Speaking of being scientific and accurate, if you plan to microdose with psilocybin, it is highly recommended that you also purchase a professional precision scale, for sale at Sirius. This will allow you to quickly weigh out your microdose, so you know exactly how much magic truffle you ingest. Why is this important? 

First and foremost: data. By weighing your microdose accurately, you can learn what your "sweet spot" is. Your ideal amount of magic truffle, where you ingest just the right amount to experience the power of microdosing. Here it is important not to take too much, because even then you can no longer speak of a microdose. Too little is also not ideal, because then it starts to look like a placebo effect. To measure is to know!

Justice scale

Secondly, you can keep a history and see (roughly) how your microdosing adventure is progressing. This way you indirectly contribute to a future in which we know more and more about the mechanism of action of microdosing with psychedelics, including psilocybin. As an advocate of psychedelics as a therapeutic agent, doing your part is a rewarding achievement.

Mushrooms and magic truffles: how do these psychedelics differ in strength?

If you've ever grown magic mushrooms yourself, you know how fun and educational this process is. You really connect with these magical mushrooms and learn about their life cycle. 

Next, consuming magic mushrooms is a very different experience, compared to consuming magic truffles. 

Magicbox Equadorian magic mushrooms

First of all, the dosage is very different. Dried mushrooms are relatively much stronger than magic truffles. Where an average dosage of magic truffles is 12.5 grams, with magic mushrooms you can rather look at about 20 grams (fresh) or 2 grams (dried).

So make no mistake about the dosage of magic mushrooms, otherwise your trip can become much more intense than intended.

How much psilocybin do magic mushrooms contain compared to magic truffles?

The reason you should eat less of magic mushrooms than truffles is obviously because mushrooms contain higher concentrations of active ingredient, specifically psilocybin and psilocin. On average, 1 gram of magic truffles contains 1 to 2 mg of psilocybin. This makes magic truffles more reliable and safer to take than magic mushrooms. These can vary greatly in intensity.

Especially for beginners, we recommend trying magic truffles. A standard dose of magic truffles is 10 grams. Always start with a magic truffle that is suitable for beginners. In our Magictruffleshop you will find our range of different magic truffles.

What is the difference between psilocybin and psilocin?

Back to psychedelic chemistry for a moment: the two substances that magic mushrooms and truffles are primarily concerned with are psilocybin and psilocin. In addition to these two compounds, magic mushrooms and magic truffles also contain many other active ingredients, some of which still need to be thoroughly researched and on which science has its hands full. 

For us, it is important to know the difference between psilocybin and psilocin, the substances partly responsible for the psychedelic experience. The following is an overview of the main characteristics of psilocybin and psilocin.

When you eat magic mushrooms or truffles, the psilocybin is converted to psilocin in the body and that is how the substance becomes active. 

Psilocin is a volatile substance. When you bruise mushrooms, a blue color is released: this is the psilocin that breaks down when it comes in contact with oxygen, turning it blue. 

However, psilocybin remains very stable after exposure to oxygen. More psilocybin than psilocin is present in magic mushrooms.

How does the Miraculex Psilocybin Test Kit work?

Are you curious about how much psilocybin is present in your shrooms or magic truffles? Simply buy Miraculex Psilocybin Test Kit and quickly and easily analyze the concentration of psilocybin. 

The Miraculix Psilocybin Test Kit was created to give psychonauts a professional tool to test psilocybin concentration in a simple and quick way. You don't need to have a scientific background yourself to use this Psilocybin Test Kit by yourself. 

psilocybin test kit

Through a simple system that consists of only two steps, you will have the result of the result in front of you in no time. Miraculix has made sure to simplify a fairly complex procedure so that anyone can work with this test kit.

Not only does the test show whether active substance-in this case psilocybin-is present in the product, but also its concentration. 

In just 30 minutes you already have results from the psilocybin test kit, using a small amount of material, 150 mg is enough to perform an accurate test. 

Contents Miraculix Psilocybin Test Kit

What all do you get when you decide to purchase a Miraculix Psilocybin Test Kit? Below is an overview of the contents:

  •     Protective gloves
  •     Plastic extraction container with extraction liquid and screw cap
  •     Glass bottle with detection solution
  •     1 ml syringe
  •     Sterifilt (filter for extraction)
  •     Blunt cannula/needle
  •     Instructions with evaluation scale

Step-by-step plan to test mushrooms and truffles for psilocybin concentration yourself

To test your own magic mushrooms and magic truffles for the concentration of psilocybin you only need to perform a few simple actions. 

  • Step 1: Crush your dried material and mix it well. This will give you a homogeneous result so you can test better. You can crush your material using a coffee grinder, for example.
  • Step 2: Add the crushed material to the extraction solution provided. 
  • Step 3: Detect the amount of psilocybin by adding the extraction solution to the detection solution provided. This will allow you to measure the concentration of psilocybin.
  • Step 4: Give the test time to develop colors and then easily read the results using the evaluation scale.

Order online in our Sirius webshop everything to test your magic mushrooms and truffles

Sirius' webshop is expanding more with useful and innovative tools for psychonauts. 


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