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Valentine's Day: celebrate Love with Sirius
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In this blog item Romance and LoveCelebrate Love with SiriusSensuality with aphrodisiacs

Valentine's Day: celebrate Love with Sirius

Wonderful, love! And exhausting. Especially in the beginning. Your life is completely turned upside down and everything is different. You experience emotions you have never felt before. Your ability to concentrate is out the window, and every time your thought pattern ends up at the subject that makes you flutter out of bed in the morning.

Romance and Love

Personally, I do have an interest in topics such as the difference between 'falling in love' and 'love'. Especially since I'm in love myself and feel how the butterflies may have slowed down over time with a more thoughtful swish of their wings. Puppy love is giving way to more depth. I still have my rose-colored glasses on though! 

When I read certain scientific articles, I am sometimes shocked by the cold picture that is painted: falling in love only serves to bring two individuals close together, through which they find the intimacy to make children and thus guarantee the progress of the species. All right, there will certainly be a grain of dry truth in this, but to a romantic-spiritual soul, there is much more to it than that. 

Nothing like seeing an old couple who have come to love each other still (or even more) after all these years. Whether it's still infatuation or love is just a choice of words that may not matter much in the end. As long as they care for each other and help each other grow and flourish. Giving and taking. Giving each other attention and freedom.

I know I have a lot to learn about "love" and that it is also hard work. The path of self-development requires space and freedom to explore. Because I love someone I want to share this, through trial and error. 

I myself do not really need a Valentine's Day to make it clear that Cupid has hit me full in the heart. On the other hand: why not? A day where you can give each other a little more special attention, an exciting gift, a candid letter or a love ceremony. I also want to emphasize that giving and receiving love goes far beyond two lovers. 

Valentijnsdag chocolade producten

What is love?

Love in its broadest sense is everything. It may sound radical or a bit cheesy but to me the whole universe is made up of love. I didn't come up with this idea myself by the way, but I think it became most clear to me during travels with psychedelics. When I tripped for the first time in my life I became aware of the matter of the universe. Although it cannot be put into words, I think the closest thing to that feeling is the word "love. 

Mooji, a spiritual speaker talks in a soft voice about the word love and its meaning. This love is a gigantic force that brings everything to manifestation. In my personal search I always fall back on the fact that the answer to every question is 'love'. It is the driving force that helps us grow. 

In terms of relationships, love is also the glue that binds. Not only between a couple (or trio or whatever relationship you have), but also between family, friends and yourself. It is much easier to love someone else when you also love yourself. Whether you're in love or not, in a relationship or single, make Valentine's Day (and every day that follows) a space to love yourself and flood yourself with the power of Love. Spread Love and Light!

Celebrate Love with Sirius

There are, of course, plenty of ways to celebrate love, and most of all it starts with opening your heart. Would you like to make February 14 an extra loving day? Here are some ideas I would like to share to celebrate life and feel and keep reminding yourself of the love from each other, from the universe and from yourself.

A trip with San Pedro

I probably don't need to tell you that psychedelics are keys to letting love flow. Tripping with a loved one or/and with yourself grants you the opportunity to make a deep connection and experience that all is one. As author Michael Pollan puts it in his book "How To Change Your Mind": statements about the effects of psychedelics often succumb to the inadequacy of words and have a certain flatness in them that wouldn't look wrong on a Hallmark card. The experience, however, is an entirely different story. 

San Pedro, also called the "Grandfather" (where Ayahuasca is the "Grandmother") is considered a very loving cactus with a more masculine energy. 

Preparing San Pedro requires some time and energy, so it can serve perfectly as a ritual for Valentine's Day. Start early in the morning so that you can spend the rest of the day on the trip. 

Sensuality with aphrodisiacs

In the assortment of Sirius you will find several plants that have a sensual effect and fit perfectly into a day when you want to give extra attention to love. These plants have been used for thousands of years by humans to increase the pleasure they experience with each other. 

Valentijnsdag kruiden

Damiana (Turnera diffusa)

Sex and damiana go very well together, for both men and women. Research has shown that damiana can help enhance orgasm. There are plenty of experience stories where Damiana is described as sensual, relaxing and as enhancing sexual performance.

This deliciously aromatic plant is suitable for smoking, whether or not in combination with cannabis, or for use as a tea. In Mexico it has the status of an aphrodisiac and sexually stimulating herb. Furthermore, Damiana has a positive influence on mood and can help you sleep soundly. 

Muira puama 

Muira puama, also known as 'potency wood', is a plant whose roots are mainly used to make a sexual medicine. It originates in the rainforest and has been used here for many years as a means of increasing sexual performance. Muira puama is used as an aphrodisiac and as a medicine to treat impotence. In terms of effects, Muira puama makes the skin more sensitive and improves blood flow. Also, Muira puama has a reputation for helping men who have trouble getting an erection. Research shows that the plant not only acts as an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant, but can be beneficial in other areas as well. Muira puama has a positive influence on brain functions, especially in improving memory. Lowering stress is also said to be attributed to this aphrodisiac. 

Erotic and relaxing Catuaba

As the third aphrodisiac, I would like to talk about Catuaba. Again, originating from the Amazon forest. Catuaba is a word in Guarani and means "what gives strength to an Indian. Catuaba is often thought to come from a single tree, but in reality this aphrodisiac is made from several species, including Erythroxylum vaccinifolium. Catuaba consists of the bark of these tree species that originate from Brazil. A decoction is made from this bark. It is traditionally drunk here as a love potion before diving into bed. In traditional medicine in Brazil, Catuaba is also used as a medicine to stimulate the central nervous system. Its relaxing effects are thought to help people with depression or ADHD, for example. 

Research shows that Catuaba contains a number of alkaloids, so-called catuabins. These substances work in a similar way to how certain drugs do their work that affect the central nervous system and are used in treatment for people who are depressed or have an addiction, for example. Several animal studies show that Catuaba has a calming effect and antidepressant properties. (Bonassoli, V.T. et al, 2012).

Chocolate, women and sex

Does eating a piece of chocolate make you feel more like sex? And do women really like chocolate more than men? When I look around I see men enjoying cocoa with great pleasure just as much as women, so I think it's safe to say that people in general love chocolate. As a woman, I find that my craving for chocolate grows when I have my period. Reasons for this would be that serotonin levels drop around this time (hence women are indeed more prone to a bad mood) and cocoa helps it rise again. So, in other words: chocolate makes you happy! But only a small piece (per day) and preferably as pure as possible. 

Eating chocolate is a lot less attractive to me if I know that the cocoa was obtained in an unethical way. Fortunately, there are more and more companies that have their heart in the right place and choose sustainable, fair-trade cocoa.

And if you want to make it really sensual, you should choose chocolate supplemented with aphrodisiacs! Chocolate Love does this in a clever way by adding aphrodisiacs to chocolate. A treat for both woman and man. 

Chocolate Love chocolaatjes   Harem Power chocolaatjes voor mannen

Harem power for men

There are also interesting chocolates for men. Harem Power contains natural ingredients from around the world, brought together in a blend that causes them to improve blood flow towards the genitals. A 600+ year old Ottoman harem secret!

Whether chocolate and sex have a clear link is not scientifically proven. Nevertheless, for many there is a mental link between eating this delicacy and eroticism. Happy Valentine's Day!


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