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From Skin Oil to Lip Balm: all Skin Care Products with CBD listed
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In this blog item CBD lip balm for soft lipsCBD skin creamCBD Skin Ointment Extra StrongCBD skin oilCBD SoapCBD MaskCBD Foot CreamCBD Muscle BalmCBD Skin Serum CBD Dragons Balm Muscle BalmDo you already use CBD oil?Skin care with hemp: what are the benefits?Soothing for the skinMild and neutral scents Easy to applyCBD skin care for menOrder skin care product with CBD onlineCombine a CBD skin care product with CBD oil or CBD capsules

From Skin Oil to Lip Balm: all Skin Care Products with CBD listed

Lathering your body with a nice cream or gentle oil is an indulgence you can treat yourself with. Go for natural skin care products with CBD oil and feel the power of the hemp plant. Especially for sensitive skin types, CBD is an excellent skin care product. The following is an overview of the different skin care products with CBD for sale at Sirius. 

CBD lip balm for soft lips

Did you know that many types of lip balm don't work very well at all and can even worsen dry lips? Especially lip balm with certain additives such as fragrances and even flavors. 

The lip balm with CBD from Jacob Hooy is very neutral and makes your lips nice and soft again. Just as soft as the prices at Sirius' CBD Shop!

CBD skin cream

In the assortment of Sirius you will find different kinds of CBD skin cream suitable for all skin types. Especially for people with sensitive skin, CBD skin cream is a very welcome skin care product

CBD is known as a substance with calming properties. CBD also helps the body become more balanced. This happens both inside and out. Do you suffer from blemishes in your skin, spots or pimples? A CBD skin care product can help with this. 

CBD Skin Ointment Extra Strong

In addition to CBD oil, the Cibiday brand also has several CBD skin care products in its range. Cibiday only uses the best quality hemp plants for its CBD products. 

For CBD Skin Cream Extra Strong only the best hemp plants are grown. As with all CBD products, the THC content is minimal, so getting stoned or high from a CBD product is not possible. All CBD products from Cibiday are strictly controlled and meet all EU requirements. 

The rich skin ointment with CBD is neutral in smell and penetrates deep into the skin. An extra nurturing skin ointment with CBD. This is extra suitable for sensitive skin and brings an extra nurturing and protective layer on the skin. 

CBD skin oil

In addition to CBD skin cream, CBD skin oil is also a nurturing product for the skin that helps it shine. Jacob Hooy's CBD skin oil nourishes the skin and applies a protective layer. CBD skin oil is suitable for both youthful pimples, and mature skin. 

Do you suffer from dry skin? Then it is definitely recommended to rub dry areas regularly with CBD skin oil. 

CBD Soap

A great way to take care of your skin and keep it hygienic is, of course, by cleaning yourself with high-quality soap. Preferably use a soap as natural as possible, because many strong smelling and more 'synthetic' soaps are actually bad for the skin. Soap with CBD can soothe the skin and gives a nice mild scent. 

CBD Mask

A CBD mask with vitamin E and vitamin A for cell renewal and healthy, fit skin. These two vitamins strengthen the skin, make it glow again and give extra protection against free radicals. 

The ingredient CBD shines in this CBD mask and provides an extra relaxing and balancing effect on the skin. In addition to CBD, nourishing clay is also a valuable ingredient and helps the body to eliminate impurities. Essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender help the body relax and provide a wonderful natural scent. 

Jacob Hooy's CBD mask contains natural ingredients and does not contain any additional fragrances. 

CBD Foot Cream

Take care of your feet with a special CBD product developed by Jacob Hooy. Helps your feet relax after a long day and helps the skin to stay in optimal condition. 

Your feet have to endure a lot: sometimes in too narrow shoes, heels or thick sneakers: it is important to give your feet air by walking barefoot as much as possible. 

In addition, a foot cream containing CBD is a suitable way to care for your feet. For example, this cream contains vitamin E and thus helps to restore the moisture balance of your feet. 

CBD foot cream is applied when you relax on the couch or before you go to sleep. 

This cream with CBD gives a refreshing result and helps to soothe and take care of your feet. 

CBD Muscle Balm

A CBD skin care product with a deeply relaxing effect: suitable for athletes and people who suffer from painful muscles. 

To help the body recover from a heavy physical effort, and reduce pain in joints and muscles, using a CBD muscle balm is a suitable way to bring relief to this. 

CBD Skin Serum 

A natural and vegan skin care product. CBD skin serum is a way to nourish the skin and reduce fine lines. For just $14.99, you have a natural and healthy CBD skin care product that helps keep skin young, fresh and elastic. 

CBD skin serum contains several essential oils including lavender and eucalyptus. These fragrant herbs have beneficial effects on the skin. For example, lavender is known as a wonderfully fragrant and very relaxing herb. 

CBD Dragons Balm Muscle Balm

As an alternative to the more neutral CBD muscle balm, there is also the powerful CBD Dragons Balm muscle balm of Performance line of Jacob Hooy. Specially developed by and for athletes.

CBD Dragons Balm muscle balm helps with circulation and supports the body during heavy physical exertion. 

Do you like to be active and test how far your body can go? People who are active in sports sometimes ask the utmost of their body. Fortunately, there are products to help your muscles recover such as this muscle balm with CBD, for sale at Sirius. 

This muscle balm with CBD is ideal for sore muscles, to help repair an injury and to support your body after a hard workout. 

Do you already use CBD oil?

More and more people are choosing to get CBD in the house as an aid to various ailments. Meanwhile, CBD oil in the form of drops or capsules, are already very well known among the public. 

The necessary benefits are associated with taking a CBD supplement including the possibility of finding more peace (both physically and mentally), balancing your body through homeostasis, solving sleep problems and relieving all kinds of pain symptoms. 

The list of possible benefits of a CBD supplement such as CBD drops or CBD capsules is even longer. Dive into our encyclopedia or read more blogs about the benefits and effects of CBD. 

Skin care with hemp: what are the benefits?

You can use CBD not only orally, but also externally. For example, there are several CBD skin care products that care for the skin and contribute to a healthy and relaxed body. What are the benefits of CBD skin care products?

Soothing for the skin

CBD is known to have many different beneficial properties for the body. CBD could help calm the body and is therefore widely used as a natural sedative or sleep-promoting agent in the form of CBD drops or CBD capsules. 

But did you know that CBD can also have a calming effect externally? During stressed moments, many people suffer from pimples, rashes or red spots on the skin. To help soothe the skin, CBD can play a perfect role. Therefore, choose a skin care product with CBD.

Mild and neutral scents 

All CBD skin care products have a very mild to neutral scent. This makes them suitable for everyone and especially for people who do not like intensely scented skin care products, such as strawberry scented lip balm. 

Easy to apply

The CBD skin care products are easy to spread and absorb quickly into the skin. The skin oil, lip balm and CBD skin serum are all very easy to apply and soak into the skin quickly. 

CBD skin care for men

CBD skin care products are also very suitable for men. All care products of Jacob Hooy are suitable for both women and men. The mild and neutral scents make it possible to obtain a unisex skin care product that is suitable for both women and men. 

Order skin care product with CBD online

At Sirius Smartshop, you can get all your CBD products, from CBD oil to CBD capsules, as well as CBD skin care products such as CBD skin serum, CBD face mask, CBD skin oil, and CBD lip balm. The options for working with CBD are endless. 

Order your favorite CBD skin care product quickly and easily at Sirius' online smart shop. 

Combine a CBD skin care product with CBD oil or CBD capsules

If you want to feel the effects of CBD inside and out, combine a CBD oil or CBD capsules with a CBD skin care product like CBD lip balm.

If you want to go all the way, order CBD tea right away too, to completely unwind in the evening. 


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