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Which cannabis seeds do I choose?
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In this blog item Which cannabis seeds do I choose?Sativa or indica?FeminizedAutoflowersRegular

Which cannabis seeds do I choose?

If you've never grown weed before, it's smart to read in and gather information to ensure the success of your first harvest. Of course you'll find lots of tips & tricks on the internet, but a good cannabis growing book is definitely recommended, because you'll have all the necessary information at hand.

For indoor and outdoor growers, The Organic Grow Book is a pretty thick pill that clearly explains how to get a better idea of what your green girlfriend likes best. Below are a number of important things you can keep in mind as an outdoor cannabis grower when you want to start your own growing adventure.

Sirius' range of cannabis seeds is extensive, and certainly for doubters it can be difficult to cut through knots. Below these seeds are divided into different categories, making it a little easier to know what you want.

Which cannabis seeds do I choose?

For the cultivation of cannabis on Dutch and Belgian (and surrounding) soil, the climate has to be taken into account. Some cannabis strains like a lot of warm sunshine and have a long growth phase. This means that your plants only start flowering late and are sometimes not ready for harvest until the end of October. When it is rainy and windy autumn weather at that time, your plants will not have such a happy ending and your harvest is doomed to fail. The Dutch love weed and have, through a lot of experience, discovered varieties that are suitable for this climate.

Sativa or indica?

In general you can say that many sativas go through a longer cycle and are often more sensitive than robust, compact Indicas. Nowadays, cannabis plants are always a mix between indica and sativa. When this percentage fluctuates somewhere in the middle, it is called a hybrid. As an advantage you have combined the properties of both in one plant.

Cannabis sativa can grow up to 3.5 metres high, and has slender, long leaves. These are usually light green. The buds are long-formed and turn reddish in a warm climate when they mature. In colder climates (such as the Netherlands), they can turn light purple. In general it can be said that sativas cause a more mental, energetic high.

A suitable sativa-dominant plant for the novice outdoor grower is Haze Berry Auto, a sweet-smelling and fruity tasting variety. This strain is ideal for daytime use.

Cannabis indica is widely grown in the Middle East, India and Central Asia (Afghanistan, Kashmir and Pakistan). Indica stays shorter and more compact, usually between 1 and 1.8 meters high. The leaves have short, broad fingers. Usually they are dark green in colour. Indica's generally have a strong smell and the smoke inhaled is thick.
Hash is originally made from indica. Indica generally produces a relaxed, stoned effect.

Do you need a strong relaxing effect, for example to sleep better or to take away pain? Super Bud Auto from Green House Seed Co. Is a very good choice, with 80% indica this is a very nice strain for the evening on the couch.

Cannabis ruderalis is seen as a third cannabis variety found in the wild in Russia, Poland and other Eastern European countries. This class is used to create autoflowers. Ruderalis is strong, remains small and can withstand cold and unpredictable weather conditions. They have a lower THC content than sativas and indicas.


For the novice grower it is a celebration that there are so many different feminized cannabis seeds. Growing cannabis used to be a bit more complicated: the seeds you had could be either male or female; the males had to be identified as soon as possible before the plants started to get ready to reproduce and they pollinated the female plants. This way you get weed full of seeds, which is not really nice smoking or vaporizing.
With feminized cannabis seeds, you can be sure that there are no males among them (normally! It remains mother nature, so a lot is possible. So keep a close eye on your plants at all times).


Autoflowers are plants that develop very quickly. Autoflower means that it automatically starts flowering. Normal cannabis plants only start flowering when the number of light hours changes. As the days get shorter and there are fewer light hours, the plant knows it's time to produce its buds. Of course, autoflowering seeds are also feminized.
Autoflowers are very suitable for novice growers. The downside is their lower yield, but on the other hand you can harvest faster indoors and safe from wet autumn weather, in which rot and the like can develop faster and you can eventually throw away your entire batch.

Critical+ Autoflower from Growers Choice is a weed plant that can protect itself well against pests and fungus.  In only 10 weeks she is ready to grow from sprouted seed.


So most growers go for feminized cannabis seeds, because it's a lot easier and safer to grow. Regular seeds (seeds that can be either male or female) are mainly used for experienced growers who want to create their own strains. For a rookie this doesn't really apply yet.

What do you prefer?

So ask yourself what you like to use and what kind of cannabis user you are: would you like to bake the most delicious cannabis biscuits with a high CBD percentage? Or do you go for a sativa with a creative, mental high
Are you someone who likes to smoke a relaxing indica joint at night?  


Did you enjoy reading this article and do you like to write yourself? We are always looking for people who share our passion for natural products, who can also translate this into great texts. And we have an interesting reward for this. View all information for writers.

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