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Celebrate 420 with Sirius Cannabis Discount!
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In this blog item Get more out of your weed!What does 420 mean?The true story about 420Discount on 420

Celebrate 420 with Sirius Cannabis Discount!

Do you see yourself as someone who likes to smoke the occasional joint? Do you like to be really super high, or do you prefer a mild relaxation?  Do you ever go to the coffee shop and get an ounce of Amnesia or a relaxing CBD? Do you grow your plants yourself

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420 discount

I see myself as someone who uses cannabis when the time is right. With this I mean I want to make it a special moment. When I use cannabis I prefer the term 'smoking a Peace Pipe'. I think it's appropriate to make it like a ceremony, among friends, or completely with myself.  The times of daily use, from early morning till late at night, is over. That didn't make me happy. The medicine turned into a poison for me.

When I was still at school, the ritual was very simple: a long, unbleached paper + tip (usually from RAW), a dot of Pueblo and hand-crumbled weed tops. I didn't really care where that weed came from, as long as it got me high. I took a lighter and there I went.

Get more out of your weed!

Since I've been working at Sirius, and deepened my knowledge of cannabis, it has become clear to me that you can get a lot more out of your cannabis experience, making it even tastier, finer and more refined! Besides, your body thanks you for it. Since I started using cannabis as a medicine again, the high I experience is super clear and I need much less material, to be satisfied for a long time. 

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If you want to upgrade your cannabis use as well, here are a few tips that have helped me in the process:

  1. Less is more: as soon as you're no longer thoughtlessly consuming, you consciously think about every puff you take. By not using tobacco anymore, the desire for nicotine suddenly disappears as well. This influenced my weed consumption enormously. 
  2. Invest in a vaporizer: okay, the step from the joint-turn ritual to the Crafty from Storz and Bickel was big. It took some getting used to. Only after a few vape sessions I started to get the hang of it. Such an aromatic sensation, where you can distinguish terpenes and cannabinoids much better from each other. No dirty, burnt aftertaste that made no one want to kiss you anymore.
  3. If I still have a strong desire for the authentic feeling of smoking, I roll a pure joint, or use a wooden pipe. I never use tobacco again! 
  4. Take a grinder that is durable and cuts through butter like a knife. That way you will have finely ground weed tops in no time.
  5. Know the difference between organic outdoor weed and commercially grown indoor weed. Not that you can't get any delicious varieties in a coffee shop, but in my opinion nothing beats freshly harvested, sun-drenched marijuana buds that you've given so much love and attention to. Nothing beats home-grown cannabis.
  6. By using organic grow food, you get extra strong plants that will only contain beneficial substances as end product and no nasty pesticide residues. 

What does 420 mean?

April 20th is approaching, and of course that will be a day when I will pull out my treasure chest with all my weed supplies. This day is all about marijuana. A lovely spring day on which weed lovers can consume their favorite herb to their heart's content. I have to admit that as a stoner I am aware of 4.20, but didn't know exactly what this stands for. 

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The internet seems to be full of legends and theories about 420, all inventive. For example, someone has calculated that 12 X 35 = 420. These are the numbers that appear in the title of a song by Bob Marley: Rainy Day Woman no. 12 and 35. Now it is a coincidence that in this song he pleads for being stoned en masse. In terms of vision this certainly fits with this special weed-day, but apparently it's not true history after all. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. Could there be a connection to that? Apparently it's somewhere else (fortunately, because that would be very strange). Also the theory that 420 is the number of active ingredients in cannabis, turns out to be outdated (this is 315). It is also not true that 420 was the police code to indicate cannabis crime.

The true story about 420

So what does 420 mean? The term originated in the USA. The inventors started using it in California in the seventies. They were average high school students who liked weed. One day they wanted to look for a few neglected plants that, according to a certain source, had to be found somewhere. The friends agreed to start this search at 4.20 am. Before they started, they smoked a joint together. Eventually they didn't find those mysterious abandoned marijuana plants at all, even after weeks of searching. The only thing they got out of it was a code word, to be able to communicate about weed near their parents.

This story is a little less exciting than its counterparts, but apparently the truth. The reason 420 became a household name in the cannabis world is due to the fact that the brother of one of these students was a good friend of the bass guitarist of The Grateful Dead, a psychedelic rock band that exerted a lot of influence on the culture of that time. In this way the term 420 was shared with the musicians, who soon spread it themselves during their shows. 

Now, 4.20 (the American way of indicating April 20) is the day of public enjoyment of cannabis. Step by step we are approaching a world in which Mary Jane deserves her true status back. Hopefully it won't be long before her use is decriminalized worldwide. In this way, every citizen will be able to enjoy self-grown outdoor weed.

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Discount on 420

To celebrate this special event Sirius will give you a 20% discount on all items in our Seedshop, Growshop, Headshop and Vaporizershop. Please note: this promotion is only valid on the 20th of April from 00:00h till 23:59h!

420 cannabis discount


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