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Germinating Cannabis Seeds: a quick start

Posted: 10-03-2019 | Written by: Elena Sirius

Everything your cannabis seeds need to become strong!
When you have purchased your seeds and want to germinate, it is very important that you create the optimal environment to make your plants strong.
A germinating seed should be treated with care.
Heat, light and a good soil are the key elements for a good start.

Everything your cannabis seeds need to become strong!

When it's still too cold outside, but your fingers are itchy, there's good news! You can start earlier in spring, provided you create the right conditions. An extra advantage is that your plants are already bigger when you put them outside, which makes them stronger and better able to defend themselves than when they are still fragile.

The secret we share with you today is the heat mat. Not only is it a widely used product in mushroom cultivation, you can also use it to give your young shoots the right temperature.
You can start growing early in spring, which gives you an advantage and you can put them outside as soon as the weather conditions are favourable. In combination with Spongepot, you have everything you need to get a beautiful harvest.

What do you need?

Steps to take

  1. To start with, take one litre of water with a temperature of around 25 degrees. Add the Bacto and mix it well
  2. Mix one litre of water (water temperature: 25 degrees Celsius) with the Bacto.
  3. Put the Spongepots in the propagator and moisten them with the bacto solution. It is important that the Spongepots remain moist but not soaking wet. Therefore, check them regularly.
  4. Pierce each Spongepot with a hole (5 to 10mm deep).
  5. Place one seed in each Spongepot. Most seeds germinate after a few days to a week.
  6. Insert the heating mat into the socket and place the propagator on the mat.

Germinating with Spongepot

This method guarantees a good humidity and optimal temperature. Young cannabis plants thrive best when the temperature is constant, usually around 25 degrees Celius.
It is important that your plants get enough light, so a grow light bulb is certainly useful to keep to an 18-6 hours light schedule.
Normally you can start planting outdoors around May. Repotting with Spongepot is very easy, because they don't fall apart and keep the root structure intact. Thanks to the formula of coconut and peat, the airy structure is created. This is the ideal base and allows the important microorganisms in the soil to do their work. The most important thing is to make as organic a start as possible, so that you get pure plants. The use of only natural products guarantees a pure cannabis plant, which you can enjoy and gain potential health benefits from.

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