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PsiloQ Test Kit Review – Test the Potency of your Magic Mushrooms
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In this blog item Psychedelics & more Step by Step Guide for using the PsiloQ Test Kit Dosing Psilocybin Safer Use and Harm ReductionSirius SmartshopSources

PsiloQ Test Kit Review – Test the Potency of your Magic Mushrooms

Did you ever ask yourself: "How much psilocybin is exactly contained in my magic mushrooms / truffles?" Until now, there was no way for you to answer that question, but this is about to change! Recently, our assortment of natural psychoactive products and all accessories around them got expanded by the new PSILO-Q Test kit.

Developed at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena by Dr. Felix Blei, it allows precise testing of psilocybin concentrations in mushrooms, sclerotia (truffles) and extracts. Thereby, you can accurately measure the strength and potency of your sample, providing you maximum information for the correct dosing and safer use! In this Blog I will explain why you should, and how you can use the new PsiloQ Test Kit.

Psychedelics & more 

psilocybine testkit

Here at Sirius, we sell mainly two different kinds of psilocybin containing products: magic truffles and magic mushrooms growkits (with which you can cultivate your very own psychoactive mushrooms!). These products are both completely natural and free from harmful chemicals or any other additional substances.

This makes them healthier and safer compared to other (illegal, mostly chemical) psychoactive substances like LSD, MDMA or 2-CB. The only downside of natural drugs is, that the concentration of the psychoactive ingredient can fluctuate more than in a chemical substance, in which it is usually always the same.

The reason for that is that every natural product, whether mushrooms or sclerotia, is a unique gift from mother nature. Concentrations of active substances can therefore vary between different exemplars of the same species, or even within the same species! The fluctuations are not very drastic, and usually, the approximation of psilocybin per gram are accurate enough to differentiate between low and high doses. However, if you ever asked yourself, just how much psilocybin is exactly contained in your sample, you had no option to test it.

Luckily, this is now about to change: The PSILO-Q Test, developed by the genius Dr. Felix Blei at the Friedrich Schiller University provides everyone with the ability to precisely determine the amount of psilocybin in magic mushrooms, magic truffles or extracts of any kind. This is a modern solution for a problem that has not been addressed for years. The accuracy of the test kit has been evidenced in a series of studies, all supporting its validity and reliability.

The PSILO-Q test kit is exclusively available at, and you now have to chance to experience it’s magic yourself. If you want to learn just how to use it, how much psilocybin actually is contained in magic mushrooms, and also which amount of psilocybin is right for you, then keep on reading:

Step by Step Guide for using the PsiloQ Test Kit 

psilocybin concentration test

The Psilo-Q Tests includes multiple gadgets, each of major importance: When ordering it at Sirius, you’ll receive protective gloves; plastic extraction vial with screw cap; glass vial with close lid and septum; 1ml syringe; blunt cannula; and a syringe filter (sterifilt). 

When using the Psilo-Q Test Kit, you will be following four main steps:

1. Preparation

What is really important before you start testing, is that you work in a clean and sterile environment, to avoid any risk of contamination. Therefore, we recommend you to wear appropriate clothing and use the test kit in an appropriate environment. If you are ready, you take around 150mg of the material you want to test, crush it, and mix it well (For extracts use an amount that is equivalent to 150mg of mushroom material!). 

IMPORTANT: Never use boiling water for your mushrooms/extracts because it can dissolve the psilocybin!

2. Extraction

Put the crushed mushroom material or extract in the opened extraction vial using the folded base, close it well, and shake it for 10 seconds. After that, you will wait 10 minutes, and shake it again. Repeat that process around 2 times.

Then you will put the sterifilt on the syringe and draw 1ml of the liquid out of the extraction vial. Pull the syringe plunger completely open and hold it, so that the created pressure slowly fills your syringe with liquid. When this is done, you can remove the sterifilt from the syringe, unpack the cannula and put it on the syringe.

Lastly for this step, you piece the septum of the glass vial with the needle and inject the entire liquid from the syringe into it. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure the syringe is not directly exposed to the liquid in the glass vail. Completely fill the empty syringe with air, this prevents overpressure and splashing of liquids. 

3. Detection

Put the glass vessel with the detection solution into warm water. Be careful that it is not to hot, as it will dissolve the psilocybin. Wait for 15 minutes for the vessel to change color.

4. Evaluation

After the solution has changed its color to beige/brown, you can compare it to the evaluation scale to determine the approximate psilocybin content in milligrams of your sample.

You can multiply this value up to your remaining amount of mushrooms to receive the exact concentration of psilocybin (Example: 3mg psilocybin in 150 mg mushrooms x 10 = 30mg psilocybin in 1,5 g mushrooms)


psiloq testkit


Dosing Psilocybin 

You can find differences in recommended dosages for psilocybin (containing mushrooms or sclerotia) all over the Internet.

For dried magic mushrooms, a dose of 0.5-1.5 grams is considered low but efficient, 1.5-2 grams as a mild but intense trip, and 3-5 grams as a very high dose suited only for experienced psychonauts.

For sclerotia, the same categories apply to 7.5- 10 grams, 10-15 grams, and >15grams, respectively. From this categorization you can estimate that 1 gram of sclerotia corresponds to 0.1 grams of dry mushrooms (ATTENTION: The are just estimates! In addition to the dose, there are several other factors, like set and setting, that determine the intensity of your trip!). 

On average, magic mushrooms contain not quite 1% psilocybin when dried. This means that for 1 gram of dried mushrooms should contain 10 miligrams of psilocybin. BUT: these concentrations can fluctuate in natural products!

That is where the PsiloQ Test kit comes into play. After measuring the amount of psilocybin of your sample, you can plan your trip more carefully because you are more sure about the psilocybin concentration.

10 mg of psilocybin can be considered to be a mild dose, suitable for beginners. Scientists and researchers have used 25 mg of psilocybin for therapeutic sessions. Everything above 35 mg will most likely induce strong alterations in consciousness and perception, as well as mystical experiences. Please always make sure that before you take anything, you are well informed about possible risks and side effects, and always try to test your drugs!

Safer Use and Harm Reduction

Nowadays, drugs are more available than ever. If you have decided to experiment with mind-altering substances, then you should do it as safely as possible. The first step is to inform yourself as good as you can: What is the pharmacological mechanism of the drug? What is appropriate dosing? Do I have any medical conditions that could create great risk when ingesting certain drugs?

Check out our encyclopedia to learn more. Next, you should try to get your drugs tested, or even better, just do it yourself. By testing your drugs, you make sure that you take exactly what you want to, and not some harmful chemicals they are laced with. We offer a wide assortment of EZ test kits, which are cheap, accurate in measurement, and easy to use. 

ez testkit

Sirius Smartshop

Here at Sirius, we want to promote safer use and harm reduction. That is the reason why we offer a large assortment of natural and legal smartdrugs, that act in a similar way as popular (party-) drugs, without the negative impact for your health. Additionally, we offer different drug tests that are cheap, efficient, and easy to use. The PsiloQ Test expands our assortment perfectly, and currently, it is not available for purchase anywhere else! If you have any questions regarding the PsiloQ Test kit, our natural products, or anything related, feel free to contact our customer service!


Daws, R. E., Timmermann, C., Giribaldi, B., Sexton, J. D., Wall, M. B., Erritzoe, D., Roseman, L., Nutt, D., & Carhart-Harris, R. (2022). Increased global integration in the brain after psilocybin therapy for depression. Nature Medicine, 28(4), 844–851.



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