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Sirius Bee Rescue Pack! Free flower seed pack with your next online order
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In this blog item About the flowers and the beesThe importance of diversity for our healthChemical pesticides as the biggest cause of mass bee mortalityGet rid of paving stones!Organic flower seeds and natural nutritionKeep your garden diverse and colourfulEnjoy what nature has to offer with the utmost respectPlace your online order at Sirius now and receive art!

Sirius Bee Rescue Pack! Free flower seed pack with your next online order

Sirius is taking action and handing out free organic flower seed packets for all its customers! Place your online order now and receive a beautifully designed seed packet, with a mix of different flowers and enclosed organic food. 

This way you can do your bit to help our good and indispensable friend; the bee. Let's bring more color into this world together. We are convinced that we can create more awareness and support Europe and its bee population with our outreach. Every help is urgently needed. 


Do you also love a nice juicy piece of fresh fruit? Preferably picked directly from the tree or bush of course. To munch on while stoned and chatting with your beloved cannabis plant, or to use in super-healthy smoothies, desserts and other treats. Ever eaten passion fruit during the afterglow of a Magic Truffle trip? Sex in your mouth, I'm telling you.

But do we ever really take a moment to think about how nature's candy is actually made? Does one of those strawberries, or weed tops, grow by themselves? Of course, Mother Nature has developed an ingenious recipe for the growth and flowering of all that we humans get to enjoy. 

About the flowers and the bees

Bees are the most important pollinators of plants; as many as 90% of all crops in our climate depend on them. A bee collects pollen, the sticky sweet stuff that is full of important proteins and vitamins. 

During her gathering journey she flies from flower to flower and fertilizes it, thus allowing a fruit to grow. Very useful in the plant world, where it is impossible to reproduce in any position. 

Tip: To get an even better understanding of how this story of nature is told, look for a nice spot somewhere on a sunny day where you can quietly witness the spectacle of flying pollen collectors, perhaps with your own cultivated flowers in the leading role! 

We also thank the liquid gold of the honey bee. The healing power of honey and propolis is great: it works antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and was already used by humans in ancient Greece as a precious medicine.

If you like honey and propolis, pay close attention to the quality and choose organic. 

The importance of diversity for our health

Other insect species and even the wind are also partly responsible for fertilizing certain crops. But the bee takes the crown here and without it we would be faced with a huge problem. Some examples of this are: a much smaller supply of vegetables and fruit plus a hefty increase in price. Growing crops without the power of the bee is going to cost a lot if it is to work at all. This makes it even more difficult for people to provide themselves (and their children!) with healthy and varied food.

Moreover, all that good stuff is going to look less and less pretty because the bee, with her magic touch, is providing large fruits with a symmetrical shape. 

In beautiful Limburg, the southernmost tip of the Netherlands where I come from, it would be regrettable for many a farmer and consumer to no longer be able to take pride in her many beautiful apple, pear and cherry orchards. 

In the U.S., they are similarly facing major problems with drastically reduced bee populations. Reasons for this are loss of habitat, pesticides and climate change. 

Without bees, crops will have less fruit and many growers will be in big trouble. But wild plants can also produce significantly less, endangering ecosystems that depend on them. As you can see, everything is connected and such a small bee plays a gigantic role on this planet. 

Chemical pesticides as the biggest cause of mass bee mortality

Scientists agree: chemical pesticides are the biggest threat to bee populations. 

The big boys keep spraying agricultural poisons, and industrial agriculture refuses to see that its methods are disastrous. In comparison, Sirius is just a little buzzing bee that, along with all those other little bees and insects, is drowned out by the roar of the giant machines.

Nevertheless, we can reach many people in different countries. We also see that more and more cannabis growers are becoming aware of the harmful impact of chemical pesticides.

Tip: Take a look in Sirius' Growshop and browse through the range of organic plant food. Suitable for cannabis plants, but also ideal for your vegetable garden. Healthy, organic soil full of life and nutrients and plenty of beneficial insects are a win-win for your garden!

Another big problem is the loss of habitat for the bee and other beneficial insects. Man apparently has such a gigantic creative urge, that it seems impossible to temper him in the endless building and demolition. This cultivation of the planet is accompanied by fewer and fewer "uncontrolled" areas. In permaculture this is also called Zone 5: a place in your garden where nothing, or minimal maintenance is done, so that nature can recover and the natural habitat of essential inhabitants of this planet can return. 

Tips to turn your garden into a paradise for bees and other beneficial insects

Get rid of paving stones!

When I was still living in the city, I moved into a house with a few friends. The small front and back yard barely allowed for a blade of grass. It was a sad and grey place. So the first thing we did was to remove as many paving stones as possible. Do the same with yours, if you have the chance! Choose to give the ground you have available fresh air. 

Don't have a garden? Even then it’s possible to make your surroundings more green. I will not recommend you to go and remove paving stones at your neighbors' uninvited. But you can make the environment friendlier by secretly sowing the flower seed of Sirius in an unguarded area or in a park. You can also start a conversation with neighbours, if you dare. Chances are that together you’re strong and can make the place you live much more beautiful and nature-friendly. 

And if you have a balcony, you can also create a little paradise here using flower pots. This way you can make a statement without using words. 

Organic flower seeds and natural nutrition

The bee does not pollinate all our crops for free and for nothing. It is time we do something for her in return. With the Sirius flower seed packets you give bees and other beneficial insects extra food they desperately need in this urbanized and controlled human world. Organic food is included with each seed packet to ensure the plants receive enough important nutrients to flourish. 

The seed packet is suitable for approximately 1 square foot of flowers. This mix contains annual species, which will emerge this year. Also included are seeds of perennial flowers, which you can admire from next year on. 

Each package comes with a small instruction manual in four different languages: English, Dutch, French and German.

Keep your garden diverse and colourful

With different types of flowers you will not only attract bees, but also other insects, such as the ladybug. This sweet creature is your best friend as a natural "pest controller": It is very useful in keeping aphids under control, for example. 

Enjoy what nature has to offer with the utmost respect

Sirius continues to improve itself in offering products that are created with respect for nature. In our newest category, the Healthshop, you will find several products that can help you in promoting good health. The brands we work with take it for granted that they work with organic ingredients. This means that no pesticides or other toxins are used. 

Place your online order at Sirius now and receive art!

This temporary promotion from Sirius is valid while supplies last. Place your online order now and receive a beautifully designed flower seed packet. Artworks with amazing collages are done by artist @paulette_in_t_veld (instagram). Where are you going to plant your seeds? Don't forget to tag @siriussmartshops!


Did you enjoy reading this article and do you like to write yourself? We are always looking for people who share our passion for natural products, who can also translate this into great texts. And we have an interesting reward for this. View all information for writers.

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