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Synthetic or organic nutrition for (cannabis) plants?
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In this blog item Organic Weed CultivationSynthetic Weed CultivationThe choice is yours

Synthetic or organic nutrition for (cannabis) plants?

Like all other living organisms, plants need food, nutrients to grow and flower. As I'm sure you know yourself, your diet plays a big role in how you feel and how you look. You are what you eat. If you are ill, you take care of yourself with extra vitamins, no stress and in serious cases a helping hand to fight the disease in the form of medication.

As a cannabis grower you want to take care of your plants as well as possible. You have certainly weighed up the pros and cons of growing synthetic or organic weed. Maybe it's obvious to you that your method is the best. For those who still have doubts, here is an overview of the important differences.

Organic Weed Cultivation

Healthy soil, healthy plants

Organic, in the case of fertilisers, does not mean the same as organic food you find in the supermarket. Organic in this case means that the ingredients and materials used to feed and care for your plants are of natural origin and do not have a negative impact on the health of humans, animals and nature. The soil will not be exhausted and neither will your plants. Instead, a healthy soil is created in which soil life (fungi, bacteria and small soil animals such as earthworms) flourishes. In this way, the soil can be enriched and becomes richer in minerals and retains water better.

This does not only apply to growing weed. Also when growing vegetables, fruit and herbs, the advantage of using organic food is very great. Meanwhile, there is enough information about the consequences of intensive agriculture using chemical pesticides.

So organic material is used; natural waste. These are dead remnants of plant and animal origin, and excrement, as it is found everywhere in nature. Ingredients and materials made synthetically are not used. A healthy soil also ensures a better root system.

Synthetic Weed Cultivation

However, they do use processed products, which are not so easily broken down by nature. The chemical residues also remain in your plants, which can result in weed that smokes less finely (also called 'rougher' weed). Moreover, the idea is not pleasant that your weed, which can have so many medicinal properties, is nullified by the content of substances that poison you.

But then why do people cultivate with synthetic substances? Because it all goes much faster, of course. In a short period of time your plants absorb a lot of a certain nutrient, which makes them look beautiful much faster. And you have a chance of a higher yield, even though they are weakened plants in the end. It's also better to 'control' your harvest. With the fertilizers you can create the perfect N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) ratio.


Plants need relatively large amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. But what is their role?

Nitrogen (N) is essential and forms the basis. Nitrogen can be found everywhere in the air. Approximately 78% of the atmosphere consists of nitrogen. Nitrogen is indispensable in the production of amino acids, which are the basis for proteins. N also ensures that the leaves of your plant are green (chlorophyll) and photosynthesis can take place. If your plant has yellow leaves, this may be a sign that it is deficient in N.

Phosphorus (P) is also a very important element. It helps the plant to grow and provides it with energy. Phosphorus is very important for good seed formation and ripening.

Potassium (K) provides good fruit, and in the case of cannabis, thick buds. Potassium also helps the plant to become strong so that it can defend itself against diseases, harmful insects and cold.

Biotabs provides the optimal N-P-K values for your cannabis plants.

When grown organically, these macronutrients, along with other essential minerals and trace elements, are available to plants in absorbable form. The nutrients are released slowly, so that the plant does not ingest too much, but can absorb the substances at its own pace. This is in contrast to synthetic food, where the chance of burning (too much food) is higher, because these are directly absorbed by the plant.

The choice is yours

At the end of the day, it's all about having good weed. Isn't it? Preferably in a cheap, effective way. For me, it's obvious that sustainability comes first. By growing organically you make your soil healthier every year and you work with nature instead of against it.

Growing plants on a synthetic basis requires a lot of energy. You have to constantly keep everything under control. What's more, you exhaust the soil and your wallet with it, because you need a lot of pesticides and boosters to make your plants perform. Furthermore you improve the soil for 0% with chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilisers consist of high concentrations of mineral salts that destroy soil life. They inhibit microbiological activity, which is extremely important for maintaining an airy and lively soil. By working your soil with synthetic means, you get dead soil, which is very difficult to hold water and on which almost nothing wants to grow.

If you let nature take its course as much as possible, you'll see that everything can flourish. Insect pests and plant diseases do not take over, everything is in balance. If you disrupt nature too much with chemical processes, the chance for an unhealthy environment grows.

Let nature go its own way and work with her, instead of against her.


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