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Alcohol substitutes: Sirius Smart Drugs
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In this blog item Reasons to drink alcoholPlant Teachers: Ayahuasca and CannabisSirius Smart Drugs Alternatives

Alcohol substitutes: Sirius Smart Drugs

In my previous blog I wrote about the effects of alcohol. I wrote about the first drunk night of my life, the notorious hangover and what you can do to limit the damage as much as possible. Of course, the best tip I can give is: don't drink alcohol! Don't think that I want to sit on the pulpit as a saint; I'll admit right away that I do like a glass myself.

Still, I am only too well aware of the harmfulness of drinking. I am talking mainly about the physical consequences and especially in the short term; the 'day after', when you don't have any liveliness, your body is in a bad condition and has to recover from the lack of fluids, the toxins that have to be broken down and the energy that has to be used to help you get back on your feet. To a large extent this is done by drinking a lot of water, resting well, eating healthy food and, if necessary, seeking the help of health supplements that can provide extra support. The mental consequences of excessive alcohol consumption may also be mentioned: body and mind go hand in hand and the physical impact of alcohol certainly has an effect on the state of mind. Usually on the day of a hangover, I feel rather emotionless, less interested in my surroundings and my motivation to do things is far-fetched. It is harder for me to make decisions, I feel more confused and less able to work on a project. Thanks to corona there are far fewer (large-scale) events where people seize the opportunity to be under the influence of alcohol together. Where I used to be at a party every weekend, Saturday evenings now consist of quiet moments at home. With a regular glass of wine or a (couple of) beers. Regular alcohol consumption makes a huge difference in tolerance. I'm amazed at how 'good' I can handle a few beers when I drink regularly. Why do I actually drink? Because it is tasty? Because I can relax better then? To let go of the day a bit and sleep better? To be able to have fun? 

Reasons to drink alcohol

Do you know the story of the elephant? Three men are blindfolded and each feels a different part of the animal. The first one is holding the tail, the second feels on the side and the last one is holding the trunk. They are asked what they are touching. “It's a piece of rope,” says the first man. "No," says the second, "it's a wall.” The last one thinks he's holding a hose. Although they're all touching the same elephant, their powers of perception are too limited to know. Their answer is their truth, even though reality is very different. Being able to see the big picture is impossible when your perception is too limited. 

With alcohol, it's very easy to create certain beliefs that will make your drinking behaviour right. See for yourself how quickly you can find a reason to drink. With myself, I find plenty of reasons to pour a glass full, especially on a social level and in the name of boredom: 

  • When I drink, I'm self-assured and I feel more courageous
  • I make new friends because all of a sudden I know how to talk to everyone
  • It makes me feel good and makes for a nice evening
  • I get better at telling stories
  • When I'm feeling down, it helps me create a cheerfulness
  • Drinking helps me fall asleep better

All these beliefs make it very difficult to leave the bottle closed. The larger picture is not visible and also becomes even more cloudy due to the spread of certain information. For example, the convictions of alcohol as a social lubricant are substantiated in certain advertisements, films and social norms. When on a Friday evening you see a couple of people in the supermarket paying at the checkout and they each have a crate of beer you soon think: 'Oh, cozy, a party!’ When you arrive at a party and there is no alcohol, this probably causes a strange disappointment, a feeling of not having a pleasant evening. 

Plant Teachers: Ayahuasca and Cannabis

I was at one of those parties the other day. It took place outside, during the day in full sun, and there were mainly people I had never met before. Uncomfortably I joined a group and didn't dare to introduce myself. I caught myself looking around again to see if really nobody was holding a beer. Silently I listened to the others, until someone spoke to me and asked me to introduce myself. Before I knew it, several interesting conversations arose and I didn't think for a moment of booze to loosen my tongue. With hindsight I see a huge difference in conversation quality. In the first place I remember what we were talking about at all. Secondly, I did dare to make new friends, only it went in a completely different, more subtle way, than when two people looked too deep into the glass (and into each other's eyes). It was nice to talk to a man who hadn't drunk a drop of alcohol for twenty years and didn't regret it for a moment. He clearly had a great time and we had an interesting conversation about CBD. He still used this regularly. Like me, he was very busy with health and he saw that plants can teach us a lot. For example, an Ayahuasca experience showed him that alcohol destroyed so much in his life, without him really noticing it. As with the elephant, he only had a piece of reality and it was difficult to see the truth. I recognized myself in what he said and found it very nice to hear that he had listened to Ayahuasca. At this party I only took CBD drops and smoked a little bit of CBD hash. For the rest I drank delicious, thirst-quenching lemonade and turmeric tea. Afterwards I felt good and especially the next morning, I noticed that the social contact had given me a lot of energy, without the side effects of a hangover.

Sirius Smart Drugs Alternatives

I don't want to say that you should just have fun without any substances, even though the sober state is interesting enough! Here are a few tips, which may make it a little easier to leave alcohol behind. 

  • In the first place, tasty non-alcoholic drinks are a very good way to still feel like you have something on your hands, when you're shuffling around in unknown company. Offer your conversation partner a cup of tea or coffee (with CBD) and you can immediately start an interesting conversation about cannabidiol!
  • If you use alcohol as a way to get more excited and energized, take a look at Sirius' energy-giving food supplements. I myself am a big fan of Bionix Brazilian Power (maybe also because I am half Brazilian). When I'm with friends and I feel how I get drowsy but still want to stick, I swallow two capsules with some kombucha, while the rest gets more and more jolly. Bionix Brazilian Power contains a mix of different B vitamins, amino acids and caffeine from Guarana. This makes it easier to keep up with my drunk friends on the dance floor.
  • When you feel that alcohol has too much of a hold on you, it can help to ask nature for help. For me personally, psilocybe mushrooms have been very instructive masters in rehabilitating certain toxic habits. It is very important to formulate this as a clear intention. In this way I can give my trip more guidance and better pick up the lessons from what I'm going through. Maybe it's time for me to ask for advice again and this time be open and honest about alcohol... 
  • It can also make sense to pick up a daily new habit that reminds you of the importance of healthy living and taking good care of mind and body. Daily breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, walking or running or swimming are all good ways to feel good. Feeling good means that you're less likely to resort to quick solutions like alcohol. They are also ways to let your thoughts be more for what they are when you are bored or feel unhappy. 

It may not always be fun to question your use, but sometimes it is the best way to confront yourself with reality. Of course it isn't wrong for everyone to enjoy alcohol in moderation, but I myself am only too well aware that this is much easier said than done. As a society we quickly forget that alcohol is an addictive hard drug with many harmful consequences for both body and mind. Maybe it's sometimes a good thing to be pushed with the nose on the facts. Just as I increasingly realized with smoking that it really isn't cool, alcohol consumption also makes me feel more and more like I might be better off without it completely. 


Did you enjoy reading this article and do you like to write yourself? We are always looking for people who share our passion for natural products, who can also translate this into great texts. And we have an interesting reward for this. View all information for writers.

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