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Salvia: an exploration into the unknown
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In this blog item

Salvia: an exploration into the unknown

At first I thought it wasn’t going to work. Then, the world got foggy and, all of a sudden, I was transported to a different place. First came the smell, then the weight, the sounds, the texture and the sight. Whenever I smoke this plant, the same feeling strucks me. A rough but caring force that simply sweeps you away with no previous warnings. 

I was sitting on my bed and as soons as I finished smoking my body fell on the mattress, where it stayed for the coming 10 minutes. The smell of the ocean inundated my nostrils. My body, which at this point I couldn’t fully recognize, became heavy, big and part of another world. As I breathed I could feel my body expand, as if ripples of its materiality swam across different dimensions. The sound of the air deviating from my body and colliding with other air waves echoed in space. The space was infinit. So was I. At every breath now I could taste the water, feel the salt glued to my skin. As I expanded, the line between my body and the water surrounding it became blurry and before I could realise it I had no body at all. 

I consisted of tiny little water molecules in constant movement, in exchange. My body had a porosity I had never experienced before. Through me, I could feel the movement of the air, of the fish and the sand, of others bodies I could not apprehend. As a mass of many molecules, there was no centre to my ‘self’. Sensations were spread across the space and could be felt instantly and simultaneously. What happened on each extremity was felt as a single or synchronous impulse. Hundreds, if not thousands, of different impulses could be felt at each breath. I was all of it and none of it. 

And then I opened my eyes and saw who I was. As I opened the eyes I saw the mass of water I had become and, as soon as the realisation came, I was not the mass of water anymore. Now, I was a floating body on top of the ocean. In the horizon, nothing but more of itself. As a floating body, I could still feel the water, smell the salt, but I wasn’t part of it anymore. Instead, I hovered across all of it as a separate entity. Not fully part of the ocean but also not fully part of myself. In an inbetween state, I experienced nothingness. The body, if one could even call it that, was space. It was a concentration of nothingness in space. Or perhaps a concentration of emptiness. It was the region in space, where no energy existed. 

As I hovered over the mass that I had once been, I carved a trail of empty space. Behind my back, no oxygen, no light, no matter of any kind. Before my eyes, if one could call those eyes, the infinity of interconnected matter, energy, force. In the inbetween space, I felt the potency of the nothing and the everything. As a body that could not belong to any of it, I experienced the totality of it all. And then it all collapsed. Gravity hit me and I fell back towards the bed, the ocean wrapped around the room and condensed into one tiny little point inside my chest. The density of the world flowed out of my body and, as the molecules of my body and the ocean rearranged, I woke up in the world I had left. 
I came back to the sitting position, around me the friends that had stayed to take care of me. In the background, some soft music playing. ‘How was it?’ They asked, but I could not yet reply. As I tried to get used to my new body, I looked around searching for the atoms that built this new world. But here, those could not easily be seen, or felt. I moved my legs, my arms. Exercised my lungs a little bit. The air seemed denser here than over there, it took me some time to adapt. But eventually I did so and so I stood up. 

A pinch of salvia 10X and a good torch was all it took to access those other dimensions. In fact, any stronger extract of salvia would probably have such intense effects that I would not be able to remember them quite well. I had experimented with salvia before and so I was somewhat prepared for what was to come. Most of my previous experiences had some water elements in it, so it did not surprise me that in this instance the ocean was the protagonist. It was, however, surprising the fact that I had become it. 

Despite knowing that salvia experiences can quite often lead people to experience the life of inanimate objects or that of different beings, that had never happened to me before. As I was already used to the ocean as an element in my journeys, however, becoming it or being part of it seemed only natural at that time. Indeed, I had always compared experiences on salvia as dreams and what I had just lived after this experience only added to that comparison. Just like in a dream, all of a sudden the body was not a border or a shell anymore, but rather a shapeshifting mass. 

Salvia is one of the most potent naturally occurring psychedelics in the world and, as such, it should not be taken lightly. As a somewhat experienced user, every salvia journey is still unique and treated respectfully. Before entering the salvia world, it is fundamental to make sure that you are in a good state of mind and surrounded by people you trust and that can take care of you. Salvia extracts are extremely potent and under no circumstance should a first-timer go for a strong potency extract. Don’t ever take salvia while standing up or around dangerous objects as you may lose control of your body and end up hurting yourself. 

For more information about salvia, take a look at this introduction to the plant. 


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