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What's the best grinder?
In this blog item
In this blog item A grinder made of wood, metal or plasticHow do I clean my grinder?

What's the best grinder?

If you study a grinder well, you can marvel again at the ingenious brain of our species, man. It remains fascinating that we are able to invent and then create non-life-essential tools that make our lives so much easier!

A grinder, also called a crusher, is a device with which you can process weed buds into crumbs. These are then suitable for smoking or vaporizing in your joint, pipe, bong or vaporizer. Grinders come in different shapes and materials. Just like when choosing a new pair of trousers, what you choose depends on your priority. Does it have to be durable or is a flashy colour more important? Is it meant to last many winters, or for single use?

A grinder made of wood, metal or plastic

Wood: Maybe the most beautiful material your grinder can be made of. The naturalness of wood has something soothing and very pleasant to the touch. Whether it is also the most suitable material is the next question. If you care about aesthetics and if you don't use it very intensively, wood is a very good choice. As a gift to a loved one or as an attribute on your altar, a crusher made of wood is certainly suitable.

Metal: Here you will find the grinder that will last the longest. They are a bit more expensive but also give you the best experience and process your weed in a jiffy. 

Aluminium: weighs almost nothing, does not rust and is very strong. Even if you grind it every day, with an aluminium grinder you hardly have to worry about wear and tear.

Plastic: Relatively cheap, but they don't last as long. As an environmentally conscious person, taking a (disposable) plastic grinder is of course not such a good idea. However, it is quite understandable that you don't want to take your most expensive stuff if you go to a festival, should you lose it. With this material you also have a choice of many colors and motifs.

A combination: To combine the best of both worlds you can choose a grinder made of different materials. For example these trippy dome-shaped grinders. A psychedelic print thanks to the plastic and glass, but a higher quality grinder made of metal.

Two-part, three-part or four-part?

A grinder always consists of at least two parts, usually round, that fit together. A three-piece grinder has an extra compartment in which the crushed weed is collected.
If your grinder has a fourth part, then you can consider yourself lucky: this is where the very small crystals, the trichomes, are collected, with which you can turn a very strong THC-joint. 
If you've collected enough of this, you can make hash from it. 

Rastafari, Yin-Yang, Hamsa

The choice is yours, Sirius offers it to you. A grinder in the form of a credit card obviously gives you the advantage that you can easily put it between your cards in your wallet. Here it doesn't stand out and takes up no space. The options of looks are many, so choose one that suits you(r) (spiritual faith). 

Small or large

If you're looking for a solid multi-compartment grinder, yet small enough to easily carry, go for this 4-piece aluminum grinder. It is available in different colours.

Grinding a big amount of weed fast

Do you have a mountain of buds that you want to quickly turn into crumbs to make your cannabis feast run smoothly? The 4-part Crank Grinder has a handle that allows you to quickly process your weed without overloading your wrists. 

How do I clean my grinder?

Cannabis is rich in sticky resin that is difficult to remove. It's a wonderful feeling to polish the chain of your road bike so you can get off again at flying speed. It's no different with a grinder. When it begins to grind stiffly, it is high time to clean it.
Depending on the material of your grinder, you choose a cleaning method that fits best. 
A metal grinder can easily be cleaned with alcohol, for example isoprophyl. You can then rinse it with warm water. 
A wood or plastic grinder should not be cleaned with alcohol. This material is not strong enough for this and can corrode. An alternative is to pick away the resin with a bent paper clip. Possibly you can use soap and water, or a cleaning product without alcohol.
A toothbrush can be used to clean the sieve that collects the Skuff as well as the teeth of the grinder.


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