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Tips for healthy (Cannabis) Plants
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In this blog item The germinationThe locationCultivation materialNutrition for your weed plants

Tips for healthy (Cannabis) Plants

What do you need to start the cannabis growing adventure? Maybe you can reuse some from last year in the garden shed. Otherwise you'll have to go out and collect the supplies.

The germination

It starts at the beginning. Get your plants off to a safe, healthy start. Once you have made your choice of the seeds that suit you best, you can start germinating. You can start indoors, when it is still too cold. After ice saints, from mid-May (or when it is no longer freezing) you can put weed plants outside. The germination process is a crucial moment in which the life of the plant is decided. The sensitive seeds need to be treated with extreme care. They are sensitive to infections, so wash your hands thoroughly before you start working with them. There are different ways in which you can germinate seeds. With the help of Spongepot you can germinate your seeds easily and safely. 

The location

Where are you gonna grow your weed plant? Keep in mind that marijuana plants prefer long and lots of sun. So a south-facing garden is ideal. In any case, choose the sunniest spot available. 

Cultivation material


Earth is most obvious, if it is within your capabilities you can also plant directly into the ground. Certainly if you have your own garden with healthy soil, you have fallen in with your nose in the butter. Scoop up a piece of earth and look at the soil life: do you see the earthworms crawling and is the soil dark and a bit damp? Then you've probably found the perfect growing medium for your cannabis plants. Your sativa-dominant strain can take on monstrous proportions, so beware! 

Give your plants an extra boost with BAC PK Booster!

Soil mix

Maybe you don't have a big garden, and you should do it with a small balcony. Don't worry, even then it is possible to grow beautiful and healthy cannabis plants.
If you are looking for soil for your cannabis plants in a garden centre, keep in mind that you cannot use just any kind of potting soil. 
Choose a potting soil that is airy in structure and retains water well. For a cannabis plant it is very important that there is a correct ratio between air and water in the soil. Too much water causes too little air to enter the soil. If the soil is too dry, you get the opposite problem. With a good growshop you can find a suitable soil mix in which your plant can flourish.

Tip: The bigger the pot, the bigger your plant can get. It is also important to choose between the different growing media. 

Nutrition for your weed plants

These, and more tips can be found in The Organic Grow Book, a beautiful book about gardening in cooperation with nature. You will learn all about creating healthy plants.

Worm manure

What? Yeah, did you know you can easily make your personal plant food factory? 
If you have time, creative fingers and some tiger worms, you can easily create your own food for your plants. For this you need a worm trough and a special kind of dung worms (also called tiger worms). By the way, you can also easily make the worm trough yourself. 

Nettle vulture

Very easy to make yourself, and a good way to give extra nitrogen (N) to your plants. Nettle vulture is also a natural pest repellent. Leave a kilo of nettle in a big bucket of water for two weeks, stir in it every day. It will ferment over time.

Compost tea

Compost tea is food for your plants, made from compost in liquid form. In this way you can make your weed plants strong from home with essential nutrients. It's a bit of work to create it. Here is a simplified step-by-step plan.
First of all, you need good compost with which you can make the tea. For example from compost worms, and digested material from a compost bin (you can also make this yourself). Keep in mind that good compost needs time to digest. Does it take too long? Sirius has in its assortment special PK Booster Compost Tea, a complete mix of among others highly concentrated compost, guano, kelp. Use together with Orgatrex to easily make your own compost tea.

What you need:

  • 2 buckets of 20L
  • Air pump (for aquarium/pond with high capacity)
  • Bruises
  • Air hoses
  • Jute bag (as a tea bag)

For compost tea

  • Chlorine-free water (e.g. rainwater or spring water)

This lets you drink for 24 hours, then you get a dark tea mixture that is very nutritious and should be used quickly.
The most important thing to remember is that cannabis plants are hungry creatures that need to be well nourished to become healthy and strong. Give them as many natural nutrients as possible and stay away from synthetic fertilizers.


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