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1. Phase: Germinating 2. Germinating cannabis seeds directly in the soil3. Germinating cannabis seeds outside the soil (the coffee filter method)4. Life is light5. Pros & cons

Phase: Germinating

A strong Cannabis plant starts with a good start. Therefore, first determine which type of Cannabis you are going to grow, feminized (female plants only), regular (female and male plants) or autoflowering. The place where you will grow. And the properties you would like to have in Cannabis. Sativa or indica properties, a high CBD content or a high THC content for medicinal use. If you are going to grow outside and space is limited, you may want to get an autoflower. Autoflowers have an average life cycle of about three months. About a month after germination, an autoflower will transition to the flowering phase. Regular seed cannabis plants (feminized or regular) will continue to grow with a long light period of sixteen hours and more. The growth phase. With a light period of fourteen hours or less, the plant will switch to the flowering phase. For indoor cultivation, a light schedule of eighteen hours light and six hours dark (18/6) is generally used for the growth phase. And a light schedule of twelve hours light and twelve hours dark (12/12) for the flowering phase. 

Germinating cannabis seeds can be done in several ways. Here we explain the two most successful ways to you. Choose for yourself which way suits you best. But at least work in a clean way. Wash your hands well and use plastic gloves if necessary. Skin oil and perspiration from your hands can adversely affect the germination of the seed. Clean the items you use before you start. And keep your workplace clean. 

Germinating cannabis seeds directly in the soil

Fill a small growing pot with soil that has not been overfed. A light-mix soil is fine for this. The Spongepot and the Easy start are also very suitable for germinating your Cannabis seed. These are small pre-filled growing pots that contain everything for a good start. Preferably leave the seed in BAC Xseed liquid for an hour to give it better protection. Use a small stick to make a hole in the soil half a centimeter deep. Plant the seed in it and cover it with soil. If you look closely at a seed you will see it has two different ends. One side is more pointed and the other side slightly flatter. The root tip will grow on the pointed side, so place this side downwards when sowing. Keep the soil moist, but not too wet. Do not give any food, only water is sufficient. Provide room temperature water. If the seed has been planted in the soil, it is best to place the pot in a propagator

The ideal temperature for germination is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, place the propagator on a heat mat

Germinating cannabis seeds outside the soil (the coffee filter method)

Another germination method is the coffee filter method. Pour a little water (at room temperature) onto a plate. Place a clean coffee filter on top and let the water soak in. Then pour the excess water off the plate. Unfold the filter and place the seed from the BAC Xseed in the filter, so that the pointed part is later on facing down. Fold the filter and put it in a zip lock bag. Hang the zip lock bag in a dark room or cupboard. Take into account the ideal temperature of 20 - 25 degrees Celsius. After 2 to 4 days the seed will hatch. Since the pointed side is facing down, the root will grow straight down. When the root is about 1.5 to 2 centimeters, move it into the Spongepot, the Easy start, or into the soil. Press a small hole in the soil with a clean, narrow object (toothpick), as deep as the starting plant is tall. With a little movement you make the hole slightly wider, so that the young plant fits in well. The young plant, which is actually just a seed, is even very delicate. It is best to carefully pick it up with plastic gloves and place it in the soil so that the seed is facing up. Gently squeeze the sides inward so that the sapling is tightly enclosed in the soil, with the seed just below the surface. Again, keep the soil moist but not too wet. 

The root has to look for water itself, this stimulates root growth. At the ideal temperature in a propagator you will already see some life above the earth after 24 hours. Leave the plant alone as much as possible. 

Life is light

As soon as the plant emerges above the ground, it must have light. Therefore put them under a lamp. In May, the plant can also be placed behind a sunny window, or outside if the weather permits. After about 10 days, the small nursery pot has grown full and can be moved to its end pot. With Autoflower seeds it is advisable to sow them immediately in their end pot, but this is not necessary. The moisture regulation is then a lot more difficult. 

Pros & cons

Cannabis seeds germinate directly in the soil


  • The emerged Cannabis seed no longer needs to be moved. 
  • Most simple way. 


  • You cannot immediately see whether the seed has hatched. 
  • If the Cannabis seed germinates too deeply, it needs more energy to get through the soil. 

Cannabis seeds germinate outside of the soil


  • You can see when the Cannabis seed comes out. 
  • The Cannabis seed germinates in the correct vertical position. 


  • The young seedling must be moved. 
  • Germinating cannabis seeds in this way is timing important, don't plant the germinated seed too early but don't let it grow too long either. 

If you have several seeds in a package and do not use them all, it is best to keep what is left in the refrigerator for the next time. Do not germinate too many seeds at once because each seed becomes a plant. 

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