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1. 2C-B 2. History3. 2C-B as an entertainment drug4. Effects5. Buy legal aphrodisiac products from Sirius6. Physical effects7. Mental Effects8. Visual effects9. Different forms of 2C-B10. Dangerous combinations


2C-B is among the most common designer drugs and is very popular in Europe and elsewhere. The drug produces psychedelic effects that are compared to a combination between LSD and MDMA. Initially it was sold in smartshops as aphrodisiac, but became an illegal drug in The Netherlands and was put on the Opium list in 1997.


2C-B was synthesized and tested for its psychoactive effects in 1974 by the American scientist Alexander Shulgin. This man is considered one of the pioneers in the field of psychedelic research. As a chemist, he was known for his great contribution to the synthesis of psychoactive substances. He tested these drugs on himself, often together with others. The data he collected from this over the years are compiled in two works called TiHKAL (Tryptamines I have known and loved) and PiHKAL (Phenethylamines I have known and loved). 

When Shulgin first tried mescaline (which is a type of phenethylamine) as a scientist in 1960, his interest was piqued and he began a search for other substances with similar effects. During this exploration of new psychoactive substances, he stumbled upon 2C-B. 

He later described several times that this drug was among his favorite psychedelic substances. 

In the 1960s and 1970s, 2C-B was used as a tool by a small number of psychotherapists to treat patients who were having difficulty accessing certain emotions. The therapists reported that the drug induced a warm feeling that eliminated certain defense mechanisms of the patients. This allowed them to access their feelings and view certain traumatic events with more openness. At the time, the drug was seen as valuable in psychotherapy because of its mild nature and short-lasting effects. 

2C-B as an entertainment drug

It wasn't long before the drug found its way into nightlife. Soon it was a popular recreational drug. It was seen by partygoers as a worthy alternative to MDMA. The hangover from the drug was minimal, as was the comedown, or the moment when the drug begins to wear off. The distinctive effect of 2C-B - the clear, euphoric mood - was also highly appreciated.

In the 1980s and 1990s 2C-B was manufactured legally by certain factories and sold under brand names such as Nexus, Performax and Erox. It was recommended at the time as an aphrodisiac and as a tool to treat impotence and increase libido. Mainly in nightclubs and certain headshops, you could buy it as a sexual stimulant. 

After MDMA went on the Schedule I list in the United States in 1985, 2C-B became even more popular. It took a few more years before 2C-B was also on the list, this was in 1995. In the early 2000's there was another spike in popularity due to the rising popularity of research chemicals and the emergence of the illegal market on the darknet. 

In South Africa, the drug was sold legally for a few years as medicine by traditional healers under a name that translates as ‘Medicine of the Singing Ancestors’.


Science is still investigating exactly how 2C-B works. It is agreed the drug increases dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter and responsible for the feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment that one experiences after, for example, a physical effort. Dopamine acts on the reward system in our brain. 

Furthermore, like MDMA, 2C-B has an inhibiting effect on serotonin transport. Serotonin is a substance produced by our body and plays a vital role in various bodily functions, such as regulating mood, sleep and appetite.

Similar to psychedelics such as ayahuasca and Salvia divinorum

2C-B is a synthetic trip drug that has been compared to several other drugs in terms of its effects. Its effects are compared by many with ayahuasca and Salvia divinorum. It should be mentioned that these latter psychedelic drugs are obtained in a totally different way and are much closer to their natural source, than the designer drug that comes straight from the laboratory.

Furthermore, the drug has been compared to MDMA, especially when it comes to the characteristic features of increased empathy and the need to connect with others. From various accounts of experience, this appears to have a therapeutic effect that can be further investigated by science. So in addition to the psychedelic effects, the drug also has an empathy-enhancing effect. This is also known as an empathogenic effect.

Buy legal aphrodisiac products from Sirius

As a smart shop, Sirius specializes in natural herbs, aphrodisiac capsules and chocolate, and psychedelics. All products are legal and processed with great care. Aphrodisiacs have been used by humans for thousands of years to increase libido, remedy erectile dysfunction and enhance pleasure in bed. Aphrodisiac herbs and plant extracts can also have beneficial effects on a mental level. To combine the psychedelic effects of 2C-B with the aphrodisiac effect, you can combine an aphrodisiac like Damiana with Magic Truffles. 

Physical effects

  • Stimulation: 2C-B is known for its stimulating properties that can be compared to the energetic effect of MDMA. With high dosages it is possible a user cannot sit still and especially wants to dance. 
  • Body high: The so-called body high, or the physical sensations that occur when using 2C-B, is complex and has characteristics of several other substances, such as psychedelics, MDMA and 2C-E. Some characteristics are a warm and intense feeling all over the body that can turn into euphoria. 
  • Nausea: common is the occurrence of nausea. This can be to a greater or lesser degree and normally disappears when the user has vomited, or ebbs away on its own after a while. 
  • Increased body temperature: users often start to sweat excessively and feel hot. The heart rate also goes up and blood pressure may rise. This can be dangerous for people with heart problems. 
  • Dehydration: it is important to drink enough water, especially with combinations of certain drugs such as 2C-B and excessive exercise, the chance of dehydration is high. 
  • Teeth grinding: a phenomenon that is also common with MDMA, albeit to a greater extent. A magnesium supplement could help reduce teeth grinding. 

Mental Effects

  • Analyzing: a common effect of 2C-B on mental functions is a deepening of introspective thinking. This is especially true when the user is tripping alone. In social settings, this mental effect plays a role to a lesser degree.
  • Social: The drug is known to generate similar feelings of empathy and connectedness as is the case with MDMA. Although less intense, 2C-B gives users the chance to connect more with others and can have a therapeutic effect on a social level. 
  • Giggles: 2C-B is known to induce weak laughter in users. This can range from intense laughter kicks to milder giggling fits. 
  • Libido-boosting: the drug has an aphrodisiac effect on several users. As such, it was sold as an aphrodisiac for several years. 

Visual effects

  • Geometric patterns: In terms of visual effects, 2C-B comes close to LSD. The visual effects can be described as flashy, complex, fast and smooth in movements and colorful. The geometric patterns are less comparable to ayahuasca, psilocybin or 2C-E.
  • Internal hallucinations: 2C-B is capable of inducing various hallucinations, just like other psychedelics such as Magic Mushrooms and DMT. Nevertheless, the drug has a different effect, which is also more unpredictable. For example, some users never have hallucinations, while others may hallucinate very intensely. 

Different forms of 2C-B

  • Pills: 2C-B is nowadays illegally produced in different forms. Often this is in the form of a pill, which often has a certain logo. The danger with pills is that the chance of making a mistake is very high. This can cause a user to take a totally different drug, or the dosage to be much lower or higher than expected. 
  • Powder and capsules: The drug can also be obtained in powder form. This is then processed into, for example, capsules. The drug is also snorted in powder form. Taken orally, the drug works for about 2 to 7 hours. When the drug is snorted the duration of action is 2 to 5 hours.

Dangerous combinations

It can be life-threatening to combine drugs. 

  • Cannabis: Since cannabis produces psychedelic effects, combining it with 2C-B can make the experience many times more intense and intensify the hallucinogenic effects. The main danger lies in the possibility of paranoia, anxiety and psychosis. 
  • MDMA: When these two drugs are combined, the physical and mental effects intensify to a high degree. Feelings, colors and insights become even more intense and a deep sense of euphoria can occur. The highly synergistic effects of the two drugs are unpredictable. It also increases the risk of neurotoxicity, which is caused by MDMA. 
  • Alcohol: Is not recommended because it increases the chance of blackouts and unpredictable behavior. Alcohol causes the psychedelic effects to diminish and increases the chance of nausea, physical fatigue and dehydration.

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