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1. Guarana 2. Botanical name3. History of guarana4. Guarana tea for energy5. The guarana myth6. Guarana as a medicine7. Source of natural caffeine 8. Difference between the effects of coffee and guarana9. Guarana as an energy drink10. Energy capsules with guarana from Sirius11. Warning


Guarana is a plant native to South America and it is a natural energizer. Its energy-giving properties have been used for centuries as a way to strengthen the body and mind, improve stamina and get a boost.Nowadays guarana has become increasingly popular in the Western world as well. The seeds of guarana contain about 2 to 6 times more caffeine than coffee. Furthermore, the plant contains several other substances, which have a synergistic effect with the uplifting effects and enhance this even more. 

Botanical name

Paullinia cupana

History of guarana

Guarana is a climbing plant and originally grows in South America. More specifically, the plant grows in the Amazon forest and is mainly found in Brazil. In Portuguese it is called guaraná. 

The plant has large leaves and clusters of fruits, which contain the seeds with a high caffeine content. They are about the size of coffee beans and, as mentioned earlier, contain higher concentrations of caffeine. As with the coffee plant, the caffeine content has a survival function: it helps keep insects and other attackers at bay, so they are not motivated to eat the plant's berries. The fruits of guarana are red to brown in color. Inside are the black seeds, which are often surrounded by a white flesh. When the fruits are opened they closely resemble eyeballs.

The name of the plant comes from guara-ná which in Guaraní means 'fruit like the eyes of men', or 'eyes of the gods'. This naming comes from the Sateré-Maué people, also known as the Mawé. These original inhabitants of the Amazon forest in Brazil were the first to domesticate guarana. 

Guarana tea for energy

The Guaraní people make an infusion or tea from the seed of the plant. They do this by peeling the seeds, drying them and then grinding them into a fine powder. This powder is then kneaded and formed into cylinders. This is also called guarana bread. To make guarana tea, one scrapes some of this mixture into hot water along with sugar. 

The indigenous people used guarana and attached a myth to the origin of the plant. 

The guarana myth

Long ago there were two brothers and a sister. She, called Onhiámuáçabê, owned a beautiful piece of land, where a beautiful chestnut tree grew. She was unmarried and all the animals of the forest wanted to live with her. She knew all about medicinal plants and helped her brothers heal from every ailment. For this reason, her brothers wanted her to be always near. One day a little snake told the other animals that Onhiámuáçabê would one day become his wife. For this he had devised a plan. 

As the girl walked along the road where she took a daily walk, he enticed her with a delectable fragrance. What a wonderful perfume," she thought, and the snake seized his opportunity to touch her in a flash. In those days, a woman could become pregnant by a man, animal or tree, just by looking at her, or touching her. So Onhiámuáçabê was pregnant in no time. 

The two brothers were furious when they found this out. The child was born and Onhiámuáçabê raised him until he was a strong and handsome boy who could say his first words. He wanted to eat the fruits that his uncles were so fond of. She told him that she owned a beautiful chestnut tree, but that her uncles had taken over the property and would not allow her to grow it. It was forbidden for her little son to eat from the fruits of the tree. The domain was also guarded by the Agoutis, Macaw and Parroquite. 

However, the little boy did not allow himself to be dissuaded from his wish and eventually persuaded his mother to visit the tree with her. The guards of the estate found the ashes of a fire on which the chestnuts had been roasted. Immediately they alerted the two brothers.

The boy longed to go to the tree again the next day. Climbing quickly like a monkey into the tree, he was discovered by a guard. As soon as he came down, he was caught with a rope and beheaded. 

His mother rushed to the scene and cried out crying, 'Your uncles killed you and thought you would be a victim. But nothing could be further from the truth.' She took his left eye and buried it. From this grew the spurious, or wild guarana. Then she buried his right eye. From this grew the real, or cultivated guarana. She blessed the plant with the words, "You, my son, will be the greatest force in nature and help mankind, you will heal them and make them strong. 

Guarana as a medicine

As the myth emphasizes, guarana was originally seen as a powerful medicine, as an antioxidant and also as a source of energy. Recent research shows that guarana has interesting properties that can help with fatigue and depression associated with cancer therapy. 

Source of natural caffeine 

Guarana contains the substance guaranine, better known as caffeine. Research shows that this substance is identical to the caffeine found in large concentrations in the seeds of the plant. 

In addition to caffeine, guarana contains other stimulants, including theobromine and theophylline. The first substance is also found in cocoa and has a similar effect to caffeine. 

Difference between the effects of coffee and guarana

As mentioned earlier, guarana contains, in addition to the active ingredient caffeine, other energy-yielding substances. This makes the effect of guarana different from that of coffee.

Coffee has a typical bitter taste and is drunk for its stimulating properties. One to two servings increase alertness, mental focus and improve the ability to concentrate. One shot of espresso contains about 65 mg of caffeine. If you drink too much coffee, you quickly experience side effects such as sweating, heart palpitations and a "speedy", restless feeling. After the coffee wears off a dip follows quite quickly, which can make you feel tired and lifeless.

Guarana works more effectively than coffee and releases its energy more gradually. This gives you longer lasting energy, without the restless effects that coffee can give you. 

Guarana as an energy drink

In countries in South America, mainly Brazil, Peru and Paraguay, several soft drinks are produced with guarana as an ingredient. These drinks are seen as a way to get energy, just like coffee is drunk. In Brazil there is also a fermented guarana drink made with the seeds, cassava and water. 

Energy capsules with guarana from Sirius

Sirius sells several capsules specially developed for more energy, a higher degree of alertness and focus. 

  • Bionix Brazilian Power: As the name suggests, Bionix Brazilian Power contains a powerful mix from Brazil. Of course that includes guarana! The capsules contain a strong extract of guarana and several B vitamins and amino acids. This makes the effects even stronger and more effective. 1 to 2 capsules are sufficient to dance for hours or take a brisk walk.
  • NXT Phase Orange: Among many NXT Phase users the orange color is a favorite. This is due to the specific stimulating effect that you get from this smartdrug. Guarana, combined with Ginko Biloba and Gotu Kola. Not only does the body get a long-lasting energy, the mental functions are also put on edge even more and you get a great focus. Ideal for an evening with friends, a day in nature and even at work (don't take more than one capsule!).
  • X-treme Guarana Shooters: With 1500 mg guarana extract these are real energy bombs. The bottle is made in such a way that it can be drunk in one shot, but it also works well when mixed in a drink. Use it that way to sip it more slowly, for more gradual and long-lasting energy.

Users report that this is an ideal pep for while studying!


Do not exceed the recommended amount. Guarana contains high levels of caffeine and is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women nor for children.

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