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1. 1P-LSD 2. The famous trip drug LSD3. LSD as a designer drug4. The invention of 1P-LSD5. Effects of 1P-LSD6. Dosage and duration of the trip7. Difference with psychedelics like ayahuasca and magic mushrooms8. Does Sirius sell designer drugs like 1P-LSD?


What are the effects of 1P-LSD? As the name suggests, the drug is related to its well-known relative LSD, or lysergic acid diethylamide. Very little is known about 1P-LSD and for many psychonauts it is quite a quest to get clarity on the exact effects of the drug. In the meantime, much is known about LSD in the literature. Books have been written about it and the drug has made quite a journey through history. 

The famous trip drug LSD

If there is one drug that is associated with the word "psychedelic" it is LSD. This trip drug has now been notorious and famous for many decades and has currently captured the hearts of many scientists researching its therapeutic properties. Yet LSD is classified as an "illegal drug with no medical value" in almost every country. The drug received this status in the late 1960s. At the time, the war on drugs was in full swing and everything was being done from within the establishment to keep the psychedelic counterculture in check. LSD was the bogeyman at the time, driving so many young people crazy. 

LSD has been around since the 1940s and was in fact first synthesized by the Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman just before the end of World War II. A new world opened up through that accidental discovery for those who were looking for a different view of reality. In this way, LSD has had a major impact on culture and made a lasting impression on our society today. 

Declaring LSD illegal put the drug in a bad light. Studies that were in full swing in the 1950s were abruptly halted. These studies were already looking at the therapeutic effects of LSD as a means of treating patients for anxiety problems. 

LSD as a designer drug

Once upon a time a chemist was smart enough to imitate a banned drug, but in a slightly different way. You can play with substances and in this way it is possible to manufacture analogues of existing substances. The possibilities are endless. A designer drug is actually a new synthetic drug that usually resembles existing substances such as MDMA, cocaine, speed and LSD. What is interesting about designer drugs is that they are not illegal. They are new substances, so no one has any information about them. Until they become popular and come to attention. An example of this is 3-MMC. This drug has caused a stir in the media and is an analog of 4-MMC, an illegal drug. 

There are several variants of LSD, all lesser known to the general public. One of these is ALD-52, a psychedelic trip drug that is almost identical to LSD in its effects. It was also discovered by Albert Hoffman when he was searching for analogues of his "sorgenkind" (as he called LSD). Other alternatives to LSD include AL-LAD and EHT-LAD. 

The invention of 1P-LSD

In 2015, a new drug emerged from a mysterious source and was christened 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide, abbreviated 1P-LSD. It is a new psychoactive substance and is counted among the so-called research chemicals, or substances intended for research. It is not known exactly when or by whom the substance was synthesized. 

Unlike most other designer drugs, 1P-LSD is not known to have been studied in the literature prior to its sudden appearance on the market as an alternative to LSD. 

These substances were intended for research purposes, but have since been experimented with by recreational users. It is likely that 1P-LSD was created to have an alternative to the illegal LSD. 

There is still very little known about the exact effects of 1P-LSD. Scientists agree that the effect has to do with the fact that the drug binds to serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and plays an important role in the transmission of information in our brains.  

Effects of 1P-LSD

Users agree that the drug is very similar to LSD. For many users, the effects are identical. In a study with mice, 1P-LSD was shown to be converted to LSD by metabolism. In this way, it has become a very popular drug within the world of psychonauts, who have come to appreciate it as much as LSD. The fact remains that too little is known about it to be able to say for sure that its effects are as "safe". Indeed, pharmacologically speaking, LSD is a very safe drug. 


  • Stimulation: as is the case with LSD, it produces a strong uplifting and energetic physical sensation. A user can dance or move around for hours without getting tired.
  • Euphoria: both physically and mentally, a strong feeling of euphoria occurs. This may be accompanied by an intense connection with the environment.
  • More sensitive to touch: it can be intense to touch something. All senses are heightened and extra sensitive.
  • Nausea: does not always occur but is common when the trip comes on. Usually this feeling subsides after an hour. 
  • Spasms or cramps: the body may shiver uncontrollably or cramps may occur in the muscles. It is also possible that a user gets very cold and has to shiver a lot. 


  • Anxiety and paranoia: it is common to feel anxious and even paranoia. Set and setting play a big role in this. The safer the setting and the more secure the user feels, the greater the chance of not having a bad trip. It is also important to be careful with other drugs, which can intensify these effects. It is therefore not recommended to combine different psychedelics with each other and to be careful with cannabis
  • Analyzing: a user with 1P-LSD is able to analyze in detail and look at certain issues or questions from a different perspective. This can produce interesting and valuable results.
  • Laughter fits: common are strong laughter bouts, where a user has an uncontrollable fit of laughter. This usually occurs when the trip is coming on. Something can be very funny or strange very quickly and this then triggers a laughing fit. 
  • Altered sense of time: A minute can last an hour, and a night can seem endless. Under the influence of 1P-LSD, it is very difficult to get a picture of how time is passing. 

Visuals and geometric patterns

As with LSD, having visual effects is one of the interesting effects of 1P-LSD. This is what many psychonauts are looking for. In lower doses, colors become more intense and there is more attention to detail. Certain structures, patterns or motifs get more attention and stand out more. Geometric patterns can also be perceived with the eyes closed and with the eyes open. These complex patterns and structures are perceived and intensify as the dose is increased. 

Dosage and duration of the trip

A trip can last about 8 to 12 hours. Usually about 20 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion, the effects begin to be noticeable. 

1P-LSD is available in the form of seals (blotters) and also in the form of pills or capsules. A standard dose is around 100 micrograms. There are also doses of 150 and 300 micrograms on the market. 

1P-LSD is 38% less powerful than LSD, according to a test with mice. 

Difference with psychedelics like ayahuasca and magic mushrooms

Unlike LSD, psilocybe mushrooms and DMT-containing compounds such as ayahuasca from the Amazon forest have been known to humans for many hundreds of years. Indigenous peoples have established a deep connection with these entheogenic substances and use them with the utmost respect. Another big difference is the fact that a synthetic drug is further removed from its natural form and can thus produce a much more violent (unnatural) effect. Although ayahuasca is of course very powerful, there is now a lot of research and a large cultural framework from which to draw. Very little is known about research chemicals such as 1P-LSD. It is assumed that the effects and harmfulness are similar to those of LSD. As with LSD, people with mental disorders and predisposition to schizophrenia, for example, should be extra careful. This applies to all psychedelics, whether natural or synthetic in nature. 

Does Sirius sell designer drugs like 1P-LSD?

At Sirius, you can find legal trip drugs that are safe and natural. All psychedelics that you find in our webshop and physical stores have been processed as little as possible and not made in a laboratory. Magic mushrooms can be grown by yourself with the help of a grow kit. This way you are self-sufficient and have a direct contact with the psychedelic. Magic truffles are also unprocessed and contain only the original ingredients, as occurs in nature. Furthermore we sell LSA, this is the natural precursor of LSD and is found in several plants, including Morning Glory and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Our capsules, such as Space Trips, contain an extract from the seeds of these plants.

We do not sell designer drugs because too little is known about them. In the long run, nothing is yet known about the potential dangers of these so-called research chemicals. You can buy them legally online for "research purposes". Indeed, for you as a user it is an experiment and you do not know whether you can be harmed in the long run by this new substance. In terms of effect and composition, it may be very similar to an existing drug, but it is and remains something else that has a unique effect and may be more harmful to health. 

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