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Step into Paradise with these 5 new strains from Paradise Seeds – Cannabis Seed Review 
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In this blog item White Noise GlowstarzApricot CandyTangerine SorbetChocolate WafflezThe benefits of growing your own weed1. Growing your own weed is cheap!2. Organic cannabis – Know what you grow 3. Responsible consumption of cannabis 4. Exotic strains that you’ll never find anywhere else5. It’s a lot of fun The Sirius Growshop – everything you need & more

Step into Paradise with these 5 new strains from Paradise Seeds – Cannabis Seed Review 

Paradise Seeds is a famous Amsterdam based cannabis seed brand that was founded in 1994. Since then, they are known everywhere for their sweet and spicy weed that has been winning awards in all cannabis related categories you can imagine. Now, they are releasing 5 new strains that are available at Sirius. In this review, I am going to quickly review each of them so that you are best informed when it comes to the decision of the next cannabis strain that you want to grow. If you are still unsure whether you should actually start growing your own weed, then you will find 5 reasons to do so at the end of this blog.  

White Noise 

white noise

White Noise is a real gift for the old school cannabis fans that want to experience a classic white widow cannabis with a new twist. This new strain combines the Amsterdam classic white widow with space cookies genetics. With this strain being 80% Indica dominated and THC levels around 20%, you can expect a nice relaxing high that is enjoyed best when chilling at home after work. The taste should be familiar to anyone who has smoked white widow before, but with a unique twist: aromas of sweet citrus, vanilla and pine complement the tones of earth, nut and peppermint, resulting in a truly delicious experience. White cannabis strains are also not hard to grow: especially indoors, they remain relatively short (~ 100cm) and only need around 56 days of flowering time. If you prefer growing outdoors, you can expect the plant to be larger (~175cm) and prepare for harvest in early October. Are you ready for this cross-generation weed? I am sure that both old- and new school cannabis fans are going to enjoy White Noise from Paradise Seeds. 



The new strain Glowstarz got its name because of two main reasons: First, just like a decorative glow star, and second, it can be put anywhere! It has very good resistance and it known to be a very versatile plant. Both indoor and outdoor this plant will grow around 150 cm high, providing a good amount of tasty, trichome-rich buds. This is the second reason for its name: This strain is so heavily covered in THC-containing trichomes, that it almost looks like its ‘glowing’. With 60% indica and 40% sativa in its genetics and approximately 18-22% THC levels, this is a well-balanced hybrid that provides relaxing and socially suitable effects. Regarding the taste, you can expect some notes of diesel mixed with kushy/cookie flavors… doesn’t that sound delicious? Especially if you are a beginner grower without that much experience that wants to have a guaranteed yield of good quality cannabis, Glowstarz is the right strain for you. Still, expert growers will also be very happy with this plant. You can yield up to 500 grams per square meter indoor! Nice buds, good resistance, exiting new genetics… What do you want more in a cannabis plant? 

Apricot Candy

apricot candy

Apricot Candy – a premium cannabis strain that is just as sweet as it sounds. This powerful plant was made for true cannabis connoisseurs that enjoy unique tastes and amazing looking buds. Aromas of fruity apricots, mixed with sweet vanilla smells are giving this strain a unique kick that can also be felt in its effects: With THC levels up to 22% this sativa-dominant hybrid (70% Sativa, 30% Indica) provides an energetic and psychedelic high. With 65 flowering days it needs a little longer than the strains previously described, but it will be worth it: Outdoor plants can grow up to 3 meter and yield 1 kilogram of harvest! If you decide to grow this strain indoor, it will stay much shorter (around 1 meter) but still give a good yield. So, if you are still looking for an outdoor cannabis strain with high yield potential that can be harvested around mid-October, apricot candy is made for you! Better hurry up with germinating because the cannabis-outdoor season has already started. More tips on growing biological outdoor weed can be found here

Tangerine Sorbet

tangerine sorbet

If you thought Apricot Candy was the only sweet, fruity new strain from paradise seeds, then you were (fortunately) wrong: Tangerine Sorbet expands Paradise Seeds strain catalogue by one more delicious treat. It is genetically related to the famous Wappa strain, which is now mixed with the powers of fine california-based strains. You can expect a cerebral effect, sometimes accompanied by sensations of perspective changing. This is the result of a profile of 60% indica and 40% sativa, and THC levels of up to 24%! The tastes are, as the name tangerine sorbet already suggests, very exotic, sweet, and spicy. This strain is really unique and a perfect example of paradise seeds being developed by cannabis enthusiasts for cannabis enthusiasts. But you haven’t even heard the best part yet: This plant can produce up to 600 grams per square meter indoors! This makes it one of the best strains when it comes to (indoor) maximum yield – plus it includes delicious tastes and a nice effect? I need to hear no more, just take my money!

Chocolate Wafflez

Ok, now this strain really takes the cake when it comes to creative names: Chocolate Wafflez is here to bring something completely new. This delicious 70% Sativa 30% Indica strain combines Paradise Seeds genetics with the USA mint choc strain. With THC levels around 21%, you can expect a very nice high combined with amazing aromas of creamy chocolate and mint. A perfect dessert weed! For a sativa-dominant plant, the flowering is relatively short (~65 days). If you are growing your weed outside, you should expect to harvest Chocolate Wafflez plants around the end of October, so you may still have time to germinate your seeds this year. Outdoor plants can grow enormous (up to 3 meters high) and provide big yields of approximately 1 kilogram per plant. Still, if you are an indoor grower with limited space, don’t worry. Inside a tent, the plants from this strain don’t grow much higher than 1 meter, and with the right training techniques you can still get a big yield that will fill up all of your stash. 

chocolate wafflez

The benefits of growing your own weed

Outdoor, indoor, training techniques … if you have no idea what I am talking about then you are probably new to growing cannabis. You may be a smoker and go to the coffeeshop at least once a week, but you’ve never thought it would be worth it to not only make an investment in the right materials you need for growing, but to also put in all the effort to grow some good plants. Well, with this section, I want to convince you that it is really worth it. For each of the 5 new cannabis strains from paradise seeds that I’ve just reviewed, I formulated one reason on why you should grow your own weed. There are many more, just so you know, but these 5 should already be convincing enough for any true cannabis lover:

1. Growing your own weed is cheap!

Yes, growing your own weed is actually much cheaper then going to the coffeeshop. Of course, LED lamps, tents, as well as all the other equipment you need are not cheap. But it’s a once-in-a-lifetime investment. If you have everything that is necessary, the only thing that you still need is some nutrition, which is not very expensive, and some seeds. Paradise Seeds are available around 10-15€ per Seed (even much cheaper, check out our Seedshop offers!) and can provide up to 1 kilogram. Just think of how much money that would be for coffeeshop weed! If you get the right materials and treat them with care, you won’t have to worry (financially) about weed for the rest of your life.  

2. Organic cannabis – Know what you grow 

Nowadays, weed that you buy from a dealer, and even sometimes from the coffeeshop, is laced with toxic chemicals that just ruin the effect and taste of your weed. If you only smoke your homegrown cannabis, that you treated only with biological nutrients, then you can be 100% sure that what you are smoking is exactly what you want it to be. If you are a medicinal user of cannabis, this is an incredibly important factor. You can also grow CBD-dominant weed

3. Responsible consumption of cannabis 

When you go to the coffeeshop, or worse, a dealer, you don’t really have an overview of how much money you’re spending and how much weed you’re smoking on the long term. If you grow your own, you have one amount that you harvest, which you can then easily separate over a long amount of time, and you have a better overview of how much you’re actually smoking (per day, week, month…). Additionally, if you took all the time and effort to grow your own weed, you treat it with much better care, and it lasts way longer!

4. Exotic strains that you’ll never find anywhere else

Apricot Candy, Tangerine Sorbet, Chocolate Wafllez – have you encountered these strains in any coffeeshop yet or found a dealer for it?! Obviously not, because you can only smoke such brand-new high-quality weed if you’ve grown it yourself.  

5. It’s a lot of fun 

Well, this is maybe not true for everyone. But for me, growing through the whole process of germinating, training, and harvesting your weed is just a fun hobby, that also really pays off. Even though I never had a green thumb, I really learned to enjoy taking continuous care of a living thing. How I managed to get everything I needed you ask? Well, there is a website I can recommend…

The Sirius Growshop – everything you need & more

Here at Sirius, we offer everything you need to grow you own cannabis in our Growshop. From tents over lamps to air conditioning, organic soil… you want it – we’ve got it. If you need some advice on what to buy and what the first steps of growing cannabis are just look through our encyclopedia and our blogs. Of course, you are also always welcome to contact our customer service, we are happy to help you! 

Happy growing!


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