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Microdosing with Magic Truffles and Lion's Mane: Frequently Asked Questions
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In this blog item Why start microdosing magic truffles?Can you microdose with other strains of magic truffles?What is Lion's Mane?According to what schedule do you take microdosing truffles and Lion's Mane?What are the benefits of microdosing with magic truffles and Lion's Mane?Can you drive when you have a microdose of truffles?What are the risks and side effects of microdosing?For whom is microdosing with magic truffles not suitable?Can you microdose with other psychedelics?Do you have questions about microdosing with magic truffles?

Microdosing with Magic Truffles and Lion's Mane: Frequently Asked Questions

Yay, another blog article about microdosing with magic truffles! This subject is very close to my heart and I find it important to inform our customers as well as possible about the effects of microdosing with psilocybin. An extra addition is the medicinal mushroom Lion's Mane. How does this actually work? In this blog I answer the most pressing questions about microdosing in combination with lion's mane; Paul Stamets' synergistic stacking formula.

Why start microdosing magic truffles?

This is perhaps the most interesting question to start with. Because why start microdosing in the first place? 

For many, a psychedelic trip with psychedelics such as magic mushrooms or magic truffles is a way to make a spiritual connection with the universe and learn lessons. 

People who are attracted to a trip with magic truffles are very welcome to take a look at our range of truffles

But if you are not attracted to a psychedelic trip but feel a need for self-development, connection and growth, microdosing may be of interest to you.

A common why many people start microdosing is the desire to feel better. People with depression, anxiety issues, excess stress or difficulty connecting with others may be attracted to microdosing. 


Can you microdose with other strains of magic truffles?

Which truffles are best to use for microdosing, you may be wondering. As you can see from Sirius' assortment, there are many different varieties of magic truffles available, each with their own strength. 

Of course, they are all the same product, namely magic truffles, with psilocybin as the main ingredient and psilocin to a lesser extent. 

We recommend the use of the special microdosing magic truffle: the FreshUp Magic Truffles are specially developed for microdosing. The FreshUp truffle is very stable in active ingredient, so at a microdose of 1 gram you will ingest about 1 to 2 mg psilocybin. 

Of course, it is also possible to microdose with other magic truffles, or even magic mushrooms, but with these it is more likely that the microdose is not stable, so you might end up ingesting an amount of psilocybin that's too low or too high.

And tripping at work is obviously not what you are looking for when microdosing.

microdosing truffels

What is Lion's Mane?

If you look on our website, you will see that we offer FreshUp Microdosing truffles along with the medicinal mushroom lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus). We sell this product in the form of capsules with very interesting effects for cognitive functions.

Lion's mane has been used in Asia for hundreds if not thousands of years as a medicine for the brain and used to protect brain functions. 

lion's mane

Today, thanks to scientific research, it is clear that lion's mane does indeed have beneficial effects on our brains. The active substances in this mushroom protect the neural connections in our brain, make them stronger and repair damage. 

Due to all kinds of factors, from stress, depression to old age, our brains are affected and the result is that we can think less clearly, feel gloomy, lack energy and become forgetful. 

Lion's mane is an excellent medicine to refresh your memory, give yourself a boost and even as a means to fight depression. 

When combined with microdosing magic truffles, an interesting synergistic effect occurs where the substances in lion's mane enhance the effect of psilocybin.  

This power of different substances was discovered by mycologist Paul Stamets. The combination of lion's mane and psilocybin (and as an extra addition vitamin B3, or niacin) is also called the Paul Stamets Stack Formula, or the Paul Stamets Protocol. 

paul stamets stack formula

According to what schedule do you take microdosing truffles and Lion's Mane?

There are several ways you can microdose psilocybin. There are even customers at Sirius who microdose purely intuitively. They do not weigh their dose or follow a schedule, but take small amounts of magic truffle when they feel the need.

We do recommend following a set schedule and weighing your magic truffles. The reason for this is because then you are proceeding "scientifically" and have more data to fall back on. This way microdosing with magic truffles becomes safer and more effective. 

The microdosing scheme we recommend is the formula devised by the founder of microdosing with psychedelics: James Fadiman. His microdosing protocol goes as follows:

Day 1: Take your microdose, such as first thing in the morning, half an hour before breakfast.

Day 2 & 3: Take no microdose

Day 4: Take your microdose....


Do you combine microdosing with psilocybin along with lion's mane and niacin? Then it looks like this:

Day 1: microdose, 2 capsules of lion's mane, 0.5 pill of niacin

Day 2 & 3: lion's mane only

Day 4: microdose, lion's mane, niacin


As you can see, you take the lion's mane capsules every day. This is because you have to think of this mushroom more like a cure, something you take every day. 

In a jar of organic lion's mane there are 60 capsules, so enough for 1 month. 

For many people, it can take a while for the effects of lion's mane to become apparent. It usually takes about 2 weeks before there is a noticeable difference. It is important to take lion's mane consistently.

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, can be purchased from Sirius in the form of small pills. These contain a strong dose of niacin. For most people, half a pill is enough. Therefore, I recommend taking half a pill and only on days when you also take a microdose of magic truffles.


What are the benefits of microdosing with magic truffles and Lion's Mane?

Not much is yet known in the world of science about the effects of microdosing with psilocybin combined with lion's mane. There is certainly a need for more scientific research into the effects of these two products. However, very much anecdotal evidence can be found about the benefits of microdosing with magic truffles and lion's mane.

Some of the benefits include:

Lion's mane in combination with psilocybin can provide an extra boost on mental states. Because of this, people who suffer from depression or anxiety benefit extra from this combination. 

There is scientific evidence that psilocybin has a positive effect on our brain. The psychedelic causes our brain to make connections that don't normally occur very often.

Can you drive when you have a microdose of truffles?

A microdose means that you take an amount of a psychedelic at which you are able to go about your day as usual. So it certainly does not mean that you are unable to drive a car. 

Finding the right amount can be a quest. Therefore, always start with a very low dose. Although 1 gram is a standard microdose, we recommend starting with 0.5 grams, half the amount! For some this is already enough, for most it will be necessary to gradually build up the dose. 

What are the risks and side effects of microdosing?

Microdosing is generally very safe. Also, the substance psilocybin is very safe and you can't really overdose. However, it is important when microdosing that you stick to the recommended dosage, otherwise you are no longer microdosing. Use a precision scale for this purpose.

For whom is microdosing with magic truffles not suitable?

Obviously, psychedelic substances are not suitable for people with a predisposition to certain psychological problems such as schizophrenia, psychosis or other personality disorders. In many cases it is best to consult a psychiatric doctor first. 

Even if you are not predisposed to a personality disorder, it is not always recommended to microdose with psychedelics. An example is when you are in a very vulnerable position, such as when you have been through a traumatic experience. 

Although microdosing can certainly make sense in such a situation, it is wise to consult with a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist first. 

Can you microdose with other psychedelics?

Microdosing is possible with numerous different substances. Most is currently known about microdosing with magic truffles and magic mushrooms. But the synthetic form of psilocybin is also used for microdosing, especially in scientific research.

In addition, the synthetic substance LSD is also popular for microdosing. LSD would work slightly differently than psilocybin for many users. Not surprisingly, since it is obviously a different substance. 

Lesser known substances that people microdose with are 2-CBD, Ayahuasca, mescaline and even cannabis.

Do you have questions about microdosing with magic truffles?

For some people, microdosing is as plain as day and everything is self-explanatory too. But maybe it's not so clear cut for you and you would like some personal advice before you take the step to microdose with the FreshUp magic truffles from Sirius.

Feel free to send us an e-mail with your question or comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible. It is also possible to contact us by phone during office hours.

Finally, it is also recommended to visit one of our stores. There an employee will answer your questions about microdosing with psilocybin.


Did you enjoy reading this article and do you like to write yourself? We are always looking for people who share our passion for natural products, who can also translate this into great texts. And we have an interesting reward for this. View all information for writers.

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