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Help with Study Stress
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In this blog item Bacopa monnieriHydrocotyleTurmericLion's Mane

Help with Study Stress

As a student, you want everything to go smoothly, your grades to be great and your teachers (and especially you yourself) to be proud. But how do you manage that?

Of course, everything starts with the right mind-set and the will to learn. In addition, you can feed your brain with smart products from the range, which can offer you productivity, focus and extra memory.

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa monnieri can be found in ancient documents dating back to the 6th century. Bacopa monieri grows as a perennial climber in moist soil and is native to the Indian subcontinent and parts of southeast Asia. In Ayurveda the plant is described as a harmonious energy with the property of giving clear consciousness. Monks used to eat this herb to deepen their meditation sessions. Bacopa monnieri can boost mental functions while nourishing tissue and eliminating harmful substances. Even today, Bacopa monnieri is praised for its properties to stimulate the intellect, raise awareness and stay focused.

Preparing for a major exam is usually accompanied by stress and anxiety. However difficult this may be, studying is much better when your body and mind have a certain peace of mind. This makes it much easier for your brain to absorb information and stay in your system longer. Finding more peace and quiet can happen in different ways. If you suffer from feelings of fear and panic while studying, taking Bacopa monnieri is a tool to deal with this better. The versatile plant contains various substances, including saponins, which have the property of suppressing the noradrenergic system. This system is responsible for the panic reactions that deplete brain functions in case of overactivity.

In 1980 a Bacopa monnieri study was carried out with people with anxiety neurosis. By administering this plant the learning ability of these persons improved and they were better able to remember facts. 

Bacopa monnieri is one of the important ingredients in Sirius' well-known IQ+ Brain Booster.


These completely natural capsules are a super useful tool for studying. Take them about half an hour before you start learning.


Hydrocotyle is also conducive to brain function. This is a plant of great renown within Ayurveda. This 'science of life', which finds its origin in India, also gives this plant the name 'Brahmi', or 'Bringer of knowledge of Brahman'. Brahman is a philosophical concept and stands for 'the ultimate, unchanging reality'. Brahman encompasses everything, stands for 'everything is one', infinity, creation and destruction.


Centella Asiatica, the Latin name for Hydrocotyle probably comes from 'Cente' (development). This refers to the fact that the plant is always in development and never stops growing. Asiatica refers to its origin: Asia.


Hydrocotyle has a general strengthening effect on body and mind. An adaptogen makes you more resilient and helps you get more in balance.

A brain tonic

Hydrocotyle has various applications. For this blog we focus on its support for concentration problems, mental fatigue, amnesia and help to be more alert and sharper of mind. The substances in this plant provide strengthening properties. For example, the substances brahmaside and brahminoside provide a calming effect and have an anti-depressive effect.

Let 1 tablespoon soak for 10 minutes in a cup of hot water. Drink this regularly and you will start your own Hydrocotyle tonic cure!


Turmeric, also called kunyit or Indian turmeric, is a yellow-orange spice widely used in Indian cuisine.

hibiscus & cinnamon rooibos & Honeybush Ginger & Lemon

Research shows that turmeric is better absorbed in combination with peperine (a substance found in black pepper). The turmeric products of naturally contain this composition, which increases the absorbency by a factor of 20. When using fresh turmeric, always combine it with black pepper and/or healthy oil. The substances in turmeric are not soluble in water, but in fat.

Although science shows that it is still difficult for the human body to absorb the active substances in turmeric, there are a number of things that can reduce this problem. When curcumin (the most widely studied substance from turmeric) is absorbed, it binds to harmful substances and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Its anti-inflammatory effect is particularly beneficial in protecting brain functions. Alzheimer's disease, depression and Parkinson's disease have a link with chronic inflammation. Especially as you get older, your body becomes more susceptible to chronic inflammation, stress and oxidation.

Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane, (English for Lion's Mane), or the Wig Mushroom, was proclaimed the mushroom of the year in 2016! The Dutch Mycological Society was of the opinion that this mushroom was so special that it deserved this honorary title. We think so too!

lions mane

In the wild, it is better to leave the wig mushroom, it is not very common in the Netherlands. The products of The Mushroomist and Mushrooms 4 Life are made of organically grown Lion's Mane.

Lion's Mane contains many different active substances, which have a beneficial effect on the brain. The most promising feature of Lion's Mane is its ability to increase NGFs. NGFs, Nerve Growth Factor means that neurons in the brain are kept healthy and stimulate their growth, especially as you get older or your immune system weakens. Nutrition for the brain, making it stronger and better functioning.

According to the famous Paul Stamets (mycologist and author of several books) Lion's Mane is wonderful to combine with the microdosing of psilocybin. Niacin (vitamin B3) is added to make the active substances more absorbable for the body.

Additional tips for a brain in top condition

Finally, apart from these dietary supplements, it is essential to organize your lifestyle as much as possible in a healthy way.

The changes can be small, but are going to have an impact on the long run.

  • Yoga is an excellent way to keep your body in good shape, to calm your brain so it can recharge.
  • Other forms of sports and exercise are also very important for students. Certainly in combination with fresh air you give your brain what it needs to be able to absorb new material.
  • Healthy, organic food with all essential substances is important to give your body the strength and energy to adequately process and store information.
  • Do you sleep well? By using as few screens as possible in the evening and setting up a sleep ritual (for example, a tea or CBD drops, reading a book) you will already be in the quiet state you need to fall asleep.

Did you enjoy reading this article and do you like to write yourself? We are always looking for people who share our passion for natural products, who can also translate this into great texts. And we have an interesting reward for this. View all information for writers.

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