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Microdosing with magic truffles: this you need to know
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In this blog item What is microdosing with magic truffles?Microdosing according to James FadimanOrder Microdosing Paul Stamets Stacking Formula onlineStarting with microdosing magic truffles: benefits and side effectsWhy microdosing with magic truffles is more reliable than with magic mushroomsDrying and grinding magic mushrooms for microdosingAll about the history and effects of psilocybinScientific research on microdosingMacro dose vs. Micro dose psychedelics: differences and benefitsOrder microdosing magic truffles online 

Microdosing with magic truffles: this you need to know

Are you also curious about the effects of microdosing with magic truffles? Regularly we get the question from a customer what exactly is the effect of microdosing with psilocybin from magic truffles. Many people are curious and want to start microdosing themselves. In this blog I will help you on your way, so you can start microdosing with confidence. Below I give tips for microdosing with the microdosing truffles from Sirius.

What is microdosing with magic truffles?

For the people that don't know: microdosing is taking a sub-perceptual dose of a psychedelic, like for example psilocybin or LSD. Unlike a macro dose, where you want to trip and hallucinate, with microdosing the goal is not to have visuals but rather to be able to make your day go 'as usual'.

Furthermore, when microdosing with magic truffles it is important that you follow a certain schedule, where on certain days you take a microdose and on other days you don't take a microdose. There are several microdosing schedules you can follow. One schedule that Sirius recommends is the James Fadiman schedule. 

Microdosing according to James Fadiman

The founding father of microdosing recommends the following microdosing schedule:

  • Day 1: microdose
  • Day 2: no microdose 
  • Day 3: no microdose
  • Day 4: microdose

On the days you don't microdose, your sober being gets a chance to integrate the impressions of the microdosing day. Furthermore, it also helps not to build up a tolerance to the active ingredient.

What is the correct dose of magic truffles for microdosing? The standard dose is 1 gram of fresh magic truffles per microdose. Your first few microdosing should be done with half a gram, to see how you react and let your body get used to psilocybin. 

In the online Magictruffleshop of Sirius you can easily order Freshup microdosing magic truffles. 

Order Microdosing Paul Stamets Stacking Formula online

Starting with microdosing magic truffles: benefits and side effects

Microdosing with magic truffles is a very safe, legal and effective way to microdose. You can buy magic truffles just legally in the smartshop in the Netherlands. It is also possible to order Freshup Microdosing truffles from Sirius smartshop online. 

Why should you start microdosing? The reasons are varied. Many users are looking for a way to deal with their depression or anxiety problem, for example, without using synthetic antidepressants. 

Microdosing can also be used to work on problems with social contact. Although it is still too early to draw any conclusions, many stories of experience tell us that microdosing with magic truffles can be a way to get more connected with others. And because of this, microdosing can have a positive influence on contact with family and friends. 

But microdosing is also used with people who want to stimulate their creativity and through a microdose get just that boost to be able to create. Whether you are an artist, make music or build computer programs, microdosing can be a supportive tool to become more creative.

Why microdosing with magic truffles is more reliable than with magic mushrooms

You may be wondering why you can buy magic truffles for microdosing online and in the smart shop and not mushrooms specifically for microdosing. 

First, the sale of magic mushrooms has been banned in the Netherlands since 2008. Fortunately, the law allows magic truffles to be sold legally. These contain the same psychedelic ingredients as magic mushrooms, including psilocybin.

Psilocybin is the active substance that causes a psychedelic trip. When microdosing, psilocybin also plays a big role, but on a subtle level. You are not supposed to hallucinate when you microdose. 

Shrooms are generally more potent than magic truffles and contain a lot of psilocybin, usually unevenly distributed. So it is common for a small mushroom to contain more psilocybin than a very large one. When microdosing, it is important to know how much psilocybin your microdose contains. It is much easier to ingest the same amount of psilocybin with microdosing magic truffles. These magic truffles are the most stable in active ingredient. For example, with 1 gram of fresh magic truffles, you have 0.2 mg of psilocybin. 

Drying and grinding magic mushrooms for microdosing

There are psychonauts who swear by microdosing with mushrooms. Their recipe: grow mushrooms with a magic mushroom grow kit, then dry and grind them into powder. That way you get a homogeneous mass of active ingredient. Then the powder can be made into capsules in microdosing portions. 

All about the history and effects of psilocybin

Psilocybin was first identified by Albert Hofmann. Yes, the man who is also called the grandfather of LSD. This man and his team of scientists managed to isolate and name this psychedelic substance. It wasn't long before he was able to synthesize this natural substance. 

An interesting fact about psilocybin: the substance turns blue when exposed to, among other things, oxygen. This is how psilocybin turns into psilocin and the breakdown process begins. This also explains why magic mushrooms bruise when you bruise them. 

The beauty of magic truffles and shrooms is that they are a product of Mother Nature. For many people, it is important to use a natural product, especially when it comes to psychedelics. 

If you want to microdose with psilocybin, it is a good choice to choose microdosing with magic truffles. This is a 100% natural product. 

Scientific research on microdosing

There is still a need for more scientific research on microdosing with psychedelics including psilocybin, LSD, DMT and LSA. The difficulty scientists encounter is the subjectivity of the subject. There are even scientists who suggest that the effect of microdosing would be a placebo effect.

The study Psychedelic microdosing benefits and challenges: an empirical codebook investigates whether science can approach microdosing in a different way than traditional research with psychedelics, which also looks at issues such as ego death and mystical experiences. These are not applicable to microdosing and therefore, according to this research, should not be included in questionnaires that are used to map out the experience of people who microdose with psychedelics. 

This study attempts to map out the effects of microdosing more fully. It looks at both the positive properties of microdosing and the negative side effects.

Positive properties of microdosing may include:

  • Improved mood
  • More creative
  • Less anxiety
  • Better focus

Negative side effects of microdosing may include:

  • Physical discomfort (e.g., headaches)
  • Agitation/anxiety

Macro dose vs. Micro dose psychedelics: differences and benefits

The study looks at online microdosing communities, including on Reddit. Here, some 40,000 members can be found in the microdosing subreddit. 

Scientific research on psychedelics is increasing and the findings are very positive. This type of research mainly involves large doses, as for example in research into psilocybin as a treatment for severe depression.

Research into psychedelic substances began as early as the 1940s. At that time, these entheogenic substances were completely new to Western science and initially received a very positive response.

This kind of promising research into the effects of psychedelics was on hold for about 40 years, during the so-called War On Drugs, which began in the 1960s. During this period, any research into these psychedelic substances was strictly prohibited. 

Fortunately, this has now come to an end in 2022 and scientific research into psychedelics including psilocybin is flourishing. Nowadays a lot of research has been done on the effect of psychedelics as part of therapy for serious mental disorders including PTSD. Also for addictions, such as an alcohol addiction, appears to be treatable through the use of psychedelics. Furthermore, there have also been promising results with people suffering from eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia. 

Although psychedelics are still generally illegal in most countries, recent scientific research shows that these psychedelic substances are of great medicinal quality and can transform people's lives in a deeply spiritual way. 

Microdosing, however, is less well mapped out, leaving much of its operation shrouded in mystery. After all, how is it that so many people report that it has a beneficial effect on various aspects of their lives, when it comes to such a small amount?

Order microdosing magic truffles online 

Do you want to start microdosing with magic truffles? Sirius is the place to be if you want to order online magic truffles for microdosing in a convenient and discreet way. Our smartshop offers a wide range of magic truffles in different strengths. Our magic truffles are now world famous because of their high quality and powerful effects. 

For microdosing, Sirius has developed a special product and these Freshup Microdosing magic truffles can easily be ordered online in our smartshop. Don't forget to order the microdosing StarterKit, so you can start microdosing fully prepared!


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